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Dish-Pan Hands ….

Finalist in the Pearl-Diving competition at moocher’s breakfast… I won over the previous champion , Dr. Scott ,  by official default !


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 The grease laden cast iron skillets of Ed’s kitchen will saute kettles of kumquat and kale on Saturday morning . ..garlic souffl’es and sour-dough bread …head-cheese and sour cream .. variety is the spice of life .. come early for pallet conditioning of 90 weight Arbuckle unlike anything you ever drank at Starbucks !

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Prayer request…

 Another addition to the prayer-list … David Rainey , the Code Enforcement Officer for the City of Bowie , took his wife Susie to an area hospital for a routine colonoscopy .. somehow during the common procedure the invasive instrument punctured her intestine wall and inflicted extensive damage to her spleen ..

  Eventually she was transferred to Ft. Worth for treatment of complications resulting from the routine procedure . She has since suffered a collapsed lung and resulting pneumonia . Her shared concern for preventive health assurance turned out to be a life threatening fiasco…

  I humbly ask your prayers for her speedy recovery on behalf of the Rainey family and friends .

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Lesson for the day ….

 If you have failed to notice that Churches across America are becoming less traditional in their definition of worship , then you’re either abstaining from worship all together or just not paying attention…

  Without regard to denomination or geographic location , congregations are dressing more casual , avoiding scriptures that might be considered controversial , and accepting of lifestyles that God and our parents considered degrading..

  Attending like-minded congregations for the purpose of worship is not now nor should it ever be confused with secular entertainment.

  Standards and principles that once defined the dogma of various Christian religions are being compromised or eliminated entirely for the sake of acceptance by the mass population.

   It’s not the duty of the Church to entertain the congregation , the Churches duty to God and mankind is to share the truth of the gospel as recorded in the Bible .. If that fails to enhance attendance , then secular reconfiguration won’t hold them for long and certainly holds no promise of eternal salvation.

  The world needs to change to align more comfortably with the Church , not change the Church to align more comfortably with the world…

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 It is my humble prayer that all the brave soldiers who spilled their last blood for America’s sake , did not do so to preserve a democratic nation destined for abandonment of those righteous standards under the leadership of a less dedicated , less gallant , less Godly generation ..

  “One Nation Under God” should be the cry of all the thousands of descendents whose fathers died that we might live free.

  Hebrews 11:1 says .. Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen .

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 Tommy O’Neal closed a lucrative 300 acre oil-lease deal while sitting on the sweaters bench at the soup-kitchen yesterday, then inadvertently failed to leave appropriate rental on said office space..

  The rich get richer , and the purveyor of commodities gets potted meat !

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Southern Comfort ….

Nuther Brother cruisin in his Model-A roadster pee-cup .. note the dome matches the Chrome !

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