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Making more sense ?

 It just occurred to me ….. It’s O.K. , according to the Koran , to deceive and lie repeatedly to the infidels provided it’s for the common good of Islam ..

  Thru that prism the explanation becomes conceivable ..


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Secular Slide …

   Historically the U.S. Air Force has deserved much admiration for their defense of American tradition , so naturally I was disappointed to learn the U.S. Air Force Academy has bowed to political correctness by declaring the phrase ” So Help Me God ” as optional in their traditional oath of service ..

  It seems that the God of our forefathers is being incrementally removed from all factions of American life … but in actuality , belief in God has always been optional.. ..for men and nations.

  Christ himself never forced anyone to worship him ..unlike our Moooslum friends , worshiping the God of Abraham is a matter of free-will ..

  While I’m deeply saddened by America’s growing refusal to acknowledge our Savior as Lord , salvation is optional even for members of the U.S. Air Force Academy……

  Babylon chose to deny …Persia chose to deny…  Mussolini and Hitler both chose to deny …. the Greek Empire chose to deny…the Mighty Roman Empire chose to deny … and now America is following their standard of denial ……So Help Me God !

  Churchill once said … those who fail to learn from history , are doomed to repeat it ..

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Shortman on Halloween …

 Much has been said or written about Halloween … and Christians participating in what originated as a Celtic tribute to gods of death and evil …

   I  add my thoughts to that collection of differing opinions….

  If atheists can not attain eternal life by singing baritone in a door-to-door Christmas Choir , then I’m hesitant to believe a Christian can lose his salvation by taking the kids door-to-door in search of culinary treats on Halloween ..

  The purpose or intent of each individual spirit determines whether Halloween is evil or harmless in the sight of an all-knowing God..

  If you dress your impressionable kids in blood-soaked costumes depicting evil , or sacrifice animals to Wiccan gods on a makeshift alter in the back yard ,or hide sharp objects in fruit or pastries distributed to innocent children , then I find your intentions to be evil ..

 on the other hand, if you dress your kid as Woody Woodpecker, with no thoughts of evil or manufactured gods , and joyously distribute Bite Size Snickers to festive kids at the front door ,  I doubt the God of Abraham will be offended by your family fun on the same day the Wiccan’s delegate to worship false gods..

  Any day can be a celebration of evil intent….. or a day of festive fun with the family …. the state of the heart determines the outcome..

  Happy Halloween …keep it righteous ..

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Fame and Fortune ..

 What a great day for Red Sox fans , and Montague Counties family of Brandon Workman …and his Bowie High School Coach Kelly Shackelford.

   Workman holds Bowie’s unique distinction of pitching for the winning team in multiple World Series Games on the world-wide stage.

  KFDX Channel 3 will broadcast a summation of his trip to MLB and the winning Red Sox bull-pen on their Evening News Broadcast tonight ..

  Little known facts of baseball trivia : ……Coach Shackelford , one time coach of the 2013 World Series winning team relief pitcher Brandon Workman , lived in Granny’s rent-house in Montague throughout 2012 …

  She’s applied for Historical Marker status and doubling the rent on the now famous residence … sorry Pam !

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Word to the Wise

  Anyone mulling the prospect of “Stacking ” the bean kitchen tonight , male or female , Democrat or Republican , should first consider the probability of an armed guard waiting patiently inside.. My twelve gauge two-row may be old but it surely aint slow.. I’ve got a salty “treat” for the tricksters.

   Since losing the trigger-guard on Big O’s guided dove-hunt several years back , ol’smokey is prone to discharge from a strong gust of wind or when provoked by unexpected movement in the shadows ..

    If you hear a huge blast from the porch , don’t think I’ve missed …. I’m gaining knowledge of windage and elevation…the next blast’s gonna powder your cheeks …

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th  Cat-Tail SOUP

  Becky Holland was up half the night stirring her caldron of Cat Tail Soup for today’s luncheon at the Methodist Church …

  Being of observant nature , I couldn’t help but notice the low head-count of alley-cats on David’s front porch this morning … I’d say she’s cooking a huge pot of her trademark specialty for the unsuspecting patrons at the church..

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 For as far back as I can recall , women have sought equality in government employment …thereby raising their standard of living to the equivalent of their male counterpart ..

  I’m of the opinion the fairer sex has now achieved that righteous goal ..Presidential appointments for females are now common place.. Women in Congress are now typical of the pendulum swing ..

  Kathleen Sibelius is as non-trustworthy as any career politician ..Susan Rice is as dishonest as any man .. Lois Lerner can dodge truth with the best of any deceptive males.. Hillary has mastered the art of political skullduggery..

  Women have proved beyond all doubt , they can indeed stoop to the despicable level of their male counterparts in government..

Equality has been achieved ….  no longer can one assume a female politician is honest and trustworthy.. Women have lowered themselves to the standard set forth for men ..





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