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 In arms of the Oak , God lives here today.

 His will gives them life . His breath makes them sway.


 Derived by His voice , from nothing they sprang .

 Through soft gentle grass… to hear Robins sing.


 Above weaker shrubs forever they stand ,

 A portrait of strength… The work of His hands.


But man took this tree….Constructed a cross.

Where Christ gave His life… His blood paid our cost.


Like acorns that fell as man hewed the tree.

Christ lives again through you and through me.

                                                                                              Shortfellow 2014


* dedicated to the memory of my sweet Christian Mother who directed me towards the truth ….





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 I’ll not live my life in vain ,

 Living in drought while waiting for rain.

I know a place where fountains flow ,

It’s not that far , I think I’ll go.


I know a place where meadows grow ,

 Where peace resides and starlights glow.

 A place with pearls on golden gates ,

 Where love and joy and Jesus waits.


 I know a place where choirs rejoice ,

 Where harps resound with tender voice.

 Where truth abounds page after page ,

  Where Gospels ring throughout the age.


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 I know RW is an avid sports fan and a fan of classic bands from the sixties and seventies , therefore I’m seeking his professional opinion on Steven Tyler’s rendition of the National Anthem at the Patriots AFC championship game..

  Did it stink as bad as I imagined .. or am I just tone-deaf ? This guy draws big money for judging the talent of others on American Idol , yet in my opinion , can’t carry a tune in a burlap sack !

  I’ll concede to what ever decision RW brings forth , but I think I know cat-squalling when I hear it ! …..Aerosmith must have had his mic turned off for years !

  I put Steven Tyler’s performance in the same box with that other man , Rosie O’Donnell …

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forever my friend

               I’ve got a close friend ,

                All limits transcend..

               No valley too deep

                No mountain too steep.


               He stands in the light ,

               Guides me through the night.

                A port in the storm ,

                 Shields me from all harm.


                 He hears muffled cries ,

                 Dries tears from my eyes.

                 Stands firm in the gap.

                 Disarms Satan’s traps.


                 Turns weakness to strength ,

                 Defends me at length.

                 Builds faith out of fear ,

                 When demons draw near.


                 His word makes me strong,

                 When life goes all wrong .

                 Gives me reason to live ,

                  When life won’t forgive.


                 He’ll never forsake me ,

                 Or let sin overtake me.

                 All limits transcend.

                  Yes , Christ is my friend …


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This talent God gave you ,

Will you use it for Him ?

Will you stay where it’s safe ,

Or go out on the limb ?


Will you rest on the surface ,

Or will you take root.

Remain ever dormant ,

Or live bearing fruit .


Will you enter His presence ,

Will you stand at the gate ?

Your life is now fleeting ,

So why would you wait ?


Whatever your skill ,

Give it always your best .

Give praises to Him .

Your life will be blessed.


You can overcome weakness ,

You can overcome doubt .

But not without mercy ,

So don’t leave God out !


                                                          shortfellow o5



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Sometimes in life ,

Dark clouds hide the light .

Cloud bottoms are black,

While their tops are snow white .


The light is still up there ,

Not at all as it seems .

The mere presence of clouds

Have divereted light’s beams.


The view that we have ,

As seen with our eyes ,

Is not the true picture

Of earth or of skies .


Remember His presence ,

His power , His will .

The winds will obey,

When He tells them ” be still “

                                         shortfellow 05

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   Have you ever seen a rainbow , with it’s shades of blue and green ,

And stood in awesome wonder as you gazed upon the scene ?

Then you’ve only seen a portion of the beauty in the skies.

Just wait til you see Heaven , you won’t believe your eyes.


Have you seen a golden sunset at the closing of the day ?

Have you pondered on it’s beauty as you thought of what to say ,

To describe the flawless colors that are painted on the skies ?

Just wait til you see Heaven , you won’t believe your eyes !


Have you ever seen the flowers as they blossom in the spring ?

And attended nature’s beauty as the robin starts to sing ?

Have you seen a soaring eagle ? Have you wondered how it flies ?

Just wait til you see Heaven , you won’t believe your eyes !


All the beauty in God’s Heaven , human minds can’t comprehend.

So be waiting for that moment when our Savior will descend ,

When our earthly life is over and the dead in Christ shall rise.

Just wait til you see Heaven , you won’t believe your eyes…..

                                                          Shortfellow… o6


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