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 Thirty days hath September , not much beyond that I remember…except the Spectacular State Fair of Texas begins this week-end.. Big tex and deep-fried Twinkies..freak-shows on the Midway and college football…pick-pockets and show-goats ..cotton candy and roasted peanuts …roller coaster rides and price gouging …then there’s my favorite spectator sport of all, people watching .. 

  What a beautiful week-end forecast for the wonderfully unique State Fair of Texas at Fair Park in Dallas ….an experience more so than an event !

  Montague grade-school took a bus load to the Fair in 1959 , Chipper and Scooter tried to steal my girlfriend , but she refused to ride the wooden frame roller coaster with any one of us…guess that made her a Valedictorian prospect .


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Pigeon report …

 I spoke briefly with the pigeon-shooters this morning .. They were endulging in poached eggs and Melba toast at some water-front garden in Galveston..

 Baccus and Gilbert arrived safely with the weaponry of fowl destruction …

  Ed was telling me about his well-endowed mooslum waitress when the fellow at the adjoining table dropped to his knees facing the east and started chanting in Arabic …

   I hung up following what sounded like a horrific explosion .. no further report at this time !

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 Replacements for Anwar may be slow forthcoming.   Al’s tenure in office was short-lived following the impromptu capping of Bin Laden . The Vice President of pond-scum was tragically thrust into the cross-hairs by the bravery of Seal Team Six’s extermination of Osama Bin Laden just months ago.

   Al is traditionally supposed to be buried within twenty-four hours , but that muslim custom may be jeopardized by the unavailability of identifiable remains. A team of subordinates manned with garden rakes search frantically for what’s left of Anwar Al , as the American Military calls respectfully , NEXT .

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  The alchidey American muslim reject Anwar al-Awlaki is grave-yard DEAD . It is what it is .. another dead muslim terrorist searching the jihad jungle for 17 burka-babes on pay-day Friday.

  can you say Hallelujah…

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Bow season …

 This week-end marks the beginning of deer-season for bow-hunters ..Bow season was originally introduced for those who found rifle purchase prices prohibitive , but now a quality bow’s cost could exceed that of an entry-level rifle..

  Once again the Fish and Game people have come up with a solution for the expense involved that prohibits the unemployed and poverty-stricken from enjoying a productive deer-hunt.

  Next year , two weeks prior to bow season , a third alternative will be introduced for hunting Bullwinkle … That marks the formal unveiling of  ” Rock Season “.. when the camouflaged novice hunter lurks in the bushes with a pocket full of chosen ballistic rocks of the perfect caliber..

  At the apex of adrenaline , the hunter jumps out and begins firing rocks at Bambi. 

     Regrettably , the rock-hunter still needs a valid license , buck tags , doe urine , horn rattles , camouflaged clothing , snake boots , buck calls , deer lease , deer-stand , corn-feeder , slaughter arrangements , deep freeze , outdoor cooking facilities , and a box of rocks !

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Baseball trivia ….

  RW , For whatever it’s worth… If you watched the Rangers and the Angels last night , the starting pitcher for Los Angeles , Garret Richards , was a closer for Heath Taylor at O.U.

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 Stamp-licker is likewise on his journey south .. driving the munitions convoy with a straight load of airport contraband including the instruments of carnage belonging to Ed and Chase Notee..

   Even Ed knew carrying a twelve gauge through security at Love Field would lead to flight delays and possible time in the Dallas County Jail.  so while the shooting team of Notee and Notee are flying first class to Corpus , Baccus and Gilbert are on the slow train down I 35..

   I’m thinking the pigeons stand a better chance of drawing blood on a barb-wire fence than suffering bodily injury at the hands of these drunk Jesters…

I’ve been goose hunting with Ed where neery a feather was ruffled after emptying a thirty round clip….  squabs are a darn site smaller and safer than a thirty pound goose..

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