Eddie Robinson

First baseman
Born: December 15, 1920 (age 97)
Paris, Texas
Batted: Left
Threw: Right
MLB debut
September 9, 1942, for the Cleveland Indians
Last MLB appearance
September 15, 1957, for the Baltimore Orioles
MLB statistics
Batting average
Home runs
Runs batted in
Cleveland Indians (1942, 1946–1948)
Washington Senators (1949–1950)
Chicago White Sox (1950–1952)
Philadelphia Athletics (1953)
New York Yankees (1954–1956)
Kansas City Athletics (1956)
Detroit Tigers (1957)
Cleveland Indians (1957)
Baltimore Orioles (1957)
Career highlights and awards
4× All-Star (1949, 1951–1953)
World Series champion (1948)
William Edward Robinson (born December 15, 1920) is an American former Major League Baseball first baseman, scout, coach and front office executive of the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and 1980s who, during a 13-year playing career (1942; 1946–57), was on the roster of seven of the eight American League teams then in existence (everyone except the Red Sox). He is the author of an autobiography, published in 2011, titled Lucky Me: My Sixty-five Years in Baseball.[1] He is also the last surviving member of the 1943 “Navy World Series”.[2]
Robinson is the last living person to win the World Series with the Cleveland Indians,[3] as well as the oldest living player to play on a World Series-winning team and the oldest living member of the Detroit Tigers, New York Yankees, and Washington Senators.

Here he is today , November 14, 2018 , taking a factory tour at Nokona Leather Goods ,   with “Hall of Fame” tour guide Carla Yeargin….. How Special is that ?




Red Saw The “Light”

Much to the astonishment or parishioners , W.W. gave his in-depth testimony last Sunday morning at Jean’s Bible Class…… complete with names of co-conspirators , dates and times of past indiscretions… He laid the cards on the table for all to view..

46084837_291704854782048_2226868795547320320_n Reverend Red

Red saw the light… but contrary to his traditional concepts , it was not the Neon light that had previously drawn him to questionable activities…. it was the very same light that blinded Paul and Col. Jack McBride along the road to Damascus.. the righteous light of change ..

Rev. W.W. delivered a moving revelation of Truth and Forgiveness …  ending his life story with an appropriate scripture verse ..  John 3-16..

All jest aside , Red knows the “Master” , and His power of blessings towards all who diligently seek Him………… AMEN…

Unsung Hero

Rightfully so…… much was said and done yesterday in celebration of the American soldier…. the ones who fought , the ones who fell…However, not listed among those selfless patriots were the wives of the Greatest Generation… the women who equally sacrificed their youth and modest homes in order to maintain the family unit while their soldiers were away at war..

My Mom , Ruby Scruggs Carter , was one of those women who experienced voluntary deployment into unfamiliar territory in less than ideal circumstances..

She secured a job at Pan-Tex Bomber Plant in Lubbock Texas during WWII… to provide monetary requirements for herself , and logistical requirements for the brave soldiers abroad..

Her assigned duty was to drive a Jeep , transporting an Army General responsible for plant-production , to various destinations throughout the massive production and storage facility… an area that now includes part of the renowned Texas Tech campus …

I can’t imagine my Mom driving a Military Jeep… The General surely deserved a war-time commendation for bravery above and beyond the call of duty..

Seriously , just as the soldiers did what was expected of them to protect this young Nation , the women showed an uncanny ability to adapt and sacrifice their skills in order to support Old Glory as well..

My brave Mom was one among thousands who sacrificed much… without pageantry or notoriety or special awards on Veterans Day…. She did what she could , in silence , for God and Country and Family… This is HER day as well.. she died in 2010 , at the age of 93.. Love you Mom.. …. I saw your strength , I saw bravery , I saw your dedication to family …

this insignificant veteran soldier , your appreciative son , salutes You on this proud day..

Anticipating resounding victory in today’s Blue Wave , Tom is preparing his pantry for the inevitable crash of Trump’s flourishing economy…  He’s setting the stage for the sudden down-turn when Pelosi becomes Speaker of the House..


Things have changed at Two-Wells State Park… Last Sunday’s Supper-Club menu read like the Depression Days at Christ-Can Food Bank .. Hamburger Helper held top honors as the main course meal… presented on Tom’s infamous wilted lettuce setting…it’s all about presentation…

Much like the Oil Field Crash of 1980 , Tom has lowered his sickle…. eating like the democrats of 1930 all over again..


As though serving sub-standard meals to his high-rolling pals wasn’t bad enough  , the Cowboys took another Historical Thrashing at Jerry’s World last night.. Tom is suicidal , pending Beto’s bitter defeat today…  Things could not possibly look worse for the prominent Cowboy season-ticket holder.. His powder is wet , and the forecast calls for a Tsunami of torrential rain at Beto’s El Paso Headquarters today..


Hey Chico Cabrera … the guy on the right is my son-in-law.. a staunch Republican Mexican … spent three years on the U.S. Navy wrestling Team .. “Manny the Mexican” … he hates Liberals and Commy Snow-Flakes … eats nails and ghost peppers in his Tacos.. If you ever need his services to silent Tommy O’Neal , let me know.. He lives just South of the tracks in Sherman Texas… can be in Nocona in a couple hours notice.. Will work for Pesos or Moon-shine Whiskey…


Continuing Education

At first glance this photo may appear to be a daily meeting of Republican Think-Tank representatives…. In actuality it’s a mandatory assembly of Precinct 3 labor force , for overdue Sensitivity Training …. TGIF..



Joint Effort…

Ed headed for the joint , Betsy put forth the effort… Joint Effort..

Ed is a prominent member of the Masonic fraternity of the elite… The Muskrat Sunday Shooters..  You know the infamous secret society that takes a drunk man and makes him single….?

Anyhow , they headed to Galveston for a week-end of secret-secret shooting and shots.. Ed has been overheard several times , bragging how his subordinate wife caters to his every need.. bows and scrapes to please him… (No one said Masooons were truthful).. but Betsy did pack his suitcase for the trip…

Upon arrival at the designated Hotel in Galveston .. Ed resigned to his room to shower and freshen up with a change of clothes… Sufficient time had passed for him to accomplish the task , before he returned to the bar wearing the same clothes he had worn all day..

I gotta go to Walmart he announced……   UUUH… I need to buy some clean sox..

Considerable grilling occurred before Ed fessed up.. His suitcase was completely empty , except for a few items of sundry shaving paraphernalia .. He’d been scammed.. the subordinate spouse had surely betrayed his direct command to pack his duds..

Long story short… The Emperor has no Clothes… He’s red-faced and combative…. in need of sensitivity training , while the gallary of drunken brothers laugh their aprons off..  So Mote It Be…. what goes around comes around.. Ed got his today… I’ll drink to that.