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On wings of Angels ….

 Being a spiritual person , I look at things differently from some … I evaluate everything through a spiritual prism …

   For instance , the sixteen year-old girl from Texas who sky-dived from a small plane with her dad last week in Oklahoma.

  Her chute failed to open properly as she plunged 3,500 feet to the ground while her Father watched helplessly in horror … yet she lived after striking the ground from 3/4 of a mile up ..

   Some were quick to say she sure was  ” lucky ” …

  Living through a failed parachute jump has nothing to do with luck …she logically should be dead as a stump ..

  Finding a quarter on the side-walk is lucky ….. Falling from 3,500 feet and living to tell the story is best defined as divine intervention or undeserved mercy from the Almighty ..

  Much of what we mortals attribute to good-luck is more accurately described as Angelic Protection or Blessings from God .. if only we were spiritual enough to discern the difference …

  How sad God must be after sparing the life of a young girl , to hear much of the world credit Lady Luck , whoever that is !… I suppose a sibling of Mother Nature …


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Moocher’s Memo …

 All registered Democrats in the Tri-County area are cordially invited to attend Moocher’s Breakfast tomorrow morning … at Ed’s place on Hwy175 ..in Montague .. just north of the striking new Annex …

  He discovered a slightly used dozen eggs and a 1lb stick of Sure-Fine Sausage in the back of the fridge .. That should adequately feed every democrat in North Texas and southern Oklahoma .. bring a plastic fork and your best defense of Democratic trademark Obamacare ..

be prepared for aggressive , sometimes violent rebuttal by Chase Notee …

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Milquetoast …

 Everything is lined up for a spectacular week-end in Jersey …the sex industry has prostitutes in place , drug dealers are poised to meet customer demands , bogus NFL memorabilia lies in wait , but hotels report fewer than anticipated reservations for $1,500 dollar rooms and hundreds of game tickets remain unsold ..

  All of the above preparations remain a moot point if Christi decides to close the bridge across the river for political purposes ..

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Public Servant ?

 California Lib Henry Waxman announces he will not seek re-election after only forty years in Congress … that’s twenty terms on the tax-payers dole ..

  Most Americans were not yet born when this guy decided to first run for public office… The giant redwoods of California were still seedlings when he pitched his hat in the ring …

  Ladybird was still planting flowers on the highways when Waxman first got his feet in the trough …..if nothing else this guy is monumentally persistant..a tenatious political thorn in the side of term limits..

  Twenty times California libs sent him back to Washington … that’s unbelievable ..Forty years Waxman wandered in the wilderness of Washington before finding his way home ..

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Superbowl Sunday

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Scheduled to be played in an outdoor stadium in Jersey during potential snow flurry’s……

  At a time when the NFL is increasingly aware of head-injuries and possible brain damage inflicted by aggressive players , I suggest that concern for lasting brain damage should be redirected towards the management ..

 Football was never intended to be a winter sport ….but as the seasons became increasingly longer due to monetary opportunities for the franchises ,  the need for indoor facilities also became more apparent ..

  Houston’s  astrodome was built in the mid 1960’s as I recall …. providing protection from the elements for fans and players alike ..

     It forever changed the bone-chilling discomfort of watching your favorite team on Sunday afternoon ….. unless you were unfortunate enough to win the right to play in the 2014 Superbowl … in which case you’ll be asked to re-visit the blizzard of 1920 while seated on an aluminum bleacher in the great outdoors of New Jersey’s unforgiving winter …for hundreds of dollars per aluminum seat ..

  Are professional players afforded the maximum opportunity to show their skills in such harsh conditions ?.. are fans regarded in the NFL’s decision to play outside in February ? 

   What IS the purpose of playing in antiquated conditions when billions of dollars have been invested in modern indoor stadiums all across the United States ?

   Looks like to me that most members of the NFL management team had a head-to head encounter with Earl Campbell one too many times ..

  I think the sport is better served when yard-markers are clearly visible and the danger of head injuries out-weigh the danger of frost bite .

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Short Fuse ….

Who’s more excited about the upcoming Winter Olympics than Russia’s Vladimir Putin ?….a Chechnyan powder-monkey  !

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Open for suggestions …

 The following is a list of outstanding accomplishments and contributions that Hillary has made to America in exchange for the millions she’s drawn from the public treasury …


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