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This Organic gardener got the jump on the Dago competition today…by bunches..

Zeke took full advantage of the beautiful Sunday afternoon with his roto tiller , his sturdy plant selection, and his obedient wife…

His neighbors are licking their lips , eternally proud he has the annual onion crop in the fertile ground surrounding his homestead..

Tillers notably take a negative toll on old men’s spines.. shaking and jarring their potential for gainful employ..

Zeke may call in sick tomorrow , but the neighborhood will have onions for their salads and soups this Spring…… Short people like onions too..



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Double Trouble

Remember you read it here first…..

In the wee hours before daybreak on Saturday….a double-deck cattle truck loaded with 96 fat yearlings was headed west on Highway 82…cruise control set on seventy..Cummins diesel passing phone poles like a picket fence.. cattle in the wind.. passing right by The Veranda…when the driver dozed off for an instant..

Brushing the north curb on the curve in front of Dollar General.. Nocona outskirts.. The driver suddenly awoke and steered sharply to his left.. laying the payload on its side right there in the street.. pandemonium ensued . 18 head met a swift departure from this life…

Here’s where the details get dicey….reports indicate Baccus was seen gathering ground beef from the passing lane…W.W. was searching for stew meat , in his P.J.’s and house-shoes ,  by the flickering flashlight’s glow.. NFD & NPD entered the calf scramble…

I’ll be anxious to see how this second-hand appraisal of the facts matches up against Tracey’s printed report… Zeke gave me the facts and nothing but the facts , so help me..

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Kraut kitchen remodel @ Doc’s….preparing for H&W choice steaks…in direct competition with the Prime Cut…meanwhile Monday’s Five @ Five will be hosted at the residence of Dave Flusche..  BYOB..

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Convicted Cocaine dealer ,Demarlon Thomas , had his 19 year sentence commuted by Tom’s President…evicted from his ” Safe Place” in Federal Prison.. Demarlon was scheduled for final release from a Saginaw Half Way House in March 2017.

Thomas criminal history included a long time relationship with Michigan’s Sunny Side gang.. the Presidential pardon altered his lengthy sentence to time served…thereby sentencing the non-violent drug salesman to the death penalty, at the hands of other non-violent drug merchants..

Two of his masked gang enemies stormed the half-way house where he was living… asked Thomas to identify himself…then one armed hoodlum held other spectators at bay , while the second gunman executed Thomas gangster style… mass carnage for the non violent drug industry representative..

Our previous POTUS commuted the sentences of 1,715 prisoners whom he deemed minority victims of an overactive justice system…. free as a bird…. in open season..

Sunny Side Gangsta’s had other plans… Sunny Side Up for Demarlon…. a terminal tale of Non Violent Crime..

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Buford T. Justice speaks to the Libs…. they don’t call him “Smokey” for nothin..


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Being a renowned Blog Master is a thankless sacrifice and duty… opening oneself for unbridled criticism and sarcasm from throngs of humanity.. Inquiries as to infrequency and content of life-altering revelations , or lack thereof…. whichever the spiteful verbiage invokes ..

Time restraints and limited metal capacity contribute mightily to substandard journalistic endeavors of the “Poison Pen”..  The whole world is a critic.. and anxious to point to flaws in both logic and spontaneous rhetoric.. run on sentences and questionable punctuation likewise rile the disdain for Author..

Life is like a bowl of cherries , or in more recent times , an unsightly bunch of discount banana’s.. Some days you get freshness and quality , some days you get a shrivelled up hand grenade..


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Hand me a Hijab…

Mooslums are scheduled to take possession of the Ultimate Inconvenient Store on Monday… forever altering the daily lives of local dead-beats and gophers..

Breakfast menu’s have been altered… excluding pork products and unsavory conversations demeaning to Ollie..

The new cook is named Sharia.. but who could tell beneath that hound’s-tooth burka ..?

Ed anticipates a sudden surge in attendance at the Burrito Shop.. Necessitating a sharp rise in rental fees and security deposits at his commercial holdings where the MISD gymnasium was once proposed… (eminent domain )..

Tom’s planning for the influx of Arabians.. surveying a mosque to be built on his commercially zoned real-estate across Hwy 59 from W.T. Minor XXII..also in the planning stages , a livery stable for two-hump Camels at that same convenient location..

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