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  democratic front runner hillary rod’um clinton has vowed to change the way we live in the great u.s. of a.

   her first act as commander in chief will certainly be to bring all the troops home, so we can fight terrorism here in more familiar surroundings.. rather than sending all those men and equiptment to bagdad… we can just step out on the porch and start shooting at snippers…  save a ton of money by  not deploing  across the ocean.. spend every night at home.. get the whole family involved….

   i could write on for the rest of the day about all the advantages of having yet another clinton in the white house, but i’ve already been compared to rosie o’donnel for a couple of my recent blogs…. better tone it down.. or risk offending one of the few friends i have left..

    i’ll finish by saying that hillary will certainly be a prime supporter of any legislation that would criminalize the act of leaving a commode seat in the up-right position…

   i also think bill would make a stunning first lady.. spending time as a volunteer at jesse jackson’s church..and serving as a mentor for the whitehouse aids…

   your second democratic choice would be abdul heusane barac obama.. a muslim convert who has turned his back on the koran and all his family to sing in the choir at the church of christ.   yeah right !



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   yesterday was memorial day, or decoration day as it was once called.. a day set aside to remember the soldiers who paid the ultimate price for their country and for our freedom…

   yesterday was also the wedding anniversery of carolyn and her choice.  forty-one years ago we exchanged vows and rushed off in a 63 volkswagon to conquer the world…   forty-one years !!……………. is’nt that about the same amount of time the israelites spent wandering in the wilderness?

  perhaps our promised land is just around the corner…. actually ,i think we are already there… life is good… we are both extremely blessed.. me moreso than her…

   i spent most of the day celebrating my anniversary with chipper and red hardison… we attended three seperate memorials for the veterans … had a great time rehashing old war stories, both of the military and of childhood..  then chipper got stuck for the lunch… what a great day..

  carolyn thought that me spending the day with chipper and red was the best possible gift i could have given her….

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 this being a time set aside to honor the heroic actions of fallen war veterans, i feel compelled to tell you of the war i experienced during the viet-nam era..

    i was in a south-tacoma night spot ,with a group of inlisted g.i.’s from fort lewis, when a platoon of swabbies from bremerton naval yard declared war on us ground-pounders.. how was we to know that belly-dancer was a swabbies sister… caught us totally off guard..

 they inflicted multiple flesh wounds and internal injuries on privates and sargents alike.. we were suffering heavy casualties from pool ques and bar stools when the m.p.’s arrived…

     don’t be misled by those bell-bottom britches and neck-ties…these guys can bring it…

  i never received my purple heart for pain and injuries i endured on that night…. but came close to getting an article -13 for desertion in the line of enemy fire.. i went out the bath-room window in the nick of time…. i’d live to fight again….

   this story is intended solely to demonstrate the microscopic sacrifices i made for the great u.s.of a…. the real sacrifices were made by combat soldiers  both dead and wounded , who’s blood was spilled on foreign soils for the life and freedom i enjoy today…may the God of abraham forever bless them and have mercy on their soles….

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 had breakfast with the boys this morning at ed’s internet cafe in montague…we drank a #2 galvanized milk bucket full of black coffee..

    chipper had a slow week, only made twenty five g’s all week…. hootie spent all his money at the colonial golf tournament, buying visor caps and vendor beer… i never had any excess funds to start with…so i brought an italian baker’s dozen of farm fresh eggs… that would be ten ..

. that left only ed to furnish the gladiola biscuits… sure-fine sausage and john morrel bacon from the thank-you store.. almost forgot the  ninety-weight gravey… ed furnished it all on windmill wages….what a friend !!!

  four  people ate enough to feed a dozen haliburton hands…  and left ed with the clean-up…. he would’nt have it any other way..  hoot, chipper and i felt real bad and left….

 we’ll be back next saturday, to eat like hogs and make fun of ed’s cooking skills.. ( stir fried bacon, raw on both ends and burnt in the middle ) …..  ed uses only the finest ingredients , then burns them beyond recognition…..  i think he learned his cooking techniques by looking over  w.r.’s shoulder at a chili cook-off  several years back..  there’s no recipe like a stolen recipe….

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   if you were among the unfortunate poor people who desperately needed approval on a peronal loan this last week, you most likely had to apply to the janitoral staff at the big bank….. one president out of the country on a cruise to some exotic island , the other at the colonial golf tournament, living large on the company credit cards… most members of the board were on  commercial fishing boat somewhere on lake texoma…dragging in two times the legal limit……  who’s running this place ?? must be the girls in the drive-thru… they are the only ones to punch a time-card all week…  plus this is a holiday week end… closed saturday and monday…        where can i get an application ?……… not a loan application !! i want a job application.. working at the big bank could possibly be more lucrative than working at the water-plant…. i thought me and the air-traffic controler at bowie municipal had the two softest jobs in town… apparently not..high finance has edged us out… made us look like slave-labor….  i can’t remember the last time i was in the bahamas.. or at the colonial… or on a chartered fishing boat…

  i now understand better why their large exterior digital clock has’nt worked in a month…  they don’t care what time it is, they’re not on the job anyway…

                                   poison pen

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 i simply can’t be the only baby-boomer that’s sick of the medicine commercials every night between the hours of 6-8 p.m.

 they pound us relentlessly for every cure in the book… preparation H… to E.D….. stool softners to hygene products..   genital warts  !!! give me a break ….i’m fed up…

    fast talking disclaimers at the end of the commercial almost always include some degree of kidney failure and vomiting…sounds like trading one illness for several illnesses of equal or greater mortality rates… at great monitary loss to the patient….

   when you go to the doctor don’t forget to tell him which miracle drug you would like to trade a pair of good kidneys for… maybe a liver to sweeten the deal…

   if the lists of side effects include diarrhea and vomiting, i’m out !!!!! i had that syndrone one time.. stands out in my memory like it was yesterday.. much more miserable than high cholesterol or incontinence…

  what ever happened to the doctor making a diagnosis rather than the patient or the t.v., then perscribing some medicine based on his experience and training ??  now the drug of choice is based on a state of the art commercial or on the amount of commission paid to physicians by the drug manufacturers and pharmacies… patented medicine has the full permission of government and society to rob every person that has the misfortune to fall into their line of miracle medicine..

   if this rant struck a nerve with you, take two asprins and call me tomorrow….

                      poison pen

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sooner baseball

   o.u. is currently playing in a four day tournament  representing the best of the big twelve….at oklahoma’s red-hawk stadium…

  sooners played second ranked missouri on wed. night.. hughes started for the sooners… taylor came in after four innings, trailing by one run.. taylor pitched for the next four innings, gave up only one hit,zero runs.. shutting out the tigers for the second time this season.. final score was tigers-2 sooners-7.. this win gave taylor nine wins for the season.. three losses.. 2-no decisions..   doyle pitched the ninth, continuing the shut out…SWEEEET.!

  aggies beat the longhorns on thursday… sooners next game is on friday night against oklahoma state…..

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