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Meanwhile , just thirty-five miles to the west , Grumpy has dozens of orders to fill for New Years Eve celebrations…

  His distillery is perfectly disguised near Hereford , in plain view , with easy access for rail and airborne deliveries..

  He’s the kingpin that holds the hub…he’s Tickle’s nemesis..

  Though Moonshining is a dying enterprize and few are the craftsmen left with talent to assemble the maze of twisted copper tubing , not all corn goes to local deer-feeders and mills , some still goes to feeding the still… Extremely Happy New Year..




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High Drama Momma …

Can it possibly be true that the Dem’s are seriously considering Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife as their candidate ?

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Livers are Square….


 The Squares threw a humongous birthday celebration yesterday at Five at Five….in honor of Ben Dover’s date of birth…suddenly he’s an OU fan !  Boomer Sooner fits…

  Doc’s tables were graced with generous helpings of award-winning pickles and the seldom shared German delicacy …”Liver Sausage…”

  Ed re-gifted his to Alfonso….

 Note of caution to Moocher’s breakfast clientel…you may be served a bait of liver sausage at Ed’s earliest convenience..He don’t even want liver in his freezer..(cross contamination )..if it smells like blood-bait it’s meant for fishing…not Italian consumption..

  I’d think liver-sausage would be the perfect compliment to Tom’s “dead-ass last pickles”…


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New Years Restitution..

 I’m carefully considering what I may want to give up in 2015…nothing really comes to mind , except possibly giving up the tradition of giving up some bad habit in the coming year…

 The reason I have so many bad habits is because I enjoy them …they’ve become second nature….involuntary quirks that comprise my personality..

  I’ve got this habit of hitting the remote every time Obama or a Geico commercial comes on the tube…I think I’ll keep that one for sanity’s sake..

  I’ve got a habit of coffee and cigarettes first thing every morning…..chisled in stone.


  I like gravy on my chicken-fried steak..or on my mashed potatoes..or biscuits…nothing changing there…

  I’ll eat ice cream right outta the carton…eat peanut butter straight from the jar….when Carolyn’s gone to town…I know it’s wicked..can’t help myself..not likely to change..

  The truth of the matter is…. I’m set in my ways…a self-proclaimed anvil head… come hell or high water there’ll be no resolution without revolution or restitution…

 I am what I am..and I like it that way..

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Calf Rope…..

 If Fox and Dish don’t settle their contract dispute pretty soon , I’m going back to the Dallas Morning News….

 CNN ( consider nothing new ) is driving me insane with their minute by minute coverage of the downed Asian airline..

  They’ve interviewed every person that ever rode in an airplane , describing them as experts…for days…..24-7 analysis of every remote possibility from altitude to weather to pilot tenure or experience..

  Maybe the pilot had tunnel vision like the repetitive anchors at CNN.  Enough already….there’s nothing left to discuss..

   They’ll soon be interviewing every land-lover that ever saw a plane fly by…including Brady O’Neal…

  Pay the ransome…

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 I saw Commissioner Murphy’s top maintainer hand,  Zeek Bowls , at Bible Class today…I said, Zeek how’d your Christmas go ?…

  He was quick to recount.. “I saw the most beautiful Christmas lights of the season last night…they wuz tail-lights on the kinfolks cars pulling out of my driveway “….

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Haters …..

 Mickey Spagnola says Romo is the greatest quarterback in the NFL…Tom say’s he’s the best in modern football history..

   I’m saying if I had his offensive line , and receivers like Des Bryant , Jason Whitton , Beasley and that other guy…and a good pair of elevator shoes , I could be ranked in a league with Drew Brees and RG3….

  Football is a mental game… who do you know more mental than me ?….. I rest my case..


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