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Fire At Will…

Two local Italians have advantaged the system once again… traveling separately to Palestine under the guise of being members of an elite gun enthusiast group..to polish their skills of extinguishing innocent life.. They are considered armed and combative by the authorities as well as their peers…

Eddie Omar , and Chase Abdullah are armed to the hilt… living in total obscurity in a Palestinian Refugee Camp.. exchanging death plots for the enemy…  existing for endless days on a crude diet of repetitive Blue cans…

Suspected of being members of the PML (Palestinian Moose-Lodge) , these two culprits have abandoned wives and family to assemble with like-minded snipers in a training camp dedicated primarily to death and destruction..

If spotted….avoid eye contact or casual conversation with these menacing Muskrats.. report immediately to the Alla Babba Temple of the Shrine..


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Future Fried Pies…

While friends and neighbors were Hell bent on harvesting the first ripe tomato of the season , I was gathering a fresh crop of peaches from the Carter Orchard..

IMG_2154 409 Farms

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Among his many accomplishments , Heath values this milestone near the top.. His Fredericksburg High School student, Remington Neffendorf , signs a letter of intent to pitch for Vernon College…Full Scholarship.. ( tied for First in District )

IMG_2150 Coach Taylor

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Big Chicken..

While cutting a swath through the Texas Hill Country this weekend…..spending time in tourist swamped towns like… Boerne.. Llano.. San Saba.. Fredericksburg.. and Comfort.. we happened upon a photo-op on our return voyage in Comanche which I simply could not let pass without proper photographic perspective…

thumbnail_123_1 Big Cock

Map-of-Texas-Hill-Country-600x545 God's Garden..

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The Fresno shooter has not yet been declared a terrorist ?…though he randomly killed three white guys without provocation…though he had previously killed a security guard…posted terrorist threats on Facebook.. declared his hatred for white guys.. chanted ” Allalu Akbar” during his racially inspired massacre.. and was known publicly as Kori Ali Muhammad ?

The Fresno Sheriff , James Comey and the FBI are hesitant , even reluctant to claim this Islamic radical is indeed a terrorist..

Perhaps he’s just another Lutheran gone bad… an armed solo evangelist with a migraine headache…a Jehovah’s Witness who simply lost his literature..

Call me prejudice ….call me politically incorrect… If this dude ain’t a terrorist… there’s 17 virgins waiting in Comeys hotel…..

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Remembering Robert..

In direct contrast to my previous post about Rev. Sharpton , here’s a story of a man whose life was genuine and simple and filled with Godly inspiration..

Robert Godwin…74.. taught his children about the love and forgiveness of God…. he didn’t smoke or drink or participate in criminal activity…

He scavenged aluminum cans along the streets and alleys of his town as a productive means to subsidize his meager income…He was a man whom we all should cherish.

Robert Godwin met his fate at the hands of violence and incomprehensible disregard for Gods creation… Death found him faithful to honest work and the principles that guided his daily life…

Simply said… Robert Godwin was a righteous man…who fell victim to the unrighteous among us.. May God forever hold him in righteous reward..

ap-facebook-shootnig-victim-robert-godwin-jc-170417_16x9_992 Robert Godwin Sr.

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Second Hand Smoke…

irreverent Al is at it again….beating his divisive gums about President Trump and his undisclosed tax returns…while evading the fact that HE has been the actual confirmed  tax cheat for decades…typical case of ” Look !! Haley’s Comet”….

c89e4c1db88f8e6bc7b5cf2e8c8a2493 Tax Cheat

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