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970472_627547263922434_1475416039_n MCCC     DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS AT HOME …the grand finale of MCCC’s fun-filled day is reserved for the young and the brave ..


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An apple a day …

 Another day , another doctor visit….Obama care is working ! Multiple tests that used to be completed in a single visit , now require multiple visits to complete the same task …One test per visit …multiple office calls , multiple co-pays .. multiple trips …I am single-handedly stimulating Wise County’s economy ..

   It’s spring again ….time for doctors to chemically treat their swimming pools and replace expensive batteries on their golf-carts …multiple office calls enable that to all get done without being late on a Lexus payment..

Return next week for a follow-up …the yard man needs a raise !

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Enough Said …

securedownload DREAM TEAM

    Dream Team Democrats …….

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 There’s been a lot of flap about the IRS targeting the applications of conservatives and christians seeking 501c3 or c4 tax exempt status ..

  Here’s some thoughts to ponder … I have recently obtained 501c3 status for the soup kitchen , but only after a year and a half struggle with additional questionnaires and professional mediators from Legal-Zoom ..

  The traditional $4oo.00 fee was elevated to $12oo.00 after seeking professional help in jumping through all the IRS hoops ….

   The name of our food bank does include the name ” Christ ” and the purposes for founding it were sighted as supplying both spiritual and physical food.

   On the blog , Some partisan critics even accuse me of being critical of Obama and his forked-tongue mouth-piece Eric Holder ..or Jabberin Jay the Press Secretary…or that other California Lib , Nancy Pelosi …or the Al brothers , Combs and Sharpton .. but actually for the sake of politically correct ratings I’ve curbed my real thoughts about most of the current administration …

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 Similar to the New Testament recordings of Mark chapter 6 , Herky Biffle will attempt to feed something less than 5,000 with two-hundred pounds of cat-fish and hush puppies .. at the Montague County Cowboy Church on June 9th at 11:30 a.m.

  Granted Herky’s performance will pale by comparison to the miracles of Christ , but for a ten-dollar pittance all interested disciples can indulge in a fish-eaters dream … Come join the festivities , gorge yourself on battered cat-fish , and assist the worthy calling of MCCC. … maybe even get a signed paper plate from the finest cat-fish fryer in the Lone Star State , Chef Brian Jones of Cooke County Select …!

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Garden Shower

Another inch and a half of blessed rain last night .. It’s just what the doctor ordered for continued prosperity in Tom’s corn-patch…Ed’s weed infested tomato patch…..and Jackie Nabours sprouted watermelon new-ground ..none of which are currently under fence ..easy pickins !

 Roastin Ears ….vine ripe tomatoes ….and ice-cold watermelon just in time for the 4th of July picnic this year … God is good !

  Life is extremely blessed in Montague county when the rain comes , and still better than most third-world counties even in a drought..

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966_468953999852533_593619872_n Turkey Tornado If you hold vast quantities of commercial property on the Main drag in Turkey Texas , as several Montague County residents do , this might be a good time to re-evaluate your holdings…

  Looks like the Lord has the Turkey Texas Landowner’s Association in the cross-hairs ..

  I think I can faintly see Tucker’s lawn chair swirling just beyond Alsups ..

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