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No Tree-Huggers Here….

What once shaded eight acres of pristine forest encircling the Carter estate , now lie in unrelenting heaps of clutter on our patio.

  Millions of uniquely shaped leaves from various species lie on display where ornamental sidewalks and grasses once dominated the view..

 Southerly winds have provided transportation from neighboring growths …gust have facilitated transcending all natural barriers…nothing has forbidden passage to my back door.. where they took up permanent residence for the winter….or so they think.

 Thankfully ….I have a brand spanking new leaf blower…capable of producing 180 mile per hour winds at the flip of a switch…and alternative plans for dislodging their stronghold at the back door..

 these remnants of greener times are unwelcome habitation for Copperheads and rats…the leafing is leaving today, only to return again from the opposite direction next week..

  Living in a forest is a perpetual exercise in futility…and a financial boon for Black & Decker..


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 A new , but false accusation has emerged from the LGBT community…

  “Clergy who oppose same-sex marriage are driving people away from God ”  really ?

  So… by applying that same logic to other obvious sins , clergy are likewise expected to embrace all secular shortcomings as alternatives to Biblical teachings ?

  Live how you like and go to church is the new LGBT gospel ?

  If Biblical truth seems too harsh for some segments of society , we’ll just add water to the concentrate for more palatable acceptance.

  If Churches make no Biblical distinction between “practicing” God’s will and simply attending religious services , how do churches then differ from social clubs ?

  You may as well join the Lions Club in search of salvation..The end-result will be the comparable .

  Don’t take my word or those of the LGBT alternative…God has inspired the prophets with words of incalculable truth for just such occasions as this..

  The path to righteousness is narrow , and few there be who find it …..denominational teachings may vary…clergy may alter opinions from the altar….but God’s word never changes… search for truth where truth abounds ..

  Christ invites us all to abandon willful sin and follow him…myself included.. He does not make exception for mans , nor progressive clergy’s beliefs or opinions….. sorry..

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Food Festival ….

Having survived the last couple of weekends without slipping into a diabetic coma , I think I’m good for life….and yes , we did hold true to Texas tradition by presenting the customary “green-bean casserole” at the Carter household.. I saw it as duty to uphold the birth rights of Del Monte’s most coveted vegan recipe.

  However , most skirted it to reserve room for Home-Made ice-cream and chocolate cake…or Seven-Up Cake..or pecan pie or the heavenly nectar embedded in the mysterious chilled Pink Stuff ..

 Granny’s chicken and dressing topped the list of most popular entre’s ..followed closely by smoked brisket , and Honey Cured ham..

  After gorging on the culinary collection covering all available kitchen space , most retired to the sitting room to watch Texas Tech scare the sheet outta Baylor…but fate didn’t smile on the Red Raiders.. Those Baylor Baptists are undenyably God’s chosen few…

Another evening of intense smoke and laughter around the patio burn pit was the final event of the day….blackened marshmallows flaming on straight coat-hangers… ash encrusted morsels of divine stickiness..

  The parking lot finally cleared around nine… leaving me and granny to collapse in utter exhaustion…

  Only three more weeks til Christmas ..  I’m dying an imminent death of uncontrolled celebration….what’s all the fuss about Pilgrims anyway ?


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Wave on Wave…

Half the Carter clan was in town last weekend for granny’s Thanksgiving dinner… the other half is due in today..for a re-run on cornbread dressing… I think some attended twice ?

 Originally we had planned to serve the second wave leftovers from the first…problem was , Dave attended the first feast…..leaving nothing but bones and empty pie-pans in his wake….so much for intricate planning !

 Number one has already arrived from Fredericksburg , to assume the dietary duties of number two …who is currently in Colorado on an extended “dear” hunt..

 The timid crowd of early arrivals gathered on Sledgehammer’s new flagstone patio last night ….around the fire-pit , for melted marshmallow and boisterous laughter.

 The remaining shortfellows , daughter Dianna Lynne ( 4 foot 11 ) and her crew are expected later today…. I believe the other daughter , Pam has advantaged her close residential proximity by double dipping both dinners….just saying she looks familiar..nothing more !

 Carolyn’s working on breakfast..I’m working on dinner…in the same cubical…this may not end well….for me…


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Find the Turkey …

That’s not actually Tony Romo , but his level of football talent may be indistinguishable from the genuine article. Happy Thanksgiving to all the Noglio’s…


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 Buddy Ray “was” selling shelled pecans for $8.00 per pound , but production was suddenly curtailed when he cracked a tooth while shelling a persistent pail of natives..

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To Africa , with love…

I think it’s great that Barack is giving $7 billion to Africa….based on Tommy O’Neals economic analysis employment is at an all time high , the stimulus is working , the stock market is out through the roof , oil production is rising , and our GNP is growing daily..

  Why do the Dems need currency anyway ?…under Obama’s generous plans the government supplies all our needs and incidentals…. in exchange for a few meaningless tax dollars..

 Why not nation build in Africa ?.. our infrastructure of highways  and sea-ports is better than Mexico’s or Haiti’s either one…we’re loaded…

 Boko Hiram will surely stop destroying Africa when they see our willingness to build bigger and better…

  and while our purse strings are relaxed in the giving spirit of Christmas , why not gift a few million to Jerry Jones…we desperately need a new quarterback….or even a low mileage used one..

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