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Sure Nocona has done vast improvements to their down-town Clay Street , but hey …the progressive City of Bowie added angle parking back in the twenties..

11033074_973073636058099_5915216802745300309_n Bowie


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Merciless Mother…

Twenty one year old Ohio college student , Emile Weaver , was tried and convicted of killing her new-born baby girl…born in a Sorority House restroom… a jury of her peers found her guilty of aggravated murder…The Judge sentenced her to Life without the possibility of parole…

Yet had she been in a Planned Parenthood Clinic at the time , the same gruesome act could have been accomplished quiet legally, with government sanctions…as her Constitutional right…in the name of Healthcare..

How screwed-up is this murderous trend ?…God forgive the infidels …they know not what they do….

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Pre-War Pickup..

The last year Ford continued full-scale production prior to WWII , was 1941…before turning their skills of vehicle production to implements of war…. domestic production was not resumed until 1946…

My partiality for 1941 Fords is based somewhat on that trivia, but primarily because I’ve owned one for 35 years..no that’s not it….

13434906_1842246306008512_3286788540407114806_n 1941 was a good year for Ford..

Here’s mine…

1505271_502250473221771_1014338748_n .....41 FORD

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Miracle Grow…

Ever notice how stationary plants such as small trees or flowers , or even weeds , gravitate toward maximum available light when shadowed by more mature plants overhead..?

Sunflowers are so named for their willingness to always face the sun..

Why should ambulatory creation be any less wise and purposeful in our quest for growth . Why does man not equally shape their stance towards goodness and light ?

But for the sins of Adam , we would all face the only source of truth and light.. instead we struggle in the shadows , unwilling to seek eternal light , determined to show our personal strength , but all in vain ..

What better day than Monday , to bend in willingness to light…allow our stubbornness to flex…turn our faces towards the source….growth and fruitfulness will inevitably follow..

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Bloggin is slow because life is in overdrive…full speed ahead around a blind hair-pin curve… clicking along the guard rail.. full power slide…clinging to the hope of a straight-away just beyond the next bend…but fully aware that I control nothing in this race of life.


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Softball Size..

No culls here…No bottom rot…no splits ..no sun blisters…no blemishes,  on Henley’s homegrown tomatoes…only #1’s…

Unlike amateur gardeners such as W.W. and Tommy O’Neal or Zeke Bowles , Henley uses only Gro-Pro products on his enviable plants….and a premiere sales-lady to boot…


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Italians are weakening their stance against German Sausage..  at least the Fenoglio portion of the ethnic clan…

In protest against fennel and garlic , local clansmen moved the Square sausage to the head of the chow line…at their annual reunion, today..

Coincidence ?… or popular demand ?…..only the Priest will know for sure…following weekly confessions of ttoe…

20160626_122232 sausage


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