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There’s a lot of stir about the zoo Gorilla being killed in order to save a four-year-old boy from possible harm or death …really ?

Peta supporters have their panties in a wad from the rapid response by authorities….the endangered species lost a valuable sire ?  What about the endangered human lad ?

Should they have formed a committee to discuss all possible options , while the massive gorilla drug the kid around the cage ?…  even if it were your kid ?

Authorities response was quick , effective , and neccessary…to preserve the most valuable life within the cage… No one was anxious to kill an endangered species ..but thankfully , common sense prevailed.. Great job !


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Short List

I’m perfectly aware why I’ve never received an invitation to the White House…

I don’t play basketball …I’m 5 feet 4 inches tall…I’m not Islamic , nor Hispanic , nor African American….I’m not considered a Progressive insider, nor have I ever contributed to the DNC…or Obama’s Super-pac .. I don’t support Global Warming or Planned Parenthood…and lastly I’m not homosexual or transgender or any of the other self-proclaimed and highly favored member of progressive perversions..

Quiet the contrary…. I’m a Caucasian male , a born again Christian Conservative , vote Republican most of the time, and a much loathed veteran of the Viet Nam era …. I oppose open borders and gun control…

in Democrat eyes I’m a common insignificant heterosexual bigot who thinks America is the unapologetic greatest nation on Earth..

and frankly , I’m fine with all of that !

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Ominous reports are pouring in…. of a potentially dangerous Tsunami approaching Henley’s lake cabin…

Little Eddie , in his mortgaged yacht , is trying to get Herky up on a slalom ski.. wakes of four feet in height have been reported across Lake Nocona..

Small children have been washed ashore…boat-docks receiving minor damage…and Bub’s yacht has burned 50 gals of diesel…..Herky’s head is still bobbing in the pond..

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Thank you Justin Lee Carter…for keeping a cautious eye on the Japs… and guarding against the pesky Rag-heads in Kuwait … Semper Fi.. you did Papa & Granny proud …

49021_100000075617402_1213867_n justin

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The last few days have been a virtual whirlwind of activity at our house…All three of our saintly children were home…and all of their children except five.. plus four and a half  great-grandkids….bringing the total number of descendants and spouses and prospective spouses to twenty plus….in a house designed and built for two.. How’d that Fenoglio get in here ?

Carolyn….See what you started with that one pair of Rocky’s back in the day….? You had no idea of the potential damage they inflicted on our lives…now we can’t find the remote , there’s no place to sit , a huge bottleneck in front of the fridge..and no place to park my plate …see the dangers of tight Denham  ?…. see what you did ?..what were you thinking ?

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Memorial Day

thumbnailCAWRXO3V sixth army

Sixth Army Salute

Any sacrifice I may have made in service to America is mere chicken feed when compared to millions of others.. both living and deceased …..who willingly shed blood in defense of American freedom…

As a fellow Vet and comrade of these heroic patriots , I owe them my respect , my gratitude , and my most genuine thanks…as do you.

Spec.5 …Combat Medic…91b20..Oct 66 thru Oct 68 ,USA Dispensary 6006-01 Ft. Lewis Washington.

302970_2592468571913_1260627001_3078836_475514984_n-recruit Vet..

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An APB has been issued by Young County authorities…seems a prominent banker of Graham Texas has abandoned his duties at the bank to follow his dreams to Nashville..

He was last seen in his Motor Coach headed east towards the Grand Old Opry ….with his child bride , his guitar , and a gunny-sack full of absconded cash..

Deputies report , he should be considered charmed and dangerous…

13240510_573859459454476_5576982942317036313_n  APB

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