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Dear Abby…

 Obama has vowed to send no more than 50 special advisors to Syria and Iraq…. unlike Special Forces, titled ” Seal Team Six “, these soldiers are instructed to serve only in an advisory capacity..

  There mission is to instruct the Syrian rebels when to Duck…hense their identifying military nick-name ” Duck Dynasty “..

  Seems the reason for the rebels unsuccessful 4-year attempt to overthrow al Assad and now the Russian combat planes is simple…. they have no clue when to duck…

  Remember they are Arabs..gazing around the battlefield looking for virgins… Duck Dynasty is expected to exonerate Obama and his previous failures in the middle-east..

                                      signed…Mohammed in Mosul


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Tear Filled Tissues…..

 I cried like a baby when Boehner delivered his farewell speech…tears welled up just knowing Nancy was in the same room.. then as Boehner spoke his parting words,  I lost it… tears flowed uncontrollably like a faucet on Ben Dover’s water system..spewing indiscriminately into a discount roll of paper towels..

  Mere words could not console my partisan grief… I’m distraught..disfunctional…dis-illusioned… We’ve lost the most emotionally hair-triggered Speaker this side of the asylum..

  If his recent departure has influenced my “pursuit of happiness” in such a negative manner , just imagine how devastated ttoe must be…

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Shoot First and often….

 Jimmy Kemmel nailed it….

CNBC’s prize mediator , Hard-nose Harwood , should bear in mind Trump is admittedly packing heat on occasion..

  In unrelated news…. A drone reportedly took out two deeply offensive terrorist with a single strike…. Killing both an ISIS member and a Rapper with one shot…. ” Daily Double “

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What’s up with all the debate about who can use which restroom ? seriously….who wants a transition perv in the stall next to them ?     Lipstick and pantyhose does not a female make…

  And how in the name of human decency has the constitution been dragged into this LGBT absurdity ? If one has a constitutional right to pick a crapper , we all do .. So just take the door off the hinges and chunk it..

   Let’s be like the animals we have become , just squat in the street and keep walking…

 He / Shes have a right to live their life however they want…to a point.. That point has been reached already..

   They do NOT have a constitutional right to terrorize the opposite sex or impressionable youth..for the sake of their own warped perception of themselves..

  Public should not be Pubic…stop the confusion .

  There’s a certain level of privacy expected in the john …you can not change your sex like changing your drawers…. God made us what we are , and any who tinkers or tinkles with that is challenging His divine sovereignty..

  Listen up Pervs…God does not make mistakes…but mistakes are extremely common among men…quit looking outward…look inward…you’ll see what God has intended for you…

  Meanwhile… lock the stall..

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Hillary’s Henchmen…

  About mid-way through last night’s Republican debate , I heard a distant explosion originating south-east of the house…. like someone had reached the tipping point with Liberal mediators…

 Some undecided Libertarian near Forestburg had emptied his 12-gauge on his Japanese t.v. about the time John Harwood was showing his ass-pirations to be the smartest socialist in the house…

  Ted Cruz challenged the mediator’s brilliance , as did Trump and Chris Christy….exposing the collective goons for the political bias and liberal agenda of CNBC’s chosen staff..

 Their intention was to manufacture mayhem and partisan bickering among the candidates , but unintentionally prompted unison instead…..

  Harwood and his clowns failed in their blatant attempt to make the Repubs look like fools , but did an exemplary job of showing their own inferior intellect to all the world…

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Hope you like Nachos…


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 Words can NOT express the appreciation we have for the generous donations that have poured into Christ Can’s coffer in the month of October…boxes and bags filled with food , and  $3,150.00 from far and wide … Wichita Falls to El Paso…from Colorado and Denton …Nocona to Muenster to Forestburg to Bowie , thanks for the open checkbooks of Montague locals… Ask and ye shall receive !

  Thanks to each and every one of you …with your charitable help we can now skate thru Thanksgiving and Christmas right into the New Year….

  Know this …..you ARE an intricate part of Christ Can Food Bank and all the deserving relief distributed through the inconspicuous confines of the humble charity…

Because you cared enough to give , children will eat well …Mothers will be less stressed , and Fathers can experience true compassion…

  God Bless Each Giving Spirit , as only Christ Can …

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