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Proof enough….

 I paid a visit to my computer-tech guy late yesterday for diagnosis on a particular game-camera issue. He had me up and running in a matter of minutes , then the conversation turned to his latest experimental endeavor.

  His interest in prohibition days sparked an internet inquiry on the proper techniques used to distill corn liquor. Then a co-conspirator from eastern Clay County brought him a book on the details of constructing a make-shift whiskey still.

 He was off to the races… He’s a guy that built his own black-powder cannon a few years back , and launched a golf ball into the stratosphere directly over Lawton Oklahoma .He can build anything from nothing , you know the type !

  He did successfully make several pints of liquid naphtha from Willy’s ethanol corn and bottled it in pint mason jars… Nothing do him , but I should sample his brew !

  My Baptist momma didn’t raise no fool .. I asked for a tea-spoon , he brought a table-spoon thinking I wouldn’t know the difference !  I cautiously took a quarter spoon full after smelling the mason-lid. HOLY jumping Toledo !

  That home-spun NyQuil set my whole cauterised esophagus ablaze … White Lightning !… I have no idea what proof that liquified hair-remover actually is , but I’d conservatively estimate somewhere around 250..

  If I had tape-worms before the visit , I’m now completely cured ?  If I had stomach cancer , that’s undoubtedly gone too … the common cold is defenseless against the radio-active colorless ingredients of moon-shine whiskey … I was instantly and permanently Healed ! Cross-Bones Corn Liquor .. miracle stuff .


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  Beemer leased a parcel of land for the seasonal deer hunt..Instinctively he purchased a quantity of corn to entice additional deer traffic before opening day.. after pouring the corn in strategic locations , he retired for awaited discovery by numerous bucks as promised by the anxious leasee !

  Upon return the next day , he discovered a multitude of tracks surrounding his over-turned feeder.. we’re talking large tracks … from Ed’s ravenous cows !

  Now there’s threat of litigation .. Is Ed responsible for damages inflicted by his starving cows ? Should the leasor absorb the cost on a half-ton of deer-corn turned cow-feed ?  A jury of deer hunting peers will eventually decide .. but I’m thinking Beemer will prevail .. Ed’s rogue herd knew their owner would never purchase whole kernel washed corn @ $12.oo a sack..

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Municipal Metamorphosis


     If you have not recently traveled the historic ribbon of asphalt that parallels the Red River’s journey across North Central Texas , you may be unaware of the rebirth of community pride and architectural renovation that dominates Highway 82 in Nocona.

   A newfound sence of enthusiasm and purpose is reshaping the historic structures bordering the hand-layed bricks of Clay Street on its path northward towards the Red River Valley.

  The varsity team of James Yohee , Dan Fenoglio , and Pete Horton are major players in the revitalization of Nocona’s historical business district.  Dan and Pete are both local products while the imported talent of James Yohee serves as the Economic Development Officer for the futuristic plans of structural integrity and renovation.

  Nocona’s legacy lies not only in the past insight of the world-famous Justin Boot family and their development of the industry standard for western style footwear , or in the historic American made products of Nocona Leather Goods, or in the proud spirit that formed this century old community from hostile frontier Indian Territory.

   Nocona’s best days lie in the future, in the manifested architectural achievements and dreams of downtown merchants under the aggressive leadership of Mayor Robert Fenoglio and City Manager Lynn Henley.

  Centrally located within an hour’s scenic drive from Dallas/Fort Worth or Wichita Falls, Nocona is poised to be the next tourist destination for fun-loving Texans in their quest to explore a week-end of traditional Texas music and big city cuisine. Nestled midway between the Indian casinos of Interstate 35 and Interstate 44, Nocona is destined to rival the Ft. Worth Stockyards or Fredericksburg for historic adventure and entertainment.

   Several building renovations have already been completed while several more are under immediate construction. Daddy Sam’s Saloon was the first to receive Dan’s architectural reconstruction ..It’s now host to numerous private and corporate gatherings including promotional photo shoots for name-brand western apparel, masonic celebrations , Dallas restaurant conventions , private parties and many more noteworthy visitors.

  Next the kindled flames of renovation spread south to the neighboring structure. Transforming the skeletal remains of previously owned commercial bricks and mortar into a compatible neighbor for Daddy Sam’s Saloon, aptly entitled Gertie’s Dance Hall.  Gertie’s place is home to the monthly assembly of musical enthusiasts known as ” Nocona Nights “, managed by the guitar picking school superintendent from Prairie Valley, W.R. Tucker.  Area bands from the Fort Worth Stockyards often provide traditional Texas music within the western atmosphere of Gertie’s Dance Hall.

   The Honorable Mayor Robert Fenoglio likewise joined the frenzie of restoration by converting a former nursing home into a modern motel and r.v. park under the licensed trademark ” The Veranda “.

  Other local merchants have joined forces to change the appearance of down-town Nocona as well.. Those ambiance improvements include the recent birth of  ” Times Forgotten” steakhouse from the imagination of Harold Reynolds.  Tyler Thomas’s renovation of the ” Edward Jones ” office building , Rusty and Carolyn Fenoglio’s remake of their New Orleans style Drug Store , and Jimmy Tompkins surgical conversion from Stone’s Mens-wear to a theatre also breathes new life into the aging  inter-city buildings..

  Last but certainly not least is the monumental undertaking of Pete and Barbra Horton , owners and operators of PEBA Oil and Gas.. They are in midstream reconstruction of the entire west side of upper Clay St.  A complete and detailed series of buildings featuring New Orleans style architecture.

   The Nocona natives are constructing a new corporate empire within the patina covered walls of past enterprises. Amid massive ornate beams , archways , cathedral ceilings and hidden passages.

  A few steps east from the corporate complex , the detailed duplication of a fifties era Texaco Service Station is being assembled inside another historic building on Elm street , for a partial display of Pete and Barbra’s classic car collection.

  Nocona is also the proud home of the recently completed Tales N’ Trails Museum on hwy 82 . A totally new facility featuring a vast collection of area artifacts , historic pictures and documents , plus a state of the art video room for viewing locally produced mini-movies about Nocona’s contribution to growth and prosperity in the Lone Star State.

   Be careful when walking the scenic sidewalks of down town Nocona, you could easily trip over exposed enthusiasm and plunge headlong into a state of excitement and unified purpose.

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Bait the trap …

 After two years of weather exposure , a fresh battery and copious shots of WD-40 got the trusty deer-feeder slinging corn like Ed after a six-pack.. lubrication required for adequate spin in both situations …

  Bambi may as well come out with his hands-up , #1 has cheese in the trap , he’s lethal if not yet legal…Billy Buck is going down ! The 2506 is zeroed to a dime at a hundred yards . Head-Shot !

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 Capitalistic breakfast , formerly known as Moochers Breakfast , will be purchased at the Ultimate Store this morning at eight chimes from granny’s koo-koo .. No checks accepted , no pay you later …It’s pay to play at the capitalist’s breakfast. 

   That’s change instigated by one of only two Obama supporters in Montague , and its nearly as popular as the Mooslum In Chief . The second one owns the store where we eat .. Democrat deal !

  I’m reluctant to even attend , knowing Ed will make a big-deal of my unfortunate Ranger bet . He’s already claimed a bad cell-phone connection prevented me from hearing the original bet was actually for fifty rather than five..

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Not long after the evening sun began to set across the fruited plains of north Texas , it likewise began to set on the Rangers hope for a National title. Thankfully my intuition and need for restful sleep overcame my timid hope for victory in game 7.. I missed the second straight night of inferior performance from a spectacular group of Texas Rangers.

  What’s that the loosers always say ?….oh yeah , wait til next year !

   News flash: I’m tired of waiting… Rangers should have won the series( twice ) in game six..

   Close counts in horseshoes and hand-grenades , not so much in baseball !

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It’s that time of year… when grown men spend two months salary in quest of the antlered goat , then spend another two weeks wages after the kill , trying to make it eatable.

  You know all the standard expenses , license , lease , latest weaponry , etc.. then the fanatical have the added expense of camouflage facial paint , doe urine , and all the unorthodox dramatic tactics that give them the supposed advantage over Bambi.

  They’ll spend hours in a freezing make-shift configuration of sheet-iron and plywood , waiting for a fleeting shot at the equivalent of your neighbors goat …. its adventurous if not remotely practical ..its November and time for men to revert to hunter-gatherer !

  It’s like searching for the right girl to take to the prom , the chase is always far more entertaining than the catch ..

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