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Press secretary ….

 I’ve recently been pondering which avenue of expression I might take following the June 21st retirement date … then like the blind sow discovered an unexpected plump acorn , the Herminator finds himself engaged in a run-off election and in dire need of a professional Press-Secretary …

  That’s right !…. From June thru July , I will be interpreting his political platform and expounding on its merit before area news conferences … writing front page articles on his unprecedented political career and fielding unfounded accusations from his political opponent ..

  Following his certain election to Commissioner , I will be a constant fixture in Commissioners Court … Recording and reporting on each life altering decision forthcoming from the county congress ..


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League Champs …

 The proud owner/engineer of Brady Stadium located in the Ninth Ward of Montague , has added another colorful feather to his baseball cap … His team of hand drafted players from Montague has deservedly won the League Championship of 2012 ..

   The practice field is yet incomplete and the team has already earned the indisputable right to post a coveted sign reading ” Home of the 2012 League Champions “..

  Hopefully that well deserved sign will not block the infield view for the trailer-park tenants at Ed’s sub-standard housing addition..nor the line of trajectory for fly balls to the Black Republicans picture window !

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 The late-evening displays of intimidating clouds have been particularly entertaining from the supposed safety of my back porch for the last three nights.. Horizontal light shows with an occasional heart-leaping clap of close thunder .. strong winds making towering oaks far more flexible than previously imagined .. I stand amazed at the obvious power reserved for distribution by the discretion of an omnipotent God ..

   The insignificance of man is magnified by the passing of each unique cloud and its dominant contents .. a humbling experience both physically and spiritually ..

  The most brilliant and most powerful among us is astonishingly helpless when compared to His might !

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Just saying …

 Planned Parenthood claims they do much more than just provide abortions for willing women ..they also provide many other worthwhile services for women in need…therefore entitled to your continued tax support..

  Would you willingly continue to patronize a lawn service that did a wonderful job of manicuring your lawn , but used the secluded flowerbeds as their personal outdoor latrine and repeatedly ran over your mail-box when exiting the premises ?

  Doing one thing right does not excuse the obvious unacceptable behavior in other areas of performance . Planned Parenthood needs to be a privately financed exterminator !

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 I’m sure all have seen the captured video taken at a Texas Planned Parenthood Clinic ..of the agent explaining how to successfully manipulate the system in order to abort an unwanted girl-child in favor of the prospective mother’s wishes of having a boy …

  I can only hope you are equally as appalled as I , that our Congress chooses to support the legalized atrocities with tax-payer subsidies .. That makes you and I an unwilling accessory to murder.

  In order to circumvent the stigma associated with gender preference abortion , all the pregnant mother need to do is wait patiently for positive identification of the gender , then if unborn baby is not of the prefered gender, obtain a late-term abortion through Planned Parenthood .. simply list some other manufactured reason for the  abortion on all the paperwork..

  Any parent whose willing to kill the fetus within her own body , is certainly capable of lying to avoid personal embarrassment .. Killing and Lying go hand-in hand !

   Any abortion is atrocious , but gender-selection abortion is totally barbaric …This government facilitated atrocity puts us on the same moral plateau with communist China .

  If gender-selection is a legitimate excuse to terminate God’s gift of life , then eye-color and hair-color selection can’t be far behind ..

   Had my Mom been of the progressive liberal mindset found prevalent in America today , the three Carter boys would all be non-existent .. for all her productive years Mom dreamed of having a girl ..but thankfully she was incapable of murder !

    America has subsidized murder for decades… We are guilty of spending hundreds of millions to murder millions in the name of Women’s Rights…. without any regard for the rights of helpless children or the National consequences for such evil actions..

   Man has deemed it morally acceptable , even invented a more pleasant term for the premeditated murder of a fetus ….but I doubt seriously that God has altered his thoughts on the deliberate destruction of his most miraculous creation …a living breathing baby created in His own image !

   May the God of all creation show undeserved mercy on this morally wretched excuse for a Christian nation ..

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 My head aches and my eyes are bloodshot from sheer exhaustion …Too much information to absorb while watching O’Reilly last night … Three separate tickers running across the screen while the main subject was obscured by un-related information.

   Live Weather radar in the top left hand corner of the screen .. Storm updates and warnings scrolling at the bottom ..while a Oklahoma Amber-Alert scrolled somewhere in between .. and of course continuous ticker-tapes of every Area election return in a four county circumference … I could just occasionally see the whites of O’Reilly’s eyes..

  Finally I gave up and went to bed without knowing if the missing child was ever found , if Jack McGaughey continued to spank Brandon Earp , if the pending storm leveled surrounding homesteads , if the Culture-Warriors squared off , or if the Rangers snatched defeat from the jaws of victory … after all that scientific tsunami of information , I still don’t know squat ! Is the Hermanator commissioner or not ?

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Tear in my Beer …

As storm clouds gathered overhead , throngs of young Republicans gathered at the Prime Cut last night awaiting the results of their particular candidates elections.. As the numbers poured in so did the consumption of Tom’s cut-rate booze … Some drinking to success , some drinking to forget ! Kinda adds a new perspective to the term ” Tight-Race “..

    Tom secretly took a solid oath to donate all the nightly profits to the National Democratic Election Campaign .. He’s sick and twisted !    Taking profits from the Republicans and funneling it to Obama .. Typical Democrat , Misappropriation of funds !

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