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   When was the last time you saw anyone so happy about getting old..er ?

  That’s because she’s tipsy following a series of booze related birthday gifts…. including the “crush proof cooler ” she’s sitting on … filled with an assortment of premium “Box-Wines” , a plethora of chilled remnants of the homecoming parade , and only the finest vintage of Boone’s Farm …( September )..

 Getting old ain’t all that easy ..

  but Becky’s 68 and feeling queezey….

  Happy Birthday ……


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Hercules Horsey ….

thCAT2XBA2 Ed's Quarterhorse 

Ed finally sold Luke the Drifter’s quarter-horse , but not before “Super Meg” took her on a trail ride around the ranch …she’s now headed to France !

  Billy Bell refused to bid on Sea Biscuit’s sister ….the pride of Harmony Acres .. stating he has an “Honest Horse Trader” reputation to preserve…..

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Album # 3

securedownload parade 14

securedownload parade 15

securedownload parade 16

 For Nocona Alumni now living in Tim Buck Too … you missed a fun time !

  Click on any photo to I.D. former friends and skunks you went to school with ..

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Album # 2

securedownload parade 7

securedownload parade 8

Poochy and Inez’s baby girl with the Judge’s daughter … Montague Momma’s …


securedownload parade 9

securedownload parade 10

securedownload parade 12

securedownload parade 13

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Album # 1

securedownload Parade 1

MoPar Murphey in his Barracuda … Classic …


securedownload parade 2

securedownload parade 3

securedownload parade 4

securedownload parade 5

securedownload parade 6

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   I had no idea I would know so many folks in the Nocona Homecoming Parade….float after creative float passed by carrying friends and acquaintances of the last fifty years ….I saw the complete spectrum  from Mayor Roberts to Officer Fuller , from Randy Bowles to Buddy Ray.. but the surprising element of note was that most publicly claimed to graduate high school , despite years of academic evidence to the contrary …

  Every class from 1947 to 2013 had scholars of that particular year on public display ..admittedly some were sitting in back of the class drinking beer and smoking cigarettes as the spectacle of science and art passed by ..but I also saw folks of noteworthy achievement scattered throughout the kaleidoscope mix …

 A fabulously fun time was had by one and all ….. and as evidence of that undeniable fact , I’ll post photographic proof later in the day ..

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     Attention Mark Murphey groupies :   He’ll be singing and picking at Jean’s Bible Class in Nocona tomorrow morning … first set for tentative start at 9:15 ..

    Come early for Sam Howard’s best attempt at Starbucks espresso and 1st dibs on premier mosh pit positions near the stage ..

  He’ll be taking most requests …except those for a load of crushed rock on rural roads .. He’s forgotten the words to the second verse of that antagonistic tune ..

 If you oversleep …Don’t fret , you can catch the second set later at the Methodist Church ..



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