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stool pigeons

   No moocher’s breakfast tomorrow….. the fez-laden moose brothers (Chipper & ED ) are gone to the piney woods of Palestine  (EAST)  Texas to administer repeated multiple hot-lead blasts from repeating fire-arms , at defenseless domestic birds…. upwards of three pigeons could meet an untimely death under direct fire from a hundred inebriated shriners….the rest will live to poop again…perhaps on a lodge near you !


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FACTBOX - Other major marine oil spills   Much has been said about wild-life devastation expected along the Gulf Coast … severe damage to the fishing industry inflicted by approaching oil-slicks… and the monumental clean-up required to restore some state of normality to the pristine wetlands along the mouth of the Mississippi…. but little has been said about the other 3,500 off-shore drilling platforms that continue to provide much-needed oil for American thirst without incident…

   Obama has now announced that no further off-shore drilling permits will be issued without proper safeguards !   What the heck does that mean ?  

     Does he honestly think that these oil companies are drilling with reckless abandon ?… hap-hazard techniques and sub-standard equipment ?   Millions of dollars are spent in effort to minimize these unfortunate accidental releases…

   The mechanical structures that normally prevent this type of accident are called BLOW-OUT preventers…and I can assure you that one or more were in series on the ocean floor when something went horribly wrong…. this was an accident … not dereliction of duty …

   The united states could take the west-coast approach …. drill for oil somewhere else … leave us to play on the sandy beaches and depend on Hugo Chavez or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for our oil … let them take all the chances… gaining world domination in the process ! Meanwhile , Cuba and Mexico are punching production holes all over their part of the Gulf …

     The current estimated oil loss is five thousand barrels a day… at eighty-five dollars a barrel.. I’m just naive enough to suspect that B.P. had rather the oil was flowing through a pipeline as opposed to marring our beaches …

   This was not the first oil-spill and certainly won’t be the last …. but it’s the price we pay for the million barrels a day we consume …. what say you Herkie ? ….. Five thousand barrels a day is better than a Montague county Barnette-Shale gusher ….we need more of the same !   Drill Baby Drill ,….. if i start cravin to see a brown-pelican , I’ll stop by the zoo !

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Where’s my yams ?

  Has Chipper’s brood grown tired of eating sweet-potato’s yet…. baked…candied…fried…. are any of the transported three bushels left ?…. Perhaps the poor folks could garner a few spuds before they all start to sprout … Chipper ?… maybe a few disfigured undesirable culls for the original owners , or did freight-cost devour them too ?     Why does Ed  repeatedly stumble into that ” Good Samaritan ” trap ?… I’m beginning to think the windmill man’s a slow learner…. (easy mark ) …maybe a democrat

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  The recent possible discovery of much debated Noah’s Ark , has rekindled the scientific community in their disputed contention that the Biblical Flood was localized rather than global …..

    Scientist contend that all the water in existence today , whether in liquid form found in lakes or oceans , whether frozen suspended in glaciers and snow , or as moisture located in the Earth’s atmosphere , is insufficient in quantity to cover the entire planet to a depth required to cover Mount Ararat…

   However , each of us know fossilized sea creatures exist in undisturbed locations far from our current oceans… Montague County is approximately 930 feet above sea level yet virtually ever resident of the county has witnessed fossil remains of sea-shells or ferns or reeds in surface finds or limestone quarries across the breadth of our county… they are as common as limestone ….  How did these sea creatures come to rest entombed in bedrock a thousand vertical feet from the ocean if not by global flood ?  Why are fossilized remains of sea-faring varmints scattered across the globe ?…. seems to me this place was once under water for an extended period of time… ( unscientific observation )

   I’m not claiming the authenticity of the recent discovery , but I am proclaiming my firm belief that the whole planet was once submerged in water >>.

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U.S.S. Noah ?

A crew of evangelical  Chinese Christians believe they have discovered Noah’s Ark in a mountain glacier , 13,000 feet up Mount Ararat in Turkey… skeptics simultaneously scurry to shoot holes in the Biblical possibility …

  Whether or not this is indeed Noah’s ark , I have not a clue !… but regardless , the discovery has no effect on what the Bible says or on what I choose to believe… Genesis said it happened and I’m taking that as gospel … carbon dating or type of construction can’t disprove the factual account recorded in the Bible … My faith in God say’s it could be , their faith in science say’s it can’t be … either way , it’s either a historic find or just another unfortunate scam having no eternal effect on our salvation … I’ve  never witnessed the arc of the covenant , but i believe it’s real … never seen the face of God , but i know He lives… so is this really the Ark where Noah and his family took refuse during the great flood ?… I can’t say, but hopefully , miraculously , it is !

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cussing Christians

  It’s no longer politically correct to poke fun at a man wearing a short skirt and stiletto’s to walmart….no longer acceptable to cast dispersion on Islamic radicals in the American military … Heck you can’t even smirk at two guy’s holding hands at the mall…  all things revolting are off-limits from scrutiny under today’s new tolerant society… EXCEPT !

   Making  insults towards anything Christian….it’s very much in vogue by newspaper editors and t.v. reporters and secular society in general….. paint those Bible-thumpers in a negative light.. make them out to be less informed , ignorant ….less acceptable than the educated atheist or agnostic… deny their Biblical teachings as folklore …

  Freedom OF religion has evolved into freedom FROM religion as America deserts the moral standards of the last two-hundred years…. Jesus is cast as a mythical character, comparable to the tooth-fairy or santa clause or as a mere-man guilty of multiple sins….  It’s unprecedented… Television programing is geared to the secular audience … laws are created to protect the agnostic infidels…

  If you consider Christ as your  ” Savior ” in America today… you’re the last remaining recipient of politically correct persecution… not the Buddhist.. not the Mormons , certainly not the Muslims… it’s  the follower’s of Christ who deserve disrespect and dishonor …

   Homosexuals are cast in more favorably righteous light than our Redeemer … Legislators dance delicately around the unintentional offense of Muslims while condemning the public display of any reference to Christ…

   Frankly , as a born-again follower of the Son of the Living God.. namely Jesus Christ … I find the utter disregard and disrespect of my Heavenly Father to be despicable… revolting…intolerable.. sacrilegious… blasphemy…but still politically correct for many modern progressive Americans…. God help our Nation !

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sour- salem’s

 Why were cigarettes singled out for the assessment of  a sin-tax… at a time when the nation’s economy is slipping into trillions in national debt ? .. Why not apply this same line of disciplinary action towards others with sin in their life ?  ….make those sinners pay ….

  Our national budget could be balanced by the end of the week if congress would establish taxes towards other character flaws in average american people… there’s the untouched field of adultery… embezzlement … character assassination….. homosexuality…alcoholism….narsicism.. habitual liars… there’s a bounty of legal but sinful actions to be taxed…rude behavior in the check-out-line…road-rage drivers… let’s tax’em all  !

  The problem lies in the fact that congressmen are guilty of many of these popular and prosperous sins… but then , they could always vote themselves an exemption like they did the Obama health-care program…

  What about levying a tax on politicians that don’t keep their promises ?  Fort Knox couldn’t hold the stash !

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