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new year….. new hope !

  as we prepare to celebrate a new beginning on January 1st… let us be mindful of those in our midst who are suffering from illness , unemployment , loneliness , spiritual drought , or financial hardship…. it’s our duty as Christians and fellow Americans to render aid to those in need around our community……. there but by the grace of God , go you and I ….

   let us remember those , our friends and neighbors , in the midst of physical or mental tribulation…… the prayers of a righteous man availeth much…. even the poorest among us can offer a heartfelt prayer on their behalf…. say a prayer for Emily…and her devoted family…. say it now , say it often…the God of the universe is listening….

   697 people read this meaningless blog yesterday …. let’s give it meaning …by each one saying a prayer today for those we know that need a blessing from God…


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umar’s undie’s

  last night while enjoying a quiet dinner and viewing the evening news… i had the distinct appetizing pleasure of witnessing a close-up view of Umar’s drawers on the national news… apparently that in-flight bombing incident scared him pretty bad too…. or he’d had them on since Yemen… ( visible skid-marks)   it’s impossible to determine whether the scorching took place before or after the incident…  ( i didn’t know they had an El Chico’s in Amsterdam )

   after full review of the mooslum’s drawers , i’ve come to the logical conclusion that possibly he was headed to Beemer’s Cleaners when the fumes ignited in flight… just a theory !

 i guess i’m naive , but i thought the son of a multi-millionaire would at least be wearing something stylish and clean…. maybe some nike’s or puma designer drawers … those rags looked like he may have stole’em from chipper on his last trip to America….

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let 2010 begin !

 Prime Cut Steakhouse New Year’s Eve Party……dead shrimp and live music… from seven til whenever… dinner at seven-thirty , band starts at nine … forty bucks per head … does NOT include drinks… hourly door prizes including Cowboy tickets …reservations STRONGLY suggested ….call 940-894-2122  0r  940-894-2039 ( first one-hundred reservations only )…

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hang’em high…

   American media sheep continue to project undetermined questions of guilt or innocence on the panty bomber by referring to him as the  ” alledged ” terrorists  , or the terrorist  “suspect ” … as though perhaps the authorities could have possibly apprehended the wrong man….or maybe he was innocently transporting highly volatile explosives in his drawers because he had no luggage….

  to me the supposed innocence until proven guilty theory went out the window when 275 witnesses watched the muslim go up in smoke… his smoldering b.v.d.’s  leave little to imagination as to who perpetrated the deed…. besides ,  civil rights or terms such as ” alledged suspect ” should be reserved for folks who are actually citizens of this democratic country…. not those who wish to commit mass murder of our citizens on our soil….

   the panty bomber is the son of a millionaire , yet american tax-payers are expected to furnish defense council for a non-citizen who was apprehended in the act ….. a theatrical trial , with all the rights afforded american citizens by soldiers of brutal wars …..purposely dragged out by public defenders who are feeding at the politically correct trough of self-destruction…. defending the snakes who despise our way of life until they are caught …. then they cry loud and long for the rights never extended in their native land….

  actions have consequences… it’s time for the good Nigerian Muslim to get his….along with the equally despicable , near-forgotten Fort Hood mass murdering muslim…..

   there seems to be a recognizable flaw with returning gitmo- detainee’s to Yemen !…. mulitplied muslim maniacs  !

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chicken ala carte….

  i returned to work today , after a four-day holiday , to find i had a priority-mail package with no return address…… large envelope… five dollars worth of postage paid at the Bowie post office , for delivery to the city office , two blocks away…

   i assumed it to be a catalogue or calendar from some water-plant supplier…. turns out it was a two-hundred page , F.F.A. sponsored , glossy photograph illustrated , genetically factual , detailed instructions on the art of  “Raising  Chickens “… feeding…. breeding….scientific study of which came first ? … i’m sure i heard some distant cackling…

   looks like the chicken prickers had a good christmas , and dedicated to the proposition of continual pricking right on into 2010 ….   i’m thinking my old stamp-licker friend in nocona can enlighten me on the process for tracking priority mail….it does have a bar-code and a number…. i think the terrorist may have stepped in some chicken-doo …

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innovative snow-man …

  ed endangered his very life by traveling through the historic blizzard to investigate a water related disaster at the blighted area known as Oak Shores…. some single-wide dweller had failed to insulate or under-pin her exposed plastic water line… it froze…. split… then thawed to flood the remaining cliff-dwellers on the lake…

  ed accessed the spinning meter….then explained the cool temperatures should prevent any permanent damage to the bearings in his meter….he’d be back next week…..astronomical bill !

  while touring the neighborhood in search of other possible unreported problems… he spotted the most unusual snow-man ever erected in Oak Shores history…. it was the perfect replica of John Holmes the snow-man !…. in full view of the street and frolicking children…

  for further geographic clarification….. yes , Oak Shores is in Montague county….case closed !

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