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Grand Opening

  The local Chamber of Commerce is thrilled to announce the latest in farm equipment is now available in Montague.. Whiner-Minor Implement Company has established their convenient home on a corner-lot across from the fabled farm mechanic Bill Magee..

  Stop by and meet the friendly sales-staff for a farming experience not witnessed in these parts since the 1920’s. On-the-spot financing available at prime interest rates , no reasonable offer refused , same-day delivery , extended warranty , all the advantages one might expect from dealerships far less reputable ..

  This ain’t Tractor Supply , but it’s close ! He’s got all  the stuff you need out here……..and some you don’t ..


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Football Trivia ….

 After several previous failed attempts , Tony Romo has finally completed a successful pass. He’s now a married man !… Just in time to experience what most married arm-chair quarterbacks repeatedly fear , ” The dreaded LOCK-OUT “

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 Tomorrow is the day established to pay tribute to those who have held the most honorable of all  distinguished occupations , the American Soldier.. An inadequate tribute to all branches of American Military who have sacrificed their lives so that we may live our life in continuous freedom…

  A humble attempt to recognize those who sacrificed their quality of life , that through that sacrifice , the quality of life for those they love may be magnified..

   Those who gave their site to enhance our vision of standards worth fighting for.

   Those who sacrificed their legs that we may walk freely among them..

   Those who lost arms  so that our children could experience the pride of saluting the greatest flag on planet Earth.

    Those who gave their voice that we may speak freely without fear of retaliation !

  Thanks to all who answered the call to defend that which God has freely given us in America , a lighthouse of freedom to occupied nations across this vast globe.. God Bless their selfless sacrifice , may we never forget their willing gift to humanity..  I salute them all , black and white , male and female … each is an inspiration to free-society everywhere .

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  One of the few remaining places in the politically correct world that an addict can still simultaneously savor a lung-clogging Marlboro and a happy-hour draw beer , is at Tom’s Prime-Cut Steakhouse and Bar right here in Montague …. but that’s all about to change ..

   Cigarette smoke is going by the way of the Salad-Bar come June 1st… the smoking section is sequestered to the parking lot..

   After the first day of June , the only things subject to ignition at the Prime-Cut , is the menu-prices and a couple of shapely wait-staff. …They’re still smokin !

  Tom says he’s adding an outside smoking section down by the creek , a picnic table in the evening shade and a walkie-talkie for ordering more beer.. Fred will deliver the beer on a four-wheeler .. Guess Beemer will be lonely as Maytag , smoking like a train down at the end of the lateral line in the Second-Class beer Garden…BYOC…cigarettes !  We’re done !

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Deflector Dan ….

   If Danny had been riding the political fence , he slipped on the top rail last night… He did a belly-flop into the Republican party.. and what a party it was ,at Diamond Jim’s and Al Mc Natt’s.

  Dan has lived his entire life thinking he was a Democrat , following the footsteps of uncles and cousins down the primrose path to labor intense poverty . But now that he’s seen how the Repub’s live  , he’s seriously weighing deflection.

  Danny likes puttin on the ritz . Riding in stretch lemo’s , Drinking from long-stem crystal , munching caviar on weird shaped crackers , listening to familiar radio singers in live performance , gorging on fine cuts of lean meat , and dancing with soft sweet-smelling women .. He’s always been a Republican , just confused about what to call it…He was a Republican in Democrats clothes .

  He started to slip after spending a week on Prosperous Pete’s Plastic last fall , attending Saint’s games in sky-box seclusion , sipping on Maker’s Mark  Whiskey , spending off-nights at Harrah’s Casino , dinning in Fine coon-ass eateries .. He became a moderate … then after a night at Al’s Three-Bar Ranch , where Jerry Jeff sometimes plays on the patio , Dan decided he was tired of fighting it…. He was born to be Republican , regardless of Henry and Uncle Tony’s affiliation…there’s no use to deny it any more , Dan’s a freakin repub.

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 Ed’s gone to a BIG party tonight at Three-Bars Ranch , rubbing elbows with the socially elite of Ft.Worth-Dallas-Denton… It’s Jim’s birthday celebration starting tonight at the ranch house and ending tomorrow night at Daddy Sams…

  No one knows how Ed weaseled an in-vite , he must have pictures of Al kissing an incredibly ugly goat…

  Ed no longer has the stamina to stay that long .. He’ll be home in time for a lite-moochers breakfast in the morning… Flag-Pole biscuits and coffee around 7:30 a.m. to honor Memorial Day Moochers that attend in spirit only ..

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The Rumor is True!

The Bowie Golf Course is having an open house for anyone wanting to play a few rounds this weekend only.


The course will be open all three days this Memorial Day weekend.

Play 9 holes of golf from 8 till dark.


So, call some friends, bring your own cart, bring refreshments and play for FREE all three days.  

 We’re also wanting to show-off the course to prospective lease / buyers in hopes they may want to re-open our Bowie golf course in the near future. We’ll have a sign-in sheet for future members and information about the course.


Fellow Bowie Golfers 

Bowie  Golf  Course  Open  House


Stay and Play Golf In Bowie This  Weekend . 


Bowie Golf Course Memorial Day
Bowie Golf Course Memorial Day


Event Info

What:    Memorial Day Weekend

When:   May 28-30, 2011

Time:     8 A.M. till ? (each day) 

Where:   676 Country Club Road (off FM 1125)

Cost:     Absolutely FREE 

Contact Info: Doyle Seigler. 940-531-1835



There will  NOT  be rental carts or refreshments on site. Please bring your own.

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