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Charity ..? for whom



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WikiLeaks Revelation…

Intercepted e-mails have revealed many constant drips of information ….but none more surprising or more consequential than the latest exposure of  an undisclosed real estate deal involving Tommy O’Neal…

The long sought Jameson Property is under contract with the Clinton Foundation… 450 acres of prime pasture land with intersecting Salt Creek and scattered Oak timber, is the future home of one-hundred Syrian refugees..

The Clinton Foundation assures locals that the influx of Syrians will bring prosperity and stability to our local economy…the sprawling hillside where MISD students once played baseball , is the perfect overlook for a golden domed Mosque…

Their goal is to raise Free-Range chickens for market…tended by Syrian refugees …to be sold under government contract to area school districts for antibiotic free lunches…Refugee’s Best Eggs..

According to Tom …it’s a win-win situation…he finally closes on the Jameson deal..Syrians have a picturesque refugee camp…chickens gain their freedom to roost in Ed’s landscape trees..plus Ed has the added benefit of a totally organic alarm clock right outside his bedroom window….

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Longing for Home…

One final attempt to clear the mind of past experiences with Ed and his persistent requests for preferential treatment, while paving residential streets of Montague this summer , before returning to the tremendous tasks of maintaining roads of Precinct 3…

His jovial appearance only masks the unsurmountable duties awaiting him in Montague County …

Judging from the size of that red bobber , he’s expecting Moby Dick to take the bait…


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Possibly the most dedicated Designated Driver south of the Mighty Red River…filled to capacity with continuous draws of Dr. Pepper…on Tommy’s tab..

Kerry has logged thousands of miles in transit to Doc’s and back again…saving the Lush Dago’s from certain imprisonment on passage thru St.Jo and points west..


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Impromptu Trump Rally breaks out at Doc’s Bar… “Fenoglio’s For Trump”…send donations to Committee Treasurer , “Big Bills” Biffle….by way of Doc’s..


Campaign status listed as Fluid..


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Willy’s Workin…


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