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Hunters and Gatherers ..

  It’s that time of year again….time to clean all that freezer-burnt deer meat out of the deep freeze , in preparation for a new batch..

   Discard the investment from years past in order to do it again..

 The male species is a strange lot …spending hard-earned cash on rifles , ammo , lease pools , license , deer stands , doe urine , corn , feeders and camo clothes ……. in order to shoot the oldest toughest buck deer they can possibly find…

  Then the real sport of processing begins… there are slaughter fees , multiple trips to the slaughter facility , decisions on steaks or sausages , pot roasts or fillets…non of which will ever be eaten without some exotic marinade or season mix to mask the musk smell and taste.. ( wrap it with bacon )..and chunk it..

  Wonder why you seldom see ladies armed to the teeth , dressed in camouflage , sitting in 25 degree elements in a tree, banging the enamel off their teeth , waiting for a maybe-shot at the illusive Bambi…..?

 it’s called gray matter….they’ve done the math and exercised superior intelect..came to the conclusion that ground-beef is cheaper and more readily available…There’s a counter full of it at Armstrongs or Fischers…it’s fresh and palatable and family folks actually eat it.

  So go ahead guys , clean out the up-right… rid yourself of last-years buck by giving it to unsavory neighbors or Syrian immigrants …it’s time to be manly all over again ..

  Note to city slickers invading rural huning grounds :

 ( If it’s black and goes “Moo” or has a bell around it’s neck , save yourself a ton of embarrassment and approximately three grand in compensation , it’s probably a cow …hold your fire ! )


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Red , White , and Square…

Putin is at the U.N. in New York , pounding his chest and pledging his support for Bashar al Assad of Syria…under the guise of defeating ISIS.. Putin is trouble for America….his air-force is well equipped , his numerous war-ships in close proximity..his soldiers armed and ready for action.. But America has a secret weapon that Putin is totally unaware of…on loan from Germany.. Angela Merkle has opened her war chest and released the two deadliest defense weapons in Germany’s reserve….. never before used in international combat.. Similar to Seal Team Six….but more aggressive …more destructive in nature…more combative … some would even say unstable or dangerously explosive .. Scroll down for the first ever viewing of Muenster’s ” Square Team Two”

   Do Not Mix With Alcohol

20150928_172928 DAVE

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Backward Boy ..

 President Obama thinks anyone not supporting Gay-Marriage is behind the times… he seriously does…

 Admittedly I am so far behind I can’t even see the leading edge of progressive alternatives due to the curvature of the earth..

  I’m far enough back to believe the Bible is a literal writing , inspired by the Creator , and penned by divine intervention.. far superior to any politically correct thoughts or proposals conceived in the minds of liberal democrats , including the arrogant POTUS ..

  I’m backward , uneducated , naive …compared to the acceptance of perversion on the cutting edge of the sword…

  Good luck with all that Mr. President… not only at the Whitehouse , but especially at the White Throne ..


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Having Church …

 Not long after the moon first showed its face above the eastern tree-line last night , I positioned a folding chair in direct line of sight with the premiere feature of the anticipated show…

   Weather conditions were as though I had won a weatherman lottery…cool but not uncomfortable …slight breeze , but too weak for wind….clear contrasting skies…bright stars overhead…and errily quiet except for the distant hoot of a mutual observing owl…

  The moon took center stage without much fanfare …the dance progressed so slowly it was hardly noticeable at first , then the  shadowy subject finally crept into view..

  There I sat …just God , the moon of His creation , and me….mesmerized for a span of over two hours….watching earth’s shadow engulf the glowing globe…privileged to a spiritual spectacular created and choreographed solely for my benefit..or so it seemed to me..

  Carolyn had chosen her vantage point closer to the house for her prefered view…far enough away to avoid the irreverent smell of nicotine ..yet close enough for an occasional shout back and forth..

  There we were , watching a slow-motion movie written and produced by the Almighty God of the Universe… for free..

  My take-away was simply this…. God is magnificent in power , sovereign in spirit , and brilliant beyond our limited understanding… mysterious and capable…

Praise His most righteous Holy name.. He is worthy of worship.


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Transition Twins …..

These transgender girls are thinking malpractice … The Doctor asked about ” ears ?”…. the girls heard ” beers ” and said yeah….bring us two big ones !  LOL

11990648_10207507777561606_4971988938500306358_n WOW

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Sour Grapes….

Boehner is crying publicly , while Hillary cries in private about the unfair treatment she is subjected to by Republican politicians and right-wing media..

  Slick Willy has stepped up to the mic to defend his bride….her extraordinary performance and sacrifices for the sake of public service and national security are unprecedented.

  It’s partisan crucifixion ..deplorable exaggerations of her e-mail infractions…she has repeatedly admitted errors in judgement committed by others surrounding her ….the media has hounded their every move for years…

  My question is this…what makes Willy any more credible than his forked-tongued wife ? …where did she learn her tactics of lie and deny ? she studied under the master of deceit… the Doctor of deception…the author of the book …the teflon magician of mayhem.


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Righteous Reminder..

 Tonight marks the fourth and final ” Blood Moon ” of the 2014-2015 series of lunar events… a total lunar eclipse during the Super Moon sequence….the final Tetrad visible in North America.

  Regardless of religious status or your belief in Biblical significance, this event is expected to be spectacular…both in rarity and visual splendor…. coinciding with the season of Yom Kippur.

 You decide if it’s meer coincidence , or divine prophesy being fulfilled .. read Joel chapter 2 verses 30-31 KJV


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