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Fair Weather Support …

 Once again , like cousin Ed , Tom has demonstrated that political Kool-Aid is more viscus than blood …by e-mailing a picture of his party loyalties stamped conspicuously on his lapel sticker after casting his strait partisan ticket support for Democratic candidates ..



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Cinco De Mayo

 From the pen of a Montague County local living in the midst of California Libs……

Ca judge has upheld a School District Policy regarding wearing the American Flag on shirts during Cinco de Mayo…
We home school our kids …seeking guidance on whether it will be okay for my kids in the sanctity of our house if it will be illegal if worn??
Should I report my wife to the local law enforcement if worn?
there is another AB…assembly bill–regarding the same-sex bathrooms and sporting events…Robin can take volleyball practice with the girls and shower with them then play middle linebacker that night if he choses..it also allows no age discrimination…
a petition was signed by over 650 k people but the State Dem Controller discovered voter fraud on the conservative agenda…imagine that…over 130k were rejected…
Living here is like playing Notre Dame at Notre Dame…

  **** political correctness , disguised as school safety , trumps individual constitutional rights of freedom of expression on Cinco De Mayo .. NO offensive American Flag T-shirts on school grounds …

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Our Turn …..

 The opinion of federal Judge Orlando Garcia calls into question the constitutionality of State of Texas Constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage within our State ….

  One man’s opinion calls for lengthy appellate review of 25,000,000 Texans  decision to put this controversy to rest by amending our State Constitution ..

  Garcia , a University of Texas graduate , was appointed to the federal bench by President Bill Clinton in 1993 ..

  The current administration in Washington is bound and determined to leave a legacy of nation-wide acceptance of gay marriage , whether the citizens like it or not .. Clinton introduced DOMA , Obama struck it down ..

 Obama cherry-picks which part of the constitution he wants to use as a weapon against popular voters , or which part of the constitution he chooses to blatantly ignore in order to fit his personal agenda …and attempts to stack the Supreme Court in his favor by appointing Libs to fill any vacancy ..

  Texans may as well get ready … your vote means nothing … the votes of democratically elected State Congressmen mean nothing … Washington will decide who should be legally wed ..

  The future definition of marriage in Texas will be decided by nine appointed Judges in the Supreme court , thanks in part to Orlando Garcia and his superior opinion to challenge state’s rights of 25,000,000 Texans .

   I pronounce you husband and another husband …You may now kiss the other man and the loyally liberal lips of Judge Orlando Garcia ..

  and by the way …. Hillary supports same sex-marriage , but then again she’d support marrying a pig ( no reference to Bill ) if it meant gaining votes from the liberal democratic base …

 She was against it before she was for it …..

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Old Pals

securedownload  Obama & Chris Christi

 Obama and Chris Christi have been buds since long before Hurricane Sandy …they’re childhood pals !

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Soups Done …

 Yesterday a middle-aged lady from a neighboring town came in to the Food Bank for her monthly allotment of groceries .. ( Lady A )…a lady whom had recently accepted Christ as her Redeemer in the tiny cubical across from the courthouse …That decision greatly changed her life…

   Moments later another lady entered the door in the company of her male companion who had likewise come for his monthly allotment…we’ll call her lady B …  Lady B had never been to the food bank before ..

  Lady A and Lady B knew each other from some past circumstance … both girls exchanged pleasantries and hugged .. Lady B began telling how her life was a struggle to survive and how a mutual friend of both had recently burned to death in a house fire ..the inattentive guy continued to shop for his groceries …

  I saw this conversation as a means to interject something positive into the life of Lady B ….therefore , … I suggested she could change her downtrodden circumstance by trusting in  Jesus as Lady A had done some months ago …

   Lady A jumped at the chance to give testimony… She explained how much her life had changed since finding Christ… She now has a job ..she now has a car … her daughter has a job and is helping with monthly bills..this is possibly her last time to seek assistance at Christ Can….life is much better !

  Carolyn suggested that the love of Christ had provided the groceries she was now here to receive …Lady B responded she was not there except for her boyfriend and Christ had nothing to do with it ..

   I then enlightened her … The love of Christ was what inspired Carolyn and I to start this mission three years ago .. If not for His love inside us , we’d both be home watching t.v. and she would be wondering where the next meal would come from …

  Lady B muttered something under her breath about the past eight years… she then said loud and clear in agitated tone .. ” I’m feeling sick , I gotta get outa here “..

   she left abruptly …while the guy continued his grocery mission as though nothing had ever been said ..he finished the paperwork and uttered Thanks as he left , leaving the rest to wonder the real reason behind what had just happened ?

  Every day is a day filled with mystery and intrigue at the Bean Kitchen …like the guys at Pawn Stars , “You never know what’s coming through that door “.. or how Christ will arrange the day for His benefit .

  It’s all good … Lady B , despite her disdain for spiritual truth , has something to fill her stomach while she ponders the good fortune of Lady A …

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 When Democratic Congressman John Dingell first took the oath of office in 1955 , Dwight Eisenhower was President …59 years he served as U.S. Congressman … he has had his feet in the government trough longer than any Congressman in American history ..

  Now at the tender age of 88 he’s decided to step down …. encouraging his wife to run for his vacated seat ..

  I think it would be extremely interesting to know the total amount of government wages he’s drawn since 1955..

  Some would say he’s dedicated his life to public service …sceptics like me would say he rode the government horse completely into the ground ..then spurred the carcus into shreds .

  His 29 terms is the perfect example why I support limiting terms … 59 years in the same office is not a career , it’s a life time on the public dole ..

  John was first appointed to complete the unfinished term of his deceased Father .. From the cradle to the grave for John Dingell and now he wants his wife to run for the office … Enough Dingells already !

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