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Ball drop in Montague ..

 Masses converged on the premier restaurant within two miles of the courthouse last night … Tommy O’Neal hosted a party for the socially elite sports fans of Montague County and beyond ..Cowboys and Red Skins on mammoth flat screens ..prime-rib sandwiches… etc

  The guest-list was truly impressive..assembling the Cream of rural red-necks and high-rollers under one lofted ceiling ….Bill-Bill , Hootie , Sheriff , Shooter , Beemer , Night-Crawler , White Goat , Tip-Toe , Shack , Shelby’s Yard-Man , Bill Barns and Galvalume were all there !

  Side Bar ….The Red Ant and Prosperous Pete were both notably absent …perhaps they prematurely went off the ” Cliff “.

   It was the First Annual Ball-Drop festivities of Montague …where Romo dropped more misguided balls,  before a larger audience , than New Yorks billion dollar effort at Times Square tonight..

  Two unequal and separate football pots were available for wagering ..one for conservatives , one for liberals .. I invested heavily in the conservative pool , and in traditional fashion , I won the right to contribute to the future well-being of Fenotee’s and Big Bank bankers.. I’d been better served spending that three bucks on a can of beans at the Ultimate store …

  Booze was flowing like 1933.. side bets were being wagered on the coin-toss , first downs , turnovers , and meaningful game strategies like the color of RG3 ‘ s socks…

  Pandemonium ruled the night , both on the field in D.C and on the bar at Prime Cut .. I left at half time , Ed was half tight , Brady was half broke , and the Cowboys were halfway to hell in a hand-basket …it was half-past my bedtime ..I went home !


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Parting purpose …

 Today was a somber day at Jean’s Bible Class of Nocona for me…despite the uplifting music of Mark Murphey and the Rambers….

   Reality is …It marked the final knowledgable lesson from our dedicated spiritual leader …

   Rev.Tommy Lamascus has faithfully shared his Biblical insight with us every Sunday for eleven plus years with only a handful of medically dictated exceptions … when Sunday rolled around Tom was there to lead the flock ..

  His methodical interpretations and reverence for God’s Word will be sorely missed …His uncanny ability to find gems of wisdom within a single sentence or verse was inspiring for ten consecutive years of my attendance …

   Today we lost more than an effective teacher , we likewise lost the weekly declaration of sense of direction and purpose that he instilled within us with every lesson ..we lost a mentor …a messenger…a Godly man , with vast righteousness and endless stored knowledge pertaining to anything scriptural , and for most within our congregation , we lost a close personal friend ..

   May the God of his teachings continue to use his faithful service in the vast fields of harvest …May we remember the wisdom and hope of his righteously insipred lessons …

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Where’s Hillary ?

Lest we forget ,  four patriotic Americans spent Christmas in a cemetery thanks to the inadequate leadership in our State Department … Their families endured Christmas day and every day hereafter without their loved ones …while Hillary lies low in hopes our memory of Benghazi fades ..

  Susan Rice was the decoy …shielding Hillary until it became obvious she was the sacrificial lamb … then four officers under Hillary’s rule were supposedly fired for incompetent service …only to be later discovered the sacrificial four are still on the payroll performing other incompetent duties ..

  There’s been no sighting of Hillary for weeks … She supposedly suffers from a concussion , but no doctor has come forward to substantiate that self-diagnosis .. All media including Fox is reluctant to call B/S on Hillary’s head injuries because her  ” honor ”  is above political scrutiny ..

   If the most important female politician in American history struck her head in an unfortunate fall , doesn’t it seem logical that some medical personnel would know ?..would she not be receiving medical treatment in one of our premier military hospitals in America ..

   She stumbled over the bodies of four good men , and struck her head on the witness stand …she’s a self-serving liar with unprecedented skill in her trade…. Hillary is protecting Hillary at any cost ..her continued silence only proves the point …

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 Early announcement for Moochers breakfast tomorrow…in hopes that ” Salty ”  Tucker will be overwhelmed by the Christmas spirit .. It’s far more blessed to give salt-pork than to receive it !

  Shirley He ( the wise man ) will come bearing gifts of frankincense and salty fat-back for the blind , the poor , and the famished at Moocher’s breakfast tomorrow morning ..for the D.B. Hurdt Memorial Moochers Breakfast …..We can only hope !

   ” One man’s Pork is another man’s indigestion “…shortfellow

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 A Texas sized  “Thank You” to all the officials and employees of the Montague County courthouse , who donated a hundred pounds of canned goods and fresh fruit to Christ Can Food Bank just in time for Christmas .. Your warmth and generosity is paramount for the continued service to the less fortunate in our midst.

  We wish each of you the Merriest Christmas season ever , and the promise of great accomplishments in 2013 ..

  Thanks for your willing spirit of involvement in remembering both the Savior and the needs of his children this Christmas season … Gods Blessings to all …

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This Sunday December 30th , marks a milestone for Jean’s Bible Class of Nocona..it’s Family Day ..and marks the end of an era with the final service of 2012 …

   Local singing sensation Mark Murphey will provide inspirational music … Speaker Tommy Lamascus will share his exceptional understanding of Gods Word ..

  Come share the milestone with family and friends of Jean’s Down-Town Bible Class …Everyone is invited for coffee and doughnuts prior to the  ” grand finally of 2012 ” at 9:05 a. m.

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Size Matters

 I stopped by My Bank after lunch today for a 2013 freebie calendar …accustomed to the adhesive backed dash-model that Hoot and the  ” Big Bank ” rations to their meager depositors , I was astounded at the size of Millers calendar …

   It was all I could do to carry it to the truck ..where it occupied the entire back seat .. I’m sayin this thing is humongous … like a life-sized Lex Graham mural on the kitchen wall ..

  So much for the notion that everything’s bigger at the Big Bank … Hoot’s hanging his head on this deal ……Miller’s calendar could double as a window-shade… Even the visually impaired can note the date from anywhere on my vast acreage …

 When referencing banks , bigger is NOT always better …. but in the case of free calendars Bigger definitely beats the sheepish postage-stamp size that the Big Bank dispenses ..

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