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Absolutely no trick photography was involved to gain this strikingly opposite affect..  I’m fully standing ….I have not tripped or fallen ..I’m not standing in a trap door or a manhole sump…

Notice his head scarcely clears the ceiling fan , hung from a ten-foot ceiling.. I was nervous just standing next to him …what if he stumbled ?…my life would be over.

Mel is possibly the tallest Kraut ever…sure hope my masculine build didn’t intimidate him too much…..if he comes for me , consider these my Last Words… Holy Toledo… it’s an eclipse !….

20160229_175206  MEL


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He Steals Chickens ?

Could things possibly get any worse for the Donald…?  Ruboi revealed he has a spray-tan…he’s supported by the KKK…his ties are made in China , by child labor…. Cruz says he has connections with the Mafia…and his skin is orange..

I guess we’ll learn next that his Communist Mom plays the piano in a whore-house.. as community service atonement for a cocaine conviction…

Man …Ed’s candidate is unsavory… He’s a chicken thief …and a child molester ?

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Leafy Green has Wilted…

I’m sure you Prime Cut patrons remember a few years back ,when Tom added a Salad Bar to his dinner menu….loaded with fresh crisp vegetables and various other tasty delights..

The only moment more memorable than the salad-bar addition , was the moment it mysteriously disappeared… Brasher never got over it !

The infamous salad bar was rediscovered this week , heaped behind Tom’s eatery…in a final tribute to $100 oil and seemingly unlimited prosperity….now the Saudi’s are living large and Prime Cut patrons are eating Ketchup on wilted lettuce leaves…victims of horizontal drilling and over production..

20160228_111909 salad bar


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Oscars in Review

My most memorable Oscar was located off stage….right here in the Capital of Montague… a colorful pillar of the community .. Oscar Bryant.. more worthy of recognition and praise than any featured on t.v. last night..

and lest we forget …Oscar McCracken of neighboring Bowie..

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Image1-90 024 b&w carter

Ruby and Buddy …and the three urchins..at Pearl’s house..

That’s Dad’s Chevy Coupe in the background.. a popular precursor to the Corvette..

IMG00148 carters cafe

and the shortman sitting on the steps of Mom & Pop’s Cafe  in Montague ,around 1957…note the swamp-box in the window…cutting edge convenience…. warped every board and cabinet door in the place..

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High Sheriff…

Ordinarily I don’t weigh in on local elections , but what the heck , this is Leap Year…so I’ll take the discretionary leap..

I have absolutely nothing bad to say about Marshall Thomas…. I know he’s a qualified family man of character , a renowned Ranger and professional law man , competent and experienced….. and would make an outstanding Sheriff , but here’s the deal…

Paul Cunningham has brought the Montague County Sheriff’s Office from a point of national disgrace to a department the entire county can take pride in.. He’s worked extremely hard to return dignity and respect to that office…. a department that was featured on national news as corrupt and non-compliant in every sense of the word..just before Paul’s tenure began ..

Should we now reward his labor and dedication to duty by removing him from office ? ….Is there the slightest trace of dereliction of duty ?.. The obvious answer is no..

Honorable men reward loyalty with loyalty…Vote Paul Cunningham on Tuesday.. and that’s my take on the subject..


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Partial Carter Clan….

Image1-45 group-family

1975…ish ?… Is this not the most strikingly beautiful bunch of humanity ever assembled around Grandma Pearl ?..especially that gorgeous Mc Donald girl …four generations of  blessed and chosen people..

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