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Winning Tradition

All Inclusive…Show up in Muenster and they’ll beat you down , just saying ..



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All the Kings horses and all the Kings men could NOT make him King of his Castle again….therefore …….the Mardi Gras Parade ..


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Bock is Best..

In the words of the infamous Young County Banker.. there’s absolutely nothing finer than a frigid cold Shiner to beat North Texas heat…Here’s one for J. Gober and his lovely bride Becky… Staying thirsty comes firsty in Graham Texas..


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Private Viewing…

Helotes Texas:……Years ago , probably in the seventies , I went for a week-end visit with the Nuther-Brother down San Antonio way… He was well versed in all the local beer-gardens and rising bands featured there on any particular day.. He suggested we make a stop by one of his favorite Juke Joints..

I went not knowing who the heck  Ray Benson was, or understanding the local attraction to Floores Country Store….We paid our $5.00 cover and went in..( which I thought a bit pricey for some dude I’d never heard of) .

We were there two beers before  “Asleep at the Wheel” took the outdoor stage .. A conservative crowd had gathered under sprawling Live-Oaks awaiting Bensons arrival ..recall estimates 75-100 people tops….sipping suds and enjoying the outdoor venue.. It was much like waiting for Tucker or Dick Beverage to take the Mike at Daddy Sams..

Benson arrived right on schedule.. the band spent several minutes tuning on their tools of the trade… tweaking strings and adjusting amps like all musicians do… then the Big Guy broke loose with the Yellow Rose of Texas..

I was witnessing history…in what seemed like somebodies back yard BBQ…crunching on outlandishly good Tacos , sipping on Shiner , and listening to Ray Benson and Asleep at the Wheel….. oddly enough , I like this joint..



Subsequent trips landed me at Gruene Hall with Eddie Fenoglio…and pitching horse-shoes with Heath Taylor at Luckenbach…but those are other tales all together..

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Fourth Floor Philanthropy

In just a matter of months Tommy O’Neal is legally compelled to re-invest his windfall profits from the sale of the Ultimate Inconvenient Store , or pay Capital Gains taxes on the increase..

Once again , inspiration came to Tom  in solitary slumber.. He had another dream ..

The fourth floor of the Courthouse is wasted space.. Tom’s dream envisioned a Steakhouse and public Bar in that historic setting.. possibly a rebirth of the Capital Club..

Rather than a liability for taxpayers , the fourth floor could become an asset.. Bringing rent money and economic indulgence to our fair city..

No longer would lawyers and visiting dignitaries be exiled to the Burrito Shop for formal dinning.. Montague County is wet …why not bring liquid refreshment to the hallowed halls of the Fourth Floor ?

County Commissioners are sceptical of public opinion regarding building a bar where bootleggers were once imprisoned.. Becky Holland thinks it’s genius..

Tom conducted an informal survey at the Annex… (10 pubic servants) with mixed reviews…. now he seeks response from alcholic citizens and the Moose Lodge..

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True Texan…

Texas cities have seen their share of unique and colorful politicians over the decades ,but this small-town Mayor undoubtedly takes the cake…We’ll leave to your discretion what flavor of cake might rule his menu.. Italian Cream ? Banana Nut ?

You can call him Mayor …You can call him Mooch.. but no one calls him boring..


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Say what you will about the Environmentalist protestors at Cannon Ball North Dakota , they are undeniable a tiddy bunch of Indians…protecting their sacred land from assault or sacrilege at any cost…


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