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Deja Vu……………..

 For those like myself who lament over the racial tension in Baltimore and the indisputable fact that Freddie Gray received fatal injuries while in police custody , regardless of who inflicted those injuries or how it all came to pass..

  Take comfort in the reality that Rev. Al is now on the scene….. a man of the cloth…an unbiased disciple of truth.. a peace-maker …the neutral voice of reason .. the tax-dodging devil in a four-hundred dollar suit…

  The fact that Baltimore’s Mayor even considered listening to his rant , much less providing him a microphone and platform from which to spew his venom , speaks volumes of her racial mind-set..

   Our nation is in reverse…embracing the backward spiral into the 1960’s…where malcontents live in varying states of immoral upheaval and divisiveness..

   Again…Obama has little to say , and less to do…He stands true to his policy of leadership by looking the other way..

  I have new-found respect for Democratic congressman , Elijah Cummings….at least on this issue….. 

  He was there on the streets of Baltimore , pleading for demonstrators to remain civil and adhere to the curfew .


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   For friends and natives of Montague living in other parts of the state or nation , I have sad news for you…

  A class-mate of mine passed yesterday afternoon.. Kay Vann Romine succumbed to multiple complications , after being removed from life-support…

  Funeral arrangements are currently being decided by her family of grown children…

  She was a dear friend and fellow student of MISD… a life-long resident of Montague..

   Join me in prayers for her exemplary family..

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  I remember back in 61…..the feeling in the pit of my stomach , when the St.Jo foot-ball coach (Shuttlesworth) lined me up on the practice squad across the line of scrimmage from Wendell Thompson ….I could see the writing on the wall….when the whistle blew it was gonna be lights out for me..

  That same hollow feeling occurred yesterday when Ed and I entered Doc’s Bar..

    Thirty five large burly Germans sitting in a semi-circle around a huge table…drinking beer … some with arms crossed….glaring at the controversial wind-mill man….It was a Wendel Thompson moment ….we were easily outnumbered ten to one….I was riding with Ed and he had the keys in his pocket..

  Ed pulled up a chair and sat down beside Tom just as the barmaid arrived along side…. ” Bring me a Miller-Lite and another double for my cousin Tom ” Ed said..

  I strategically chose an empty seat , yards away , nearest the door,  but still at the same table…opposite of where Alfonso and Dave sat waiting for the whistle to blow….. with their backs against the wall…. things were tense for a shortman..

   Moments later two bar-maids returned….bringing drinks for Ben Dover and Tom.. each girl carrying a circular bar-tray covered with garden produce…what the Heck ?

   Half a bushel of leafy lettuce covered each tray…with a huge head of cabbage centered in the bed of lettuce… each cabbage had the center cored out to perfectly fit the accompanying drink ….like a Koozey…

  Ed’s beer , Tom’s double-shot whiskey , sat snug atop the delicate produce display….held secure inside the cabbage-head-Koozey …. lying on the contrasting green leafs of lettuce was an array of german snack sausages….

  Each girl sat the trays respectfully before the bewildered Italians while delivering a strategic verbal jab……..” It’s all about presentation ” they said…. in reference to Ed’s week-old sausage winning rule-sheet..

  The whole place erupted in laughter… 

   You know it’s funny when Bill Bowie cracks a smile…..I knew then the Germans had just issued a reprieve ….

  Man…. I need a Marlboro after that tense “Wendel Thompson” episode.

  The usual calamity of political sparring continued from there..

  As a parting gesture of good will hours later , the gracious bar-maid presented me with a symbolic gift…. a huge piece of Italian cream cake in a go-box….. as if to politely say :

” Thanks for coming , now take those worthless Italians and GO “

  BTW…my compliments to the bar-maid and the cake chef….It was delicious !…but not nearly as sweet as the unexpected pardon for me and my Italian friends..

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Front Line Report..

 Just as Martin Luther Kings niece is trying to dampen the street-riots in Baltimore , my mission today is to tamp down aggression at Five at Five..

 I take great personal risk by traveling across county lines to report the activities at Doc’s this afternoon….. with the lettuce perpetrator of said contraversy..

   It wouldn’t take more than a mis-guided word or phrase to spark the underlying ethnic tensions into an all-out brawl..

  The Krauts are serious about their sausages , and don’t take kindly to skullduggery or underhanded schemes of consequence taking place in the bowels of German territory..

   wish me luck..

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Red-Neck Rhetoric….

  O.K. …..I fired a shot over the heads of homo’s already , it’s time to blast the migrating mooslums a bit…

  The problem with Obama’s open-door security system is it allows folks with ulterior motives to arrive unopposed into vulnerable neighborhoods ….

  Mooslums fleeing war and oppression in their native arm-pit nations seek peace and security in America… that seems just and civil on the surface , but upon arrival here , in an attempt to find anything familiar , they gravitate to areas where relatives or fellow countrymen have already established roots..

  Their first action in a free nation is to segregate…in areas like Twin-Cities…where familiar customs and wardrobes are common place…where Mosques are prevalent and segments of traditional sharia law are continually practiced in secret ..

  They want America’s freedom and opportunity… the freedom to congregate in reclusive neighborhoods for the purpose of continuing the religion and customs of the violent nations which they just fled..

  Most have no desire to become Americans… they want to be Somali’s or Yemen’s or Iranians ( in ) America… a vast difference from becoming part (of )America..

  My family also has a few national customs we hold dear…here’s a partial list for your convenience….things like avoiding being taken out by a moooslum terrorist… we absolutely love pulled-pork BBQ and bacon…our men don’t wear robes…the women don’t hide behind black facial coverings…. honor killings are crap…we hate hearing Arabic chants…and don’t think much of allah…besides that our women drive cars…. here’s the kicker , get used to it or get packing !

   we are NOT here to accommodate Islam… we are a Christian family….born and raised in America…this is our nation…you are welcome to visit or perhaps even live here permanently , but don’t start changing what you traveled half the world to obtain within days of your privileged arrival here..  we are not interested in simulating Afghanistan although we do have huge herds of domesticated goats …

 Have a good day…

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Troubling Times…

  Hundreds if not thousands marched on our national capital Friday…in protest of the pending Supreme Court inclusion of same-sex marriage to the status of lawful acceptance in America…

  Assuming that the gay argument is correct..and accepting the premise that all marriage is equal in the sight of God… Why did God bother creating Eve ? What was the purpose ? Adding confusion to the passions of sinful man ?

 Because He clearly stated that one man lying with another is an abomination in the eyes of God….it’s un-natural ..it’s non-productive…it’s contrary to Gods perfect plan…

  irregardless of any left-leaning decision by an appointed gallery of Supreme Court Justices , God is the Supreme Judge … His word is recorded for all the world to see.. Leviticus 18:22… Thou shall NOT lie with mankind ; as with womankind : It is abomination…

  What could a covey of robed supreme court justices possibly add to that ? How could their decision trump that of almighty God ? 

  As for me and my house , we will honor the proclamation , the sacred decision , the incarnate word of God in Jesus the Christ…. Same-sex marriage is abomination…period the end .

 The Bible defines same-sex relations as abomination..

  Webster defines abomination as : abhorrent…loathful…extreme disgust..but the minority of Liberal minds seek to change all that with help from Americas Supreme Court and some printers-ink…

  They may hold the power to change the laws of man , but no earthly decisions can change the finality of Gods word.. He alone will judge the inattentive judges of America’s courts, along with all who have ignored His written warnings..

 Justices Ruth Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor have both performed same-sex marriages …wonder how their vote will go ?

  Gods decision is clearly posted……Leviticus chapters 18 thru 20…… next case !

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 While I was seated at the expansive dinning table today after church , partaking of some fine Great Value Tuna and Hellman’s on dry toast….Suddenly my solitude and silence were profoundly disrupted by a blood-curdling cry just outside the door….

  Carolyn’s aggressive house-dog , Saddie the dominant Yorkey-poo   , came to life.. barking and lunging towards the door..

  I leaped to the door to see what small child was in obvious distress… only to discover Carolyn’s cat had assumed a defiant stance against a neighborhood stray… the showdown at “O.K. Car-port” was about to commence..

  I opened the door to deter the issuing battle of competitive cats…when Saddie shot between my legs like possessed by satan… The race was on…life and death match-up race between Saddie and the under-fed stray..

 My money was on the cat for the first twenty yards , but Saddie was soon closing the gap with surprising speed…the cat could instinctively sence things yet to come..

  He , she, it shot up the towering oak standing sentry by the abandoned chicken-house of 2005 , without ever breaking stride… He perched twenty feet above the calamity , staring down on the disappointed second place winner in the race..

  Saddie turned back towards the house…strutting like she had just intimidated the felines answer to Osama Bin Laden , into panicked retreat..

  It was a proud day on private road 409.. Saddie certainly saved Kitty Tom’s life .. what else could I do ?…I gave her the remaining tuna as deserved reward… she opted to decline…prefering a long drink of water instead…

   What does that say about my coveted Sunday lunch ?    


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