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Cautionary Note..

Ed’s now hawking bottled water…. He fell victim to a pyramid scheme similar to those administered by the belated and beloved snake-oil salesman , Forrest Favor …

  It’s called H9 or something like that… only $3.25 for an 8.5 ounce bottle of hydrogen infused distillate….claiming medicinal qualities unmatched by two-joints of marijuana and an Advil..

  Even at that , local customers report it is still considerably cheaper than an 8-ounce bottle of tap-water from Ben Dover Water Company of Montague , under his proposed rate increase..

  Pay me now , pay me later….if you want a cool drink of water in Montague , Ed has the all-inclusive monopoly and has now expanded his questionable empire to include bottled Holy Water..




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While Carolyn was away visiting her Mom in a foreign town on Thursday, I decided to do some home baking as a surprise for her when she returned… She loves chocolate brownies with pecans..

  I first checked the pantry for some brownie-mix ….got it.. I then proceeded full steam ahead with great vigor and purpose..

  Poured the mix into my stainless steel bowl , added the quarter cup of oil and two table-spoons of water , chopped up a half-cup of pecans , mixed them in and set the oven on 350 pre-heat…
  Then I opened the fridge to get the egg required….well hockey-puck …..we are totally out of eggs ! What now ?

  Shelled pecans are bringing $9.00 a pound at Red Walser’s orchard…no way am I throwing this culinary delight in the trash …

 I pressed on as though eggs were only an optional ingredient….poured my concoction into an 8×8 greased pan , set the timer on the pre-heated oven and set back for the thirty minute wait..

   Alas….the buzzer finally went off and I opened the oven door to view my brownies…

    What the hadees ? I created the perfect 8×8 non-edible floor tile….. with lumpy non-slip surface… I’ll be rich !..but hungry !


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Webster’s Words

  Ft. Hood and the Boston Marathon are examples of “Islamic terrorist attacks”….

 Obama and Washington D.C. are  ” Man caused disasters ”

 see the difference ?

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 Mitt Romney saw ttoe’s pick-up truck on the blog….sporting a Romney bumper-sticker and an Equality Texas sticker on the same truck..

  Romney pulled out of the race….stating I’m not stooping to Tom’s level to win no stinking primary..I’ll just stay in Utah…

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Coming Soon …

   The memoirs of Vladimir O’Neal and his Russian investment scheme ..in paperback .

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Get Back Loretta !

 Eric Holder thankfully resigned from his appointment at the Attorney General’s Office .. He’ll no longer be making up laws or enforcing his personal choices within the Constitution..

  Obama has now announced his new alternative to Holder…he stuck his hand in a five-gallon Stetson hat and came out with the name.. Loretta Lynn.. Attorney General..

  Soon Wurlitzer jukeboxes will be strategically placed throughout the National Capital Building…cover-charges enforced only on Saturday night…Happy Hour each day after work…

  Rap music is out…Country Western back in .. America is reclaiming Washington and the Constitution .. Happy Day for the coal miners daughter…

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Band Wagon Republican…

 Months of heated political debates at Doc’s Bar have finally prompted ttoes conversion.. He reluctantly admitted Alfonso was right all along ..Tom’s backing Romney this go-round …in light of two four-year terms of complete failure as a socialist democrat.



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