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   eighteen short months after construction began on the fenotee hilton , workers continue at a fever pitch …. there’s two crews , one building… one doing demolition on work previously completed..the play room and pool dressing room used to be a garage…. the pool area used to be a breakfast patio… the patio surrounding the pool used to be a manicured lawn .. sprinkler system ….side walks… retaining walls.. the front drive used to be a parking lot… etc..

    this past week while the two man pool maintenance crew was installing an underground drainage system for storm water invading the pool patio , yet another load of drain pipe was needed from custom windmill and swimming pool supply…. ranger scott and popeye headed out to retrieve the needed plastic pipe…

   they had an eight foot trailer for hauling the twenty foot pipe…. the pipe was loaded on the trailer and popeye began tightening the ratchett strap to secure the pipe that ranger scott was holding in place..  somehow when the pipe was almost secure , the strap broke… the pipe lurched… load shifted… and a joint of four inch pipe hit ranger scott square in the chest… his lungs deflated as he cartwheeled across the gravel parking area…

   as soon as he got the lungs re-inflated , he began working on popeyes head… a fight broke out right there beside the highway… in ed’s windmill yard… ranger scott was pumeling popeye as passing motorists honked and yelled obscenities… it was the tyson-frashier match revisited.. much more than a scrap , it was a life or death match-up… fists and dust flying !!

   finally brady oil’s top hand , toby vann , passed by the highway , spotted the fight , and paged out an all points alert on the company pager system…oil field hands came from every direction… converged at the fight scene , subdued the ranger scott just prior to popeyes untimely demise…

   they saved popeyes life , but were unable to save his gainful employ… ranger scott fired him on the spot… scott lost the fourth best hand he ever had…. but discovered his shoulder has fully recovered from the four-wheeler wreck and subsequent surgery… he’s back to a hundred percent , popeyes swollen head will testify to that !!


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     i got an inquisitive e-mail this a.m. from a certified real estate appraiser. he was wondering about the for-sale sign posted on the five wire fence along the highway frontage of the thousand acre bottom-land ranch of the renowned bull-dozer salesman on salt creek.. i’m talking about the walker ranch…. he’s got that homestead exemption… the agriculture exemption… the municipal air port exemption…. and the democratic deflecter exemption… he still can’t stand the taxes accessed by the montague county appraisal board…..

   he’s only asking six million for that share croppers estate.. not cheap , but it’s reasonable ! …what person in montague county would have that kind of cash in the top dresser drawer ?… professional bank robbers don’t have that much money ?  al mc natt already has a ranch !

    what bonified cattle rancher would need a spread with a four-place airplane hanger and run-way… a motor home garage , and a eight hundred acre game preserve ? i’m thinking he has a better chance of being struck by an iranian skud missile than closing the deal on that tax burden… how many round bales would it take to come-out in the black !

      traditionally his margin of profit is limited to 2%… but i can’t help believing his asking price far exceeds the purchase price and all the toy-box additions he’s built around the house… this is a fishing expedition and he’s cutting bait for moby dick …

    i know he’s personal friends with several locals trying to scratch out a living in the real estate business , so rather than take a chance on making any one of them rich…they’ll get six percent of nothing !….. he listed with some total stranger in the metro-plex… what is six percent on six million anyway ?

    i guess chipper is wanting to move to town ..where the common folks live…. try to blend in …..out of sight from that tax lady driving that gray blazer…. you know the one i’m talking about ! she’ll ruin ya !….   i think she spends her spare time drowning puppies in a tow sack …

    what will he do with all those republican toys… motor-homes, helecopters , sea planes, bi-planes ,r.v’s , s.u.v.’s… articulating lawnmowers… the list is endless !  there’ll be a garage sale to end all garage sales ! he’s finally over-extended… the cable tow is ready to snap !… he’s busted.. there’s no place to park all that richman’s crap in a deed-restricted neighborhood… he’s danny dunn ! ….. trying to buy jimmy floyd’s rent house by the cemetery….

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     #1 grandson heath taylor has been on the d.l. for a couple of weeks now…. that’s baseball talk for disabled list… he hurt his throwing arm while passing out some heat in north carolina…  removed from the game after only a couple of innings..

    he flew to cleveland ohio yesterday to visit the indians doctor…. after an m.r.i. the doctor concluded he had some arthritis irritation and a moderate strain in his elbo… diagnosis strained tendon… remedy , ten weeks back at advanced spring training in winterhaven florida for rehab…

   ten weeks from now will put him within a couple of weeks of the end of the season…he possibly will spend time in puerto rico this winter to make up time lost during this regular season injury…

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     ground breaking has finally begun on the  wooded acreage overlooking the freeway… the future home of bowie high school… fifty acre campus with a view of the lake…

   the windowless school of 66 is obsolete… overcrowded… inadequate…inefficient…a brownbrick dinosaur… a perfect campus for underclassmen..

   other groundbreaking activity includes the ozona bank on fifty nine , the expansion project at the mill street campus of n.t.j.c. , e.o.g.’s gas refinery project , and the near completion of tractor supply… i’m tellin ya !  this place is a  virtual boom town… the current population explosion could surpass all chamber of commerce expectations.. exceed the six thousand mark on the next census..

   parking meters and city busses are coming to the already congested down-town area in the not too distant future , if growth continues at the current pace…

   the number of banking facilities will soon surpass the number of baptist churches.. antique stores will litter the landscape …and eric’s oil and gas will own this town..lock , stock , and oilfield barrell .

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  click on bonnie richardson… in the right hand column of this page…. read about this unbelievable track star…. texas born and bred !

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montague honeymoon

   forty two years ago today , carolyn began her civic duty … a monumental undertaking… a lifetime of servitude as the child bride of the shortfellow…

   we were married in a small church in bowie with family and friends looking on with jealous hearts … she was the prettiest thing this country boy had ever seen….then we boarded my sixty three volkswagon and headed off into the sunset… actually headed for a one bedroom apt. in austin texas where i worked as an assembly line electrician , building circuit boards for the space industry… 

   but , being young and anxious , decided to stop in fort worth for the night … we were road weary after only sixty miles !… i pulled into the first holiday inn we saw , went inside to secure a room , only to learn that all the rooms were taken..

   the co-operative desk clerk called ahead to next inn down the road and saved us a room there…i went back outside to where carolyn waited in the car under the canopy…. well, wouldn’t you know , that german bucket of cross-threaded bolts refused to crank… there was streamers and tin cans tied to every appendage… shoe-polish  redneck signs in every window… carolyn still in her wedding dress !  how embarrassing !

   i instructed her to climb across that stick-shift to the drivers seat while i went around back to push…i’d educated her on the art of clutch dumping during a volkswagon drag-race earlier in the week.. the v.w. fired on the first jump… we were back in business… went on down the road to forty two of the best years any undeserving man could ever imagine… she’s my soul mate…my team mate… and at one time , my play-mate… she’s the greatest tangible asset i have…she’s the other half of who God chose me to be… the mother of my children… my compass and my rock… my promotion advocate ,  my defense attorney…. and today on our forty second anniversary , i love and need her more than i did when she first dumped the clutch on the sixty three v.w. in front of the ft. worth holiday inn , back in sixty six !

      happy anniversary carolyn !…… from the guy that stalked you all through high school ! ….the short one !

                                                                poison pen


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   much to my amazement , a third time forewarded e-mail revealed that the california wonder is actually a california cousin… i’m tellin ya !  she’s a carter ! i’ve been searchin for my roots ever since i saw kunta-kentae in prime time … now i’m on a solid trail at last…

    i’m thinking during the famous gold rush of forty-nine , when all the yankees were headed to california with a spade and a wagon load of kids , my grandpa carter was sitting on the tailgate headed west , just a lad of a boy ! when the wagon ran over a storm drain somewhere along the red river valley… he was catapulted into a mesquite bush where his round-house overalls hung in the thorns…

    he watched in disbelief as the rest of the carter clan , including the california wonder’s grandpaw , traveled on without him… they reached their destination while grandpaw will carter foraged for food at the goodwill mission in montague county..

   it’s fate i’m tellin ya , that i should be reunited with a long lost cousin after three generations of seclusion here in north texas… actually find the third cousin twice removed , the great grandaughter of the liver-pill dynasty….  and thank the Lord , she’s a republican…..i owe it all to tom and his skunky womanizin ways … he’s the one that located her , heaven only knows how !  i guess she’s the latest knotch on his hacked-up bed post … the fantacy bed-post that exists only in tom’s dreams…

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