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Don’t you just hate it when things don’t progress at your desired pace ?..like when the car ahead of you is distracted with a leisurely text message in the drive thru ?

So it is with fervent prayer request….

Ever wonder why God is taking so long …..like your request is the only one being made today… or somehow your request is more righteously demanding than others?

Perhaps the reason for His seeming delay is actually two fold…He’s teaching His children the virtues of patience….while He’s actually clearing obstacles and pitfalls from our path…He’s leveling the terrain lying just ahead… arranging circumstance in our favor….altering decisions made miles away…changing hearts and minds set against our request..assigning Angels to work our case …altering outcomes…He’s being God..

Who knows what wonders He performs on our behalf ?….who can say the selfish condition of our request or the vast number of prayers offered Him each day ?

Fear not… God is not the author of confussion…nor is He limited by multiple pleas…Time and Space mean nothing to Him … Man invented calendars and clocks..

God created the Universe by speaking it into existence, surely He can multitask….for sinners sake..



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Wrong Number ?

I called Ed , about a quarter after two this afternoon , stating that I just needed to talk to someone leading a normal life………….He referred me to Tommy O’Neal…!

Ed complained he was suffering from Sleep Apnea… He can hardly sleep at his desk anymore ….. for folks calling wanting to chew the fat…about work or other trivial uninteresting matters..

Meanwhile , the heart patient Tommy O’Neal, is doing time in the hayfields…cutting and pressing bales in 90 degree heat… sweat rollin ..laborious work …manual labor…he’s making hay while the sun shines, through the half drawn window shade on his self-diagnosed cousin battling sleep disorder…



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Chief Noglio reporting:

Weed control turned monumental at Whiner’s Wrecking Yard over the week-end… No less than two pristine clunkers were totally consumed in the blaze… raising their salvage value by 15 percent..

Unlike the great Barber Shop Fire of 54 , this Urban inferno was intentionally set ..investigations continue under the close scrutiny of Royce and Little Lester..

20160827_134330  Blazing Inferno

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Secret Society…

It’s not always about the flames… or the food , sometimes it’s the friendship that warms one’s soul….

14141910_519896978213043_3091076166461756609_n Chef Tucker


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Free Tickets….

Americans are notorious for seeking the head of any line…. the desire to be first is a national trait…an inherent quest for most, first and foremost…

Just attend any public sporting event for further proof…. you may get cut off in traffic before even arriving at the admission gate…then be pushed aside for premium seating on the front row..

We all arrive early for Dr. appointments and volleyball games…. we all seek the front of any line , whether waiting for a table at our favorite restaurant , attending business at the DMV , or gaining entry at a concert..

But oddly enough , bring God into the equation and all desires to be first are inexplicably reversed…

Few seek the front row at church… fewer still are anxious to seek salvation.. almost no-one wants to be conspicuously first in service to Christ…

Our attitude is commonly this :  “Sure I want to go to Heaven , I’m just not ready to go today.”  or.. “I’ll perform that thankless duty for Christ, if you can’t find anyone else..”

Where’s the enthusiasm for spiritual blessings that’s often found for earthly blessings ? It’s as though no one remembers God’s promise :… “the last shall be first and the first shall be last ”

If you can’t be anxious about punching your ticket , at least be ready when your name is called…

Christ said:….. acknowledge Me before man , and I’ll acknowledge you before my Father..

” No one comes to the Father , but by Me….

The shortest line is always the direct line…..”The prayer line”

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Childhood Memories

I entered this world on a 160 acre farm nestled just across the creek from the Montague County landmark , Queen’s Peak..

My preschool memories are centered around that clapboard house and surrounding farm land… Our nearest neighbors were the Bates , just a half-mile west ,clinging to the side of what seemed a mountain to me…

The Bates family were far more prosperous than ours… They owned their land, while we only leased from the McNatt family… They had the only storm cellar within miles.

The Bates family consisted of the Dad , Lee Bates and his laborious wife Lilly.. they had a son named Lindy and an elderly blind man named Cash also lived with them..

Cash was often seen sitting in a crude rocker on the vast front porch , sawing on his fiddle.. or fulfilling his domestic duties out at the wood pile..

Keep in mind Cash was blind…totally… and assumed the task of chopping wood for a family of four.. day or night ,with a double bitted ax or splitting wedge…. Cash would split all the kindling or oak for Lilly’s kitchen cook stove or the front-room heater…with astounding accuracy..

Surely he must have splintered more than his share of ax handles in his time, but if he did , I never knew of it..

Lindy’s son Tom Bates , still lives in the Bowie area…but the fond memories of the Bates have all but faded from the picturesque view of Queens Peak..

Our neighbors to the east were the Crabtrees…. just around the sharp bend in a narrow gravel road , in the western edge of Hildreth Pool.. Bill and Jack rode our bus to Goldburg ISD…

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Random Thoughts

Not sure how many will remember this , but back in the Sixties Montague County paid a bounty for Coyote ears…at the Courthouse… It was a lucrative source of income for farmers and ranchers plagued by chicken thieves and missing livestock in rural areas..

Seems the County paid $2.00 per pair for surgically removed ears of Wylie Coyotee…until problems arose within the program…some farmers were suspected of recycling from the Courthouse trash disposal….some dogs were reporting missing appendages…

Finally a Government Trapper was hired, in lieu of paying farmers, to rid the county of vast populations of pests…

If my memory serves me correctly , Ennis Posey was the guy last assigned to setting cyanide snares and traps within the county..

PETA was still unheard of , coyotes were the farmers plague…the government came to the rescue 55 years ago … but failed miserably at ridding North Texas of the familiar howl and scarce sightings of Wylie….he’s still killin chickens and guineas and goslins at will..


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