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 Kerry is headed back to Israel , for a couple of quick turns on the politically correct vise that America has imposed on the Jewish nation …we are quick to interject our perceived solution to a crisis that neither nation has invited us to mediate ..

  California experienced over a hundred minor earth quakes over the week-end , but until the Big One piles the Capital building into rubble , general consensus mandates further progression of the Liberal agenda .

 Obamacare continues to cook the books despite the fact the altered ingredients remain painfully unpalatable ..

 Arlington Washington …torrential rains continue to hamper recovery of the dead ..Thankfully the number of missing has now been lowered from 90 to 30.. the death toll has risen to 25.. Imagination limits the reality of empathy for that totally devastated community .

  Costly scavenger hunts continue in the Southern Indian Ocean…to no concrete revelation …. satellite images continue to confuse and compound anger among hundreds of grief-stricken Chinese..

 Albuquerque  N.M…..street riots bring national attention to the recent killing of a homeless man by police , and the inherent difficulty involved in spelling Albuquerque ..


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Following warnings from Ponxitoni Phil , I waited til Saturday to set out my trio of tomato plants. Back when tomato plants were 39 cents , you could afford to replant after each seasonal frost , but now at $3.59 it’s better just to wait..

 I can never remember which variety failed me the year before , so I’m destined to repeat unwise decisions.. My gut tells me Heritage , but I don’t know…

 I decided to plant my three vines in individual pots just in case ponxitoni attended the same weather school as Skip McBride ..I can always skid them inside in case of the traditional Easter freeze…

  After the initial purchase price of the plants , plus the potting soil ..I now have an investment of seventeen dollars in the crop…..

  I placed each tender juvenile plant in a soil-filled #3 washtub ….and being familiar with Texas wind in April , I tethered each tub to an oak tree with a spinning chain as a cautionary measure.. However during the night last night I feared all my tedious plans were in vain …… it sounded as though the oak trees would be uprooted, dragging my tubs and the tomato crop and the high dollar potting soil down Nobile Road..

  The wind blows fiercely at high elevations ..but  my vast crop stubbornly prevailed..

  Now it will be up to the drought and the grasshoppers to render a total crop failure on 409  again this year..

  Each year it’s a two-act play at my house…going thru all the agricultural motions of planting and harvesting ….and in the final act , shopping for vegetables at Brookshires as always.. ( with my appropriately black-colored Thank-You card )

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 Proclaimed in Isaiah 5:20 …  ” Woe to those who call evil good and good evil ; that put darkness for light , and light for darkness ;   that put bitter for sweet , and sweet for bitter…”

  That Chapter and verse seems particularly applicable to Modern Day America..

 Does the thought of legalized abortion strike you as a means to murderous convenience ,  or as the rightful expression of women’s rights .. bitter or sweet  ?

 Does gay marriage seem like a good thing to you ?… or inherently evil ?

 Does denying any teaching of God in our schools seem like shinning light on opposing theologies or is it promoting darkness in our classrooms ?

”  Woe to those  “…… does not instill visions of goodness or light or sweetness …For me  “woe” forewarns of  the approaching wrath of Almighty God.

  America will be found wanting in promoting goodness , in dispensing light , and encouraging sweetness to the Jew first and also to the Gentile..

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Prayers for Jeffrey …

 James 5:15 assures us that healing is a result of fervent prayer , by saying;

Therefore , confess your sins to one another and pray for one another , that you may be healed ..

   A concerned friend of Jeffrey Padgett conveyed this heartfelt request to me.

  Jeffrey , a Bowie High School Senior , has recently been diagnosed with Cancer.. He is currently undergoing treatment for this debilitating disease ..

  Please join me in seeking intervention on Jeffrey’s behalf ..

  James 5: 15 concludes by saying :

  The prayers of a righteous man availeth much .

  Your prayer could be the one that sparks immediate healing from the Great Physician .. Help expedite the plan God has laid forth for Jeffreys full recovery .. Pray for his complete healing , plus an extra portion of strength and faith for his concerned family ..

  Christ  healed the blind and the deaf ..He can surely heal Jeff …just ask him !

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 How do I know that Jesus lives you ask ?… Because He continually stirs the spirit within me . He causes me to empathise with folks of unfortunate circumstance. His forgiveness of me demands my forgiveness of others.

   He compels me to share my daily blessings with those who may not yet believe .. He gives me insight into things that may inadvertently harm me or my relationship with Him…..

     He beckons me to draw ever closer to Him and His provisions …He provides unnatural strength when life is most challenging …. He guides my discretionary path….He shows me boundless love and encourages that unconditional love to flow forth from me ..

  He shows me the incomparable wonders of His creation …He restores my soul ..  He gives me hope when all worldly indications scream hopeless .

 I know He lives because I can readily feel His presence within me and daily bear witness to the wonders of His creation surrounding me ..

    Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life , and I shall live in the house of the Lord Forever….. that’s how I know !

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     Somewhere out there is a horse that I can ride , and a doagy that I can brand  …. All I need to do is find’em.. think I’ll start lookin at the petting zoo…….Saddle up Podna !

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Desert Chameleon ….

 King Abdulla of Saudi Arabia has one primary reason to solicit friendship from Obama.

    He’s petrified by Iran.. and helpless to do anything about their nuclear program aside from American sanctions and influence ..

  Ironic that Abdulla seeks protection by a Christian nation, from a fellow Islamic nation next door …..while banning any trace of religious freedom within Saudi borders… He’s king alright , king of the hypocrites.

  There is no separation of Church and State in moooslumland ..Islam is both a religion and a form of Sharia government .. Saudi women are banned from driving a car …

  Christians and Jews are loathed by his Islamic nation , yet as long as the foreign aid and American influence on Iran continue to feed his advantage , Abdulla is America’s best friend ….Not !

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