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Call to Prayer…

The Whitehouse has announced Obama’s pending trip to a Baltimore Mosque on Wednesday….will he use a generic Islamic prayer-mat furnished by the mosque , or does he carry his own Islamic weave bearing the Presidential Seal..?… Ollie Ollie Ocbar..!




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Adios……posted November 5 , 2015…

January is gone….so is John !

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Slippery Slime..

I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for Hillary’s indictment…after the continual flow of corruption we’ve all seen in the “Justice” department….remember Fast and Furious ? Benghazi ?  IRS investigation ?

Lois Lerner and the IRS showed their partisanship…A.G.Eric Holder showed his unethical capabilities….Susan Rice demonstrated her willingness to defend the indefensible…Loretta Lynch is waiting for her chance to fall on the sword for Obama and the Democrat party..

If you’re thinking the FBI is capable of conducting a fair and impartial investigation , you may be disappointed. Obama has loyalist appointments and party extremist in every branch of government..top to bottom..including the Supreme Court..

Bill and Hillary take great pride in their ability to skirt the laws that apply to common-folk… their D.C. connections….their Teflon Charity Foundation…and profound talent for false recollection of facts…. these are not petty crooks..they’re professionals  !

Every week new accusations are exposed…every week Hillary deflects facts and keeps trudging on towards nomination… even if the FBI recommends charges against the Hillary, Loretta Lynch will surely save the Queen..

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Caught on Camera

Hands Up Don’t Shoot…

Security Cameras captured this image of an unknown lady at Christ Can Soup Kitchen this morning….she looks vaguely similar to Hillary , only younger and better……and taller and much more slender…

Was she in need of a compassionate food hand-out , or just there to make some democrap political statement..?  I traced her delecate footprints towards the Aly..

20160129_095610 Security Camera

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Typical Politics…

I watched the GOP debate last night.. I’d compare it to eating a rice-cake and washing it down with a chilled glass of vinegar… not much substance…but overwhelming after-taste…. Cruz and Rubio dominated the show , because that’s how FOX designed it..

First question asked was by Megan Kelly….  about Donald Trump…

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Don’t Be Jealous…

Cardwell and I will be Tweeting-Live during tonight’s GOP debate…..#freebirds


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Trump Hits Exit

Two days prior to the Republican Primary Debate , Trump is having second thoughts , as am I…

He opted for a no-show attempt to stifle Megan Kelly’s inquisitive nature….she can’t humiliate who she does not have access to…She planned to question his stance on Planned Parenthood…and his previous preference of Pro-Choice… Trump was having none of it …

Cruz and Rubio are expected to capitalise on Trumps self-inflicted decision..Trump thinks his best defense is calling in sick..

the more I see of him , the less conservative he appears… Trump is all about Trump..

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