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 The bodies of three missing Jewish teenagers have been found just a short distance from where they were last seen alive in the Gaza Strip .. ( Palestinian territory within Israel ) ….Hamas has not claimed responsibility , but I doubt seriously that a rogue Jew abducted and slaughtered three innocent teens.

   The ill-advised relinquishment of land within Israel to the Muslim lead Palestinians is a scourge upon the Holy State of Israel..

    Gaza is a festering cancer against civil humanity within the sovereign Jewish homeland…..propigated by external political pressures from the United Nations ( EU ) and United States…

  This is a battle of spiritual powers within the Middle East … good vs. evil …and will never be resolved until Christ returns to establish His kingdom free of ethnic hatred and false gods..

  Islam is an illegitimate religion based on false teachings of the false prophet Mohammed… the inspiration of Satan…being carried forward by inexplicably evil descendents of Ishmael ..the illegitmate son of Abraham ..


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Write this down …

  A public hearing concerning the possible closing of Montague’s Post Office is slated for 6 p.m. on Tuesday July 15th at the Courthouse Annex.

 Office # of State Senator Craig Estes….512-463-0130

 Office # of US Congressman Mac Thornberry…940-692-1700

 Office # of State Representative Drew Springer….940-665-8400

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Liberty Wins …

 What a glorious day for religious liberty in America …the Supreme Court has handed down a landmark 5-4 decision to rebuke Obamacare’s theory that an individual gives up religious rights when pursuing public business. Hoby Loby , and Christianity emerges victorious ..

  The righteous decision came despite President Obama’s liberal appointments to the court .. Thank God for this significant decision.

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Ford Roadster

Nuther brother’s second hot-rod is a 1928 Ford Roadster , slightly modified , but still packing a 90 horsepower V-8 flathead …

  Nuther Brother and Other Brother build cars…they’re currently working on the next project…. an early twenties Willy’s Overland touring car.

securedownload  Ford Roadster

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Elton John off Key…

London (AFP) – British musician Elton John described Pope Francis as “wonderful” in an interview on Sunday in which he said Jesus would support gay marriage.


A top-selling pop star and one of the world’s most prominent gay celebrities, John said the leader of the Catholic Church was a sign of hope.

“He’s excited me so much by his humanity and taking everything down to the humility of faith…it’s all basically about love and taking everybody in inclusiveness,” John told Sky News.

Francis has appeared to strike a more conciliatory tone towards homosexuals than his predecessors since his election last year.

John said that gay members of the clergy should be able to wed and that he believed Jesus Christ would be in favour of gay marriage, which became legal in Britain in March.

“If Jesus Christ was alive today, I cannot see him… saying this could not happen,” the pop star said.



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 Never go to lunch with a lunatic named Al …starting with Al Sharpton , Al Gore , Al Franken , and Al Combs …  The anal condition know as  Al-ism seems to be highly contagious along party lines.

  Al’s are popping up all over the world.. you got your al Baghdadi in Iraq , al Qaeda in neighboring Iran , and al Assad in Syria .. everybody wants to be an al ever since al gore invented the internet..but my favorite Al of all times, and possibly the smartest Al in the bunch, is Al Bundy..

  Momma’s don’t let your babies grow up to be Al’s…they’re inherently stupid and conspicuously anxious to share their irreversible stupidity with the world…(Big Al Godwin excluded)

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 The Wagonseller’s can’t hold a candle for Granny to pick by…we’re ready for the County Fair …

securedownload  Wagonseller

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