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 What today’s Moocher’s Breakfast lacked in quantity of attendance it more than made up for in quality of the sparse clientel … The last offering of 2011 brought a first time attendee .

  The weekly gathering of red-neck moochers were already privileged to spiritual and psychological counsel by Doctor Scott , today we added legal counsel to the fray.. Ed’s new tenant , The County Attorney, joined the culinary confusion at Moocher’s breakfast .

  I was unable to determine his willingness to return next week , but speculating on that remote possibility , I’d encourage all our normal gallery of red-necks to bring notarized real-estate closings , divorce proceedings , eviction notices , delinquent tax records and secondary liens for the first meeting of 2012..Let’s all get legal for the new year , before the lawyer moves on..

  BTW .. Beemer did an outstanding job on saucer-sized biscuits today and the free-standing gravy was likewise delicious. It was viscus !


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Breakfast suffix …

 Talking about Pappy O’Daniel and the Light Crust Doughboys , sparked a few memories of Dad’s RCA radio out on the farm … Great memories of care-free times and great music under a forty watt incandescent bulb on a twisted wire …

  That in turn sent me on a search for the greatest video ever recorded …  ” I am a man of constant sorrow ” by the Soggy Bottom Boys.. I found it …  and once again got goose bumps from familiar childhood scenes ,  and great acoustic music and harmony …reminds me of life on the farm , all gathered round the vacuum tube radio , listening to the Light Crust Doughboys from Saginaw Texas …with my Dad , mom , and cotton-headed brothers …

  Then the second best video ever recorded.. Rodney Carrington .. ” I think I’m dancing with a man.” …classic scenes from the 59 Club of 1980.. Kenny Hardison !

    So many great videos , so little time !

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Last breakfast …


Saturday, New Year’s Eve morning , marks the final Moocher’s Breakfast for 2011..In honor of this auspicious occasion , Beemer will toil over a bucket of much kneaded dough for a second setting of cat-head biscuits in as many weeks. He’s perfecting a prospective throw-down with the Light-Crust Dough Boys of Saginaw Texas. ( Google that ) Pappy O’Daniel …

    Even if you don’t normally attend the breakfast , or disapprove of the  ” Moocher’s ” reference , but do harbor a deep-seated inclination to set lines in the Red River , you might want to drop by for a few of Beemer’s Biscuits to use as trout-line weights … They’re guaranteed to sink , even in Ed’s ninety-weight Arbuckle .

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Red-neck Resolution …

 2011 is coming down to the wire.. It’s time to consider the annual New Years Resolution…choices sometimes center around healthy diets , budget restraints ,and increased exercise , but I distant myself from any of that nonsense ..

  I resolve not to be caught up in the latest electronic gadgetry phenomenon… I love my flip phone , we’ve been through years of dropped calls and missed messages together. We are both showing our age but both still working. Our batteries don’t have the stamina they once had, but I know what to expect and where all the speed-dial buttons are located.. FatFenders has fat fingers, and I appreciate the larger keys…

  I resolve not to purchase an electronic book/ Library , G-5 update, Eye-phone , GPS , or three hundred Apps in 2012 .. I’m quiet satisfied with being confused as to my location in relation to the equator or the polar ice-cap ,  or number of miles left to my eventual destination and the ETA in Mountain Time ..

  I like hard-back books with paper pages , no batteries or convenient carrying case ,no recharge contraptions ,  just a handsome book-mark for quick continuation of an interrupted adventure..A bundle of microscopic wires and quartz conductors can never replace the beauty , intrigue , and longevity of a great physical book..

  I RESOLVE to remain that crusty old fart that shuns change and unsolicited intrusions into the wonderful life of stagnant existence that I so adamantly enjoy.. I love it I promise , just like it by-gosh is !

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Big bucks …big shade !

 Ed bought him a new hat on a recent trip to Vegas . It’s one of those Australian Cowboy gaucho lids , high-dollar , leather rig built more for show than go ..similar to one our ol’ pal Chipper wore to match his cowboy tennis-shoes on Sunday…

   I’m not sure if Ed was thinking of Chipper when he bought it , or if he was merely remembering that Shriner’s Gay Cruise down to Key-West ..either way , don’t say nothing about it Mate… he’s touchy !

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 Obama just o.k.’d the sale of 84 F-15 to the Saudi’s … plus helicopters and bombs and missiles .. Granted I’m not a member of the cabinet , but it would seem to me that we are once again arming the Islamic nation that seeks to eliminate us ,  with American military technology and weapons..

  Christian’s are still beheaded in Saudi Arabia … honor killings still take place for Muslims that marry Christians .. stonings are commonplace for Muslim women who disgrace their husbands by appearing with unwed men in public .. Obama calls them our strongest ally in the middle east..the weakest would be their muslim brothers in Iran…

   Saudi’s relationship with Israel is constantly dwindling , while America is arming the Arabs to the teeth ..Sometimes I think Obama would be a prime contestant for ” Are you smarter than a third-grader ” ..

He’s creating jobs at the expense of American security , and threatening our long-term relationship with Israel for the sake of a re-election talking point .. These very planes that Boeing builds could eventually strongly influence our detriment ..

  They could also be used against Iran to maintain passage through the Strait of Mormuz ..That’s the only positive thing I see from the sale of American war-planes …plus jobs for Washingtonians .. Darned if we Do , Darned if we don’t …Obama needs to go !

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 The other Bellevue Bill accompanied Kody to the Lone Star State all the way from the great North West..for C.A.’s funeral and a short visit in Kody’s hometown surroundings..

   Bill’s an avid enthusiasts of hog-hunting shows on the History Channel …so naturally he wanted to try his hand at stalking the Ferrel beast while in Hoggin-Country.. He hired the most infamous guide available in these here parts.. ( Tank Dow ).

  Tank assembled the required logistics for a productive hunt…  two bullets and a thirty pack.. They were off to parts unknown on a monster quest , in search of the ferocious wild boar.. Their uncanny selection of hunting guides soon paid off big time for these Bellevue boys.. Tank stalked the mud-covered beast and immediately put the Rainier Rangers within rifle shot range of Montague County’s legendary ” Old  Twisted-Tusk ” ..

  These border-line Canadians dropped the two-hundred pound porker like a dirty-shirt … Head-Shot from a hundred yards.. Then the hunting party all gathered to sit on his stinking carcus while drinking the remains of Tanks cheap provisions… Welcome to Texas boys.. You’ll never view  ” Lady Hoggers” the same way again !

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