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Seeing Red…

I just enjoy posting pictures of Dan.. he exudes Texas as only he can.. He’s got the hat.. he’s got the crease and the tilt nailed down…. he has the plaid pearl-snap shirt…he has the sunglasses and the facial hair …he has the cold-beer and a pretty lady in tow… don’t bother him ,…. He’s Willy freakin Nelson in uniform..!!

12924480_10206022600025777_7048426548964930638_n.... Oh Danny Boy


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Hillary supports the same pandering policies as Bernie.. yet declares she is far more moderate than the Socialist Bernie ?

Cruz touts the same controversial policies as Trump , yet declares Trump an idiot ?

Our political system of selecting leaders is a bad joke …with lasting repercussions for all, both legal and illegal , both gay and straight , both progressive and conservative , both Christian and pagan..  America would be better served by drawing lots for the privilege ..

Luck would be the wiser choice… when faced with dumb and dumber..

Free election has given us Obama , twice , and is now threatening our very existence with Hillary and Trump… forgive us for what we do to liberty and freedom ..

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Jenners Junk

For those who may mistakenly think my position on queers has softened over time , here’s some startling news for progressives…

Bruce Jenner is still a man.. regardless of his perverted portrayal of himself… no lacey dress or frilly drawers can change that… no feminine sounding name can alter what God created… his gender is no mystery to me… His masculine betrayal still hangs in the balance… and note there is no period at the end of this sentence

Jenner is a sick perverted old MAN…. yet society hales him as a hero , displaying courage and bravery for other delusional perverts to follow… Keep him and others like him out of the Ladies restrooms…. He’s a “Perv” pure and simple !


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He Is Risen

Some secular “experts” say it’s a myth that Christ was nailed to a cross , proclaiming he was merely tied there as Roman tradition mandated …some doubt that Christ was resurrected from the dead. Still others totally deny His deity..

That’s the beauty of being a Christian…it’s a choice….. based on grace through faith…not of works or scientific proof…lest any man should boast…

That simple fact discredits the most learned scientific scholars…leaving their conclusions totally irrelevant….they too have a choice to accept or reject God’s written word…

If Christ’s resurrection is a myth , all hope is lost.. Science can not provide salvation , or even a logical explanation as to why Christ would voluntarily agree to be crucified , remain in a lifeless tomb for three days, then arise to offer redemption for ALL who willfully follow Him….including even those who crucified Him..

Happy resurrection day for all who choose to believe… good luck hunting eggs for all who willingly refuse..

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Bitter Taste…

Rumors abound that “Tiny’s Big Taste” was denied a permit to set-up in Brookshires parking lot because there is no restroom facility aboard his food truck…. Ever wonder why Nocona is growing and Bowie seemingly withers on the vine ?…. City Codes….

Perhaps he should likewise conduct an environmental study ?..and hire an engineering firm to address the inconvenience of bodily functions ?…ridiculous !

If Bowie city council persons want to live in Dallas , they should move there…this is rural Texas…designed to capitalize on simplicity and ease of living in hospitable surroundings..

Dump the codes and restrictions inflicted by Big City government…help rather than hinder…it’s hard enough to make a buck in Montague County..

If you’re not gonna lend a hand ,councilman, at least get the hell out of the way..

These relevant thoughts are the sole independent opinions of the author …

12743675_587329428088659_5136628310084366182_n Tiny

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Treacherous Tango…

I’ll get back to you later on the Brussels issue….right now I have this hot muscled momma pressing my $500.oo suit… Michelle’s providing the steam…

e1e4ea4a72d989af41ba456c5cbb951161aacfe8   PRES

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Ford Sales are Falling

Few have ever heard Herky play…even fewer understood the lyrics to his traditional German Umm-Paa song…. but his nimble fingers impressed all the sceptics at a recent recital run of ” Molly B’s Polka Party…. at Yostein Ford of Muenster….Eat your heart out Goober…

IMG_1016 Biffle

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