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Rocket 88 on weed ….

securedownload  57

  1957 was a good year for 30 cent cigarettes and Oldsmobiles …


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Big Bang Theory …..

Dubai touts the most expensive fire-works show ever , with over 400,000 pyrotechnics exploded on a single New Year’s Day celebration…
       Tom takes offense at their hasty claim to fame….The New Years display is yet to happen at Two Wells State Park .. Dubai’s moment in the sun is destined to be short-lived …
Tom has a truck-load of Black-Cats and sparklers …and a single undocumented worker ( Monte Carlos ) to light the fuse ..

Be watching the skies over Montague tonight at the stroke of twelve ..but don’t look directly into the flash ..use a cardboard box with a single pin-hole to observe the blinding display ..

  Dubai can’t carry water for what lies ahead at the Two Wells explosion ..

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Happy New Year ….

 For a fleeting moment this morning , I assumed the gods of political reason had sent a Conservative voice to my assistance at the Ultimate round-table on the very last day of 2013 …. but it was not to be …
   John Cardwell hardly broke stride as he got his beverage to go …leaving me to battle the two dimly lighted Dems alone ..

     Seems he knew Tom and Ed better than I had previously assumed …and proving the old adage that  “Old Acquaintance Should Sometimes be Forgotten” ..

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Short story ….

 How ironic ….the ship that’s been trapped in the antarctica ice for days , was originally there to study the effects of Global Warming on the ice shelf …now three rescue ships have been unable to reach them due to impassable thick ice ..

   Have you ever thought God surely has a sense of humor ?

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securedownload windmill

 I was fortunate to purchase this 1937 Baker windmill on a pristine twenty-foot tower from someone other than the Montague Windmill man ..

   My seven hundred-dollar investment has provided years of visual nostalgic pleasure , and cool refreshing water for a herd of Rhode Island Reds ..

   However the galvanized storage tank and accompanying metal stand represent a less prudent investment , instigated and orchestrated by a seasoned professional snake-oil salesman , during a moment of great personal weakness for me ..

  He carefully trimmed the bait , positioned it to present the best attributes towards the highway , covered the obvious flaws by sitting it on the ground , and waited patiently for an inattentive victim to approach …

   The rest is history …I didn’t buy a Dutchman … I bought an air-storage tank ….cause it sure as heck won’t hold water , or anything else smaller than german Shepard dog ..

   Did you see that hole in the bottom ?…. well neither did I until the price was paid …. Buyers remorse won’t hold water , but it sure looks good from the road ..

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Redneck Terminology …

  Santa came bearing signs of car-dealers past … Happy Happy .. Whiner got his sign..for a nominal fee …with a post exchange revelation that the sign mounting bracket hosted a blind ” Dutchman ” ..

   Whiner seemed unconcerned at Ed’s eleventh hour revelation …he’d never heard the term “Dutchman ” , nor contemplated the labor involved to remove fifty years of rust bonded threads on a four-inch Dutchman …he’ll know next time ..

  He stands a better chance of being struck by an Iranian IED on Alamo Road , than EVER getting that Dutchman to wink ..

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 Robin Roberts , host of  “Good Morning America ” , has announced her decade old relationship with a female massage therapist..

 Anderson Cooper of CNN has likewise chosen to announce his homosexuality ..

 Has homosexuality become a stylish trend ?…worn like a badge of progressive theology ?…. or has our nation been given over to a reprobate mind !

Titus 1:16

They profess that they know God; but in works they deny him, being abominable, and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate.

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