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Under New Management

Ben Dover Water Company is undergoing a hostile take-over from within… the new C.E.O. has voiced a mandate to bull-doze existing office space.. ( the house that Chock built ) in favor of more modern spaces… Hence , portable building quests now occupy the elderly subordinents time.

Ed saw an ad for a suitable building located in Burk Burnett.. He loaded the wife and his trusty dog , Buddy , for a Friday afternoon adventure to Burk yesterday…private viewing..

Arrangements had already been made with the owner… the gate surrounding said building were to be left unlocked.. but upon arrival security was tighter than Ft. Knox..

Ed was not to be deterred by a simple lock… He saw a secondary path to the advertised building behind security fencing…but had to walk three-quarters of a mile to gain entry from the opposite side..

Betsy advised she’d just wait in the truck while the partners in crime , Ed and Buddy , ventured down the forbidden path to fiscal trespass…

Skies darkened as Ed arrived at the desired building , only to find the entry door too was left locked…

having vast experience at breaking and entering , Ed whipped out his broke-blade Old Timer and proceeded to pick the lock.

Mission accomplished…Ed and Buddy were standing safely inside as the first clap of thunder announced an approaching storm… without warning it began to hail like Armageddon.. There they were trapped like proverbial rats..half a mile from Betsy in the waiting truck ..

She too was traumatized.. hail beating the new truck into submission.. Ed and Buddy breaking and entering on unknown land a mile away…noise was deafening…would the windshield withstand the beating ? …was it her time to die ?… alone and afraid. ?

Meanwhile Ben Dover was counseling the dog…we must run for our lives.. we must save Betsy from certain death and the demolition of my new Luttrell Chevrolet..

Buddy was having no part of it… even a dog knows not to venture outside when the sky is falling..

Moments later , the hail subsided and it began to rain in earnest.. a deluge of strangled frogs and ducks were passing by on life-rafts…

Right thru the middle of it Ed and Buddy Ray went dashing and splashing.. drenched… soaked..saturated.. and muddy , they arrived back where the initial decission to tresspass was cautiously made .. where Betsy was still engaged in thoughtful prayer..

Meanwhile.. the new C.E.O. is entertaining guests at the Lake Home in Nocona.. and Chock’s humble abode stands waiting for the D-8’s arrival ..

Ed’s thinking retirement.. Buddy is thinking betrayal…Betsy is still talking to the Lord…

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Working on the Homestead curb appeal… while simultaneously attempting to hold wild hogs at bay…

Tommy O’Neal and the Cowboy second string keep spooking wild boars my way..

IMG_2175 front gate

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Yeah , I’ve heard the second-hand complaints about the lack of poison penned blogs as of late.. here’s one to stifle the Square critics for a spell..

Muenster ISD just approved a 2 million dollar bond for the sole purpose of upgrading the Championship Sports Program for the talented athletes at Public Schools of western Cooke County..

This Democratically approved gold mine will be cautiously spent on , not one but TWO Prevost Motor Coaches to transport the Champions to Austin or Abilene where the true talent comes to play… bonuses for winning Coaches , and additional professional caliber  Garlic-Shucker transfers from Montague County Schools…”Pay to Play” comes to Cooke County..

You can’t expect a Championship Team to arrive in a Dodge Caravan ?… quality players deserve quality transportation.. it helps alleviate road fatigue and neutralizes condescending peer pressure from more affluent schools in the newly producing oilfields of West Texas..

Yellow and Black busses are built for common loosers…True Champions ride in class

2013-07-03-14_36_48 Muenster ISD

These State of the Art School buses are the pride of Muenster Texas.. large enough for practicing plays in air-conditioned comfort  while in route to play-off games… luxurious enough to entise the very best in quality coaching staff…plus saves money on artificial turf and outdoor lighting and such..

1_2321_589409_12751558 Prevost Perspective..

Opposition teams are intimidated before even taking the field… this modern means of school transportation gives a ten-point advantage with the first whistle to “play ball”…

Muenster ISD is at the cutting edge of athletic school transportation ..you never saw the National Honor Society geeks riding in a bus like these two…

Need a driver ?  Herky’s got the license ,  the interstate driving experience, a counterfeit log-book , and quick access to off-road diesel…. He’s road ready…

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See the similarities to today ?…me too .

as Trump would say…. Two Timothy , chapter three…

12931100_1690771914505573_7401927415629922804_n Two Timothy

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Most preventable deaths in America… sad commentary on our society….1.5 million reasons to stop funding Planned Parenthood with our tax money…

18199158_1412962658750357_2891787926505098655_n Rock-A-Bye Baby..

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Despite the Hollywood disguise , you may recognize the ring-leader of MS14 being placed under arrest.. His Story did NOT check out… there were no starving monkeys on Main Street..

18199227_10158779003895045_5623091947807166519_n Mooch under arrest..

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Heads up…..Keep your Children indoors….anyone passing near Zeke’s Garden on Saturday….wear your shades… He plans to gather Cucumbers in the Buff… Cinco De Sicko

18275098_1930984337117225_746168935168535296_n Zeke's Neighbors

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