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western movie

  ed has several old westerns he watches repeatedly.. like every time they come on cable… tuesday night then the same movie again on thursday night and next week as well.. he watches –open range– tombstone….or gunfight at o.k. corral– anything  john wayne or clint eastwood, richard boone or steve mc queen.. he’s watched them so many times his wife knows all the lines from memory…

   i asked him one time, you consider yourself a movie buff ?   he said heck yeah. !  that’s exactly what i am ! i watch movies in the buff all the time… just be careful with the hot buttered popcorn…

 that’s not really what i was asking … i may never be able to watch the duke again !!!


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earl’s auction

    saturday morning at nine o’clock all the material goods and earthly belonings of earl richardson will go on the block to the highest bidder..

    seems a sad way to end the life-long collection of a true gatherer.. he had more junk than the human mind can comprehend… buildings stacked to the ceiling joist with every thing from branding irons to butcher scales..

 he ran a garage for decades where he would take anything of value in trade for repairing an old car or farm tractor.. for those who were short on cash…

   earl was a church deacon, the fire marshal , water well repairman, towing service operator,model-T mechanic , song leader , a balin-wire welder ,windmill-repairman  and bicycle mechanic , who didn’t throw anything away…

  he was a modern-day robinhood , a big pillar in a small community , a widow womans friend ,a rock ,a mentor to adults and children alike, a water providor , a school-bus repairman and a fish-trappin son-of-a-gun…

   he was a volunteer fireman , a helping hand, a good neighbor, a true friend , the epitomy of a simple man who truly loved the life that God had given him.

  in case your wondering about my honest opinion of earl, he was unique to say the least, one of a kind, from a single mold , a great american and a great man…my modest hero…. all his stuff goes up for sale on saturday…. i’ll probably buy something ,just to say ( that belonged to my o’l friend earl richardson… he’s gone on to glory now, but this small part of him belongs to me )

    i know i’ll never forget him, and neither will any other man, woman, or child that needed a bicycle fixed, or could’nt pay their water bill ,or needed a valve-job on a flathead ford…earl was there , standing in the gap for any poor deserving soul that needed a little help from a generous man who expected absolutely nothing in return…

  he lives with God now…. but he’ll always,…..always… be the mayor of montague……

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obstinate ox

  ed’s farm chores often require the assistance of an additional worker… two-man job.

 when such a situation occurs he is not hesitant to call, always saying his ox is in the ditch.. requires help.. i’ve often told him he needs to find a more disciplined ox, one that is more reluctant to fall in a ditch… perhaps fence off the ditch.. thereby limiting access by lethargic oxen..

  his ox has spent so much time in the proverbial ditch that he has grown accustomed to the confines and actually enjoys the security and comfort of the ditch..

   prefers the ditch over open range… spends all his time leisurely grazing along the steep bluff,  even the slightest stumble results in a devastating dive into the ditch..

   i’ve suggested a trip to the sale-barn , trade for a more stable ox… even if he has to give some boot… get rid of the weak excuse for a real ox…… upgrade!  perhaps a yearling ox would be easier to pull from the quagmire in the bottom of the ditch…. get one with a long tail for pullin….maybe even a jumpin ox………..but he still calls, still says his ox is in a ditch… the stubborn ox !!!

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   according to the good book,  the final days will be like the days of noah… judging by the recent rainfall and the immediate forecast…….. i’m thinking  we may have only a couple of days left at best , before the Lord comes again..

    i don’t really know if noah experienced lower end root rot on his tomatoe crop just prior to setting sail , but we’ve sure got it here in montague county..and the rain just continues to come..

  the Lord gave us the rainbow as a promise that He would never again flood the entire earth, however He said nothing about sending salt-creek or the red-river over their banks..

   after all, it’s the end of june in the lone-star state… it’s supposed to be a hundred-plus and dryer than a aubrey thomas joke….perhaps it would be a perfect time to repent and start looking towards the eastern sky…..today could be the day !!

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   grandson, heath taylor, made his first minor-league start last night against the auborn double-days, farm club for toronto blue jays..

    he pitched three innings, faced 12 batters, threw 42 pitches(29 strikes-13 balls), gave up three hits and one earned run..  had two strike-outs ( one looking one swinging )  zero walks… 3.0 e.r.a….. great job for a farm boy facing last year’s league champions and the #1 draft pick for toronto on the opposing mound…..gotta love it..

     to check schedule, box scores etc…. click on mahoning valley scrappers  in blog-roll column on the right hand side of this page..


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    i’ll be among the first to admit that when i started reading the preacher’s blog i was more than a little apprehensive… he started out telling about paris and her escape from prison….

    then he said he couldn’t  help noticing that she forgot to put on her………………… 

   well’ i was already remembering something else she had forgot to put on once before. it made head-line news as i recall.. every newscast and tabloid in the universe showed a picture of her exiting an automobile…

    then i finished reading the preacher’s sentence.. he said…. seat-belt…. what a relief..! i thought the reverend had stumbled and fell there for a second.. but no, he was lookin at her seatbelt… how could i have ever doubted his integrity like that.. showed my character flaw , not his….

  i’m thinkin ed and chipper never picked up on the fact that she failed to buckle-up … preoccupied…

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bob’s bank

    ed and i need to secure another loan from brashear natl. bank in new port.. we’ve  expended the origional loan and the tomatoe crop we held as colateral on the loan…

    oilfield lease money and covered wagon sales have filled bob’s cob-web covered billfold to capacity..  he’s flush…..spending money like tommy o’neal.. buying new pickups and cadillacs for a second car… farming equiptment and race horses… antique saddles and art collections… he has mineral rites under half the county, thanks to a fat inheritance from this cow-trader dad.. he’s plowing a deep furrow… but i’ll give credit where credit is due… bob does help feed the underprivledged… just last sunday he gave ed and i money to buy tomatoes for sunday dinner.. they were a nice addition to our salami sandwiches while brashear was eating prime-rib.


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