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Pulled pork prickster….

   It was a great day to be a member of Jean’s Bible Class… Tommy’s studious presentation of a single verse in the book of John was preceded by the vocal group of Al , Christie , and Dee… Those feminine song-birds do a spectacular job of blanketing Al’s audible assertions .

   Seriously , Al does a fine job of picking and singing….. but the soft feminine cords of sweeter voices and guitar accompaniment compliment his talented effort…. your welcome girls!

  Following that … The annual bar-b-que feed at the Carpenter shop… Planners prepared food for an expected attendance of eight-hundred… started feeding at eleven o’clock …We ran out of most entre’s about one thirty.. I’m still not sure if we fed 800 or 600 that ate like eight , but it was a virtual tsunami of appreciative bar-b-que lovers.

  Ed ate like an English Sparrow and worked like a sharecroppers mule …. he pestered and pricked all eight hundred through the chow-line… hardly used the same insult twice… he rattled the Baptist  ( No fried chicken ) and Church of Christ ( no dinner music )… he insulted the Methodist.. ( watered down Catholics ) and Baptista senoritas.. ( you likey freholee’s )?

 Preachers and politicians alike got Ed’s abuse as condiment sauce on whatever their selection… if they deferred pulled pork , he ask… what’s wrong ,  you Muslim ?… then he told em’all  ” get bread at the end of the line “…  keep it moving !

  The limits of verbal abuse people willingly withstand for free bar-b-que  remains a mystery … Ed tested’ em today… only a few well endowed ladies escaped his wrath  ( some tall lady named Emmerson )… more than a few came back for seconds…..Including the lovely Miss Emmerson…


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  Well , not real old-fashioned… our trailer load of square-baled coastal hay will be pulled with a hot-water six chevy rather than a farmall draw-bar or team of matched spotted mules… bales covered with costume clad  seniors and juveniles… trekking down Noble road at a snail’s pace ….in search of renegade goblins and snipes .

   Rumors reflect insinuations of spooks and hanks inhabiting the tall shenry along Noble road…we’ll hunt them down and drive stakes through their evil hearts… chunk’em with over-ripe horse apples… hold them at bay with cloves of stanky garlic….send them packin’ back to the source of their evil plot… ( Tommy O’neal’s mansion by the lake )..we’ll show those boogers and spooks.

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Give a Gift of love….

   Once again it’s time for this blog-site and its Christian readers to perform the most righteous function any human could ever perform…  Earnest prayers on behalf of a community friend…The family of Fred Castle has requested prayers for his miraculous healing…

    Fred spent his adult life in service to folks of this county , now he needs help from us… He was involved in a horrendous car-truck accident while transporting a prisoner from the metro-plex back to Montague county.. practically every bone in his seventy year old body is broken… It’s only by God’s will that he survived the impact…. now the loved ones are seeking your help in petitioning the throne of God’s grace …

   Without God’s divine intervention and prayers from concerned friends and neighbors , things look bleak for Fred….. But our God of love and compassion specializes in rectifying bleak situations…  offer a prayer on Fred Castle’s behalf .. he needs a miracle…today.!

   repeat this short but heartfelt prayer with me…..

 Father in Heaven… forgive me of all by past sins through Jesus Christ , that I might be found worthy through the blood of your perfect Son , to approach the God of all creation… in request on Fred Castles behalf… God , I ask you to give strength and healing to Fred.. give knowledge and wisdom to all his doctors….give patience and purpose to all his loving nurses….give effective response to all his medication and corrective procedures … give understanding , strength , and hope to all those who care so deeply for his recovery … let the purveyor of any disheartening news be a false prophet …bless all who call on your throne in the name above all names… Bless Fred and his family as only the true living God can.. Bless his speedy recovery , in Jesus name…  all Glory and praise to our Savior…amen…

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now you know….

  Americans  ( including me ) need to familiarise ourselves with the highest court in the land , the supreme court …for they make decisions that directly influence the lives of all living within our nation… There are nine members including Chief Justice Roberts appointed by past or current Presidents for confirmation by the Senate .. There are four Liberal appointments , four Conservatives , and one Moderate currently serving on the bench . Five of which were appointed by Republican Presidents , four by Democratic Presidents… all confirmed after debate and varying margins of approval by the Senate.

  The annual salary for Justice’s approach  $212,ooo.oo , Chief Justice around $220,000.00 . They are appointed for life , excluded only by death , voluntary retirement , or expulsion. There is currently three women and six men , including one African-American male and one Latino female serving on the court.. There is three Jews and six Catholics presently serving…   Seven Justices from the East coast ,  two from the West coast …. none from the heartland …..There is currently no legal means to eliminate any permanently incapacitated member from the court.

    Familiarize yourself with their names and political voting history…. They are indirectly a product of our Presidential voting choices .

     Chief Justice… John Roberts….conservative record

     Antonio Scalia…conservative

     Clarence Thomas…conservative

     Samuel Alito….conservative

     Anthony Kennedy….moderate…. subject to vote either way

     Stephen Breyer….liberal

     Ruth Ginsburg….. liberal

     Sonia Sotomayor……liberal

     Elena Kagan……. liberal

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 How’s this for a Halloween Party ?  … Caden stole the show…. Brasher stole two heads of lettuce.  …..Hanna Montana sent the forensic evidence.

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   ” My Bank ” had a blow-out party at the Prime-Cut Thursday night….on bail-out money and service charges on past-due accounts. The only one I recognize is More-Money Miller and his young seductive wife…  No… wait… that Mater Dei  serving the cheap Mogan David… He looks familiar too ! …. Could it possibly be that “B” on his cap stands for BIG Bank… or Brett ?

     Seems strange that Hoot would be serving a room full of defectors from the BIG Bank ..at a MY Bank party… some  have bounced back and forth more times than the Que-ball at Blacky Strattons..

  Obviously Tom has lowered his sickle on hiring practice standards.. taking on a destitute banker as waiter at a bankers formal banquet…

    Couldn’t help but notice… that canopy in the back-ground looks vacant … It once was the proud station for an unlimited fresh-vegetable salad-bar….  mushrooms and porter tomato’s …..no more…

   What the Hell ?….. is that a turkey roostin’ in the rafters ?…. four-star restaurant ?

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Bats and Ballots….

 The apex of baseballs 2010 season coincides with the political apex of Tuesdays mid-term elections. It’s almost more anxiety than the average patriotic baseball fan can withstand. Early voting exit polls and eighth inning relievers.. switching back and forth between the World-Series and congressional candidates propaganda debates. Subconsciously rooting for Republicans and Rangers , both of which are in the bottom of the ninth , two outs , and a full count.. It’s now or never !

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