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Road Rash..

Headline……Aging County Commissioner of Montague County loses local race…..

Being health conscious and infinitely aware of middle-age , our local commissioner embarked on a healthy regimen of exercise… he carefully chose his method of exercise , but failed to calculate the best route to take on his daily bicycle ride…  He mistakenly rode by Heavy D’s place….

There he was challenged to a non-sanctioned race by Heavy D’s guard-dog..  Mark was clocked at 84 mph when the chain on his bicycle broke.. subsequently , he missed a curve on his way back towards the house and ended up rearranging a large portion of gravel along the city street…

Actual pictures of the bloody event were just too gruesome to post… but a facsimile of his bike is shown below.

the Commissioner was a picture of health when the fiasco began… but completely unrecognizable after the crash…. Both the dog and the bicycle were unscathed …Mark was not so fortunate……. He’s “Mark” ed up like a two pound package of 80/20 from Armstrong’s ..

Murphy’s Law led to Mayhem…March 2017..


159439_f520 Bike


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Crappy Outlook

You pen the caption for this photo taken at Tom’s State Park of Montague..

17553545_1637772342914667_8841431036794106565_n State Park

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Home Town Hero..

I Simply could NOT let this day pass without paying tribute to a great American..

Cy Young , founder and participant in Iwo Jima Survivors Reunion , fellow veteran , and long-lived legend, will be buried today with full Military Honors , by Whites Family Funeral Home of Bowie , at 2PM.. for 97 years he served this Country well as an Honorable Military Veteran and Champion of their cause..

It was my privilege to have known Mr. Young for most of my life and often visit with him at various Veterans gatherings throughout the county.. He will always remain a True Patriot in my view.. The remnant of the Greatest Generation eternally laid to rest..

God bless the memory of Cy Young..

Cy-Young-US-Marine-Corps-file-photo-marine_mil_ Cy Young

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Prime-Cut Cutlery..

State Representative Drew Springer has introduced legislation that would declare the Bowie Knife the Official Steak Knife of Texas… HCR 32…   inspired by Italian cuts of beef at Prime Cut Bar and Restaurant in Montague…coming soon to Muenster and to the Fourth Floor..

17457407_1295163887243624_165906246726729283_n Springer

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Suzie Home-maker..



Some wives do quilting , others thrive while canning fruit…..mine is a Lumber Jack with intense hatred for Green briar and straggly shenry…

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Ever wonder why peas and carrots are listed as major ingredients in dog-food ?….me too.

I was raised on a farm where we had both hounds and gardens… never had a problem with dogs eating up all the peas or digging up carrots… it’s a myth. They’d sooner eat a mule turd as any fresh vegetables any day.. They’d suck an egg before eating brocoli of cauliflower.  They’ll eat grass before English peas..

Ever seen a hound hanging under foot at the cook stove when Momma is boiling off a mess of peas ? Me neither.. but throw on a slab of salt-pork to fry and suddenly the beggars are permanently attached to the Tappen..

Never in my seventy years have I witnessed Ol’Blue burying a can of mixed-vegetables in the flowerbed…they eat bones and meat , with an occasional unexplained treat of chicken-manure to cleanse poochy’s pallet..

Dogs are prone to eat Meat…. anything from road-kill skunk to dropped rib eye… neighbor’s chickens are likewise savored by hungry hounds… but mythical invasions of the garden is Fake News..

Quit charging $4.00 for a can of Campbell’s Vegetable Soup when mislabeled as Dog Food.. both me and Fido are smarter than you think..

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Cat Bowles

What the Cat-Hair is going on ?….. Look…a Siamese speed bump !!…

Some particularly innovate cat person in Nocona is taking cautionary measures to protect his Feline friends..

IMG_2762 Cat Crossing

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