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There seems to be more than a little controversy surrounding the questionable call in the final play of the game between Muenster and Munday..on Friday.

No replay’s in High School football.. no recourse for an instantaneous judgement call that makes or breaks the historic season for coaches and players…

However , in my humble opinion… Muenster got the shaft from a one-eyed referee…

That being said , I defer my opinion to that of a true NFL official with a history of making profound judgement calls at Doc’s Bar…

Alfonso !!! Was that a touch-down or NOT….the World awaits your Official decision..


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Trail of Tens & Twenties…

In lieu of a traditional day of turkey and dressing , Ben Dover spent Thanksgiving making restitution to the Indians at Winstar Casino…..unstuffing his wallet..while consuming vast quantities of complimentary Firewater…expressing his desire for future peace …of the action…2 %…..Ben No Makum Whompum with the Braves..



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Hotchkiss Tradition..

Breast Cancer Survivor, Claire Michelle Carter Hotchkiss , one of Nuther Brothers daughters, bringing the true spirit of Thanksgiving to Private Road 409…in 2016..

For examples of the Hotchkiss Family’s long-term faith…Google C.U.B….that’s “Church Under the Bridge” , ( http://cub-sa.org  )  downtown San Antonio Texas… Christ’s ministry for Lost and Homeless in the Alamo City..


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I’m eternally thankful that the Supreme Court nominations are beyond the Liberal reach of Barack Husain Obama…I’m thankful for Hillary’s righteous defeat.. I’m thankful for renewed hope in America’s future.. I’m thankful for answered prayers , especially thankful for feeling thankful on Thanksgiving..

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Safety Pin Squad…

Seen turning off Hwy.59  0nto Fenoglio Road Sunday Morning15027391_1469353133080425_4589615961496644721_n

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Tribute to Texas

Sack day for Bevo…..the grass is always greener somewhere down the road…


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Peer Pressure

I’m not really sure , but I think I was bullied back in 1955 …when long armed David Hughes whipped my proverbial arse before a gallery of juvenile spectators….out by the swings at MISD…

He hurt more than my feelings , he hurt my standings with 7th grade peers..as well as my nose and my left eye socket….He crushed my spirit along with a nasal passage, in one spectacular blow …His arms were longer than my legs !

As fate would have it , brother Garry rounded the corner of the building just as Hughes unleashed his mitigated furry… Nuther Brother stepped in for his own major adjustment very similar to the one I had just experienced…

As a consolation prize , Uncle Melvin dusted our drawers with exemplary haste and precision…

Maybe that’s why I took up smoking in Junior High…maybe that’s why I never grew beyond 5’4″…maybe that’s why I didn’t graduate college and become a Senator or Defense Attorney.  but probably not..

However , I do know that IS the reason I never got within arm-range of Hughes again , from that good day til this..

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