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Two Fold …

 1st …..thanks to Mark Murphy for a brilliant message in song at today’s Bible Class meeting …an impromptu heartfelt offering to our risen Savior ..classic talent !

 2nd ….. prayers for our local philanthropist Al Mc Snatt .. he recently had total knee replacement surgery on a car salesman’s salary.. May his recovery be swift , his rehab be pain-free , and may all his insurance premiums be current .. 

  God’s favor ….


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 While watching the evening news pertaining to the financial debacle in Cyrus , the news camera zoomed in for a tight shot of disgruntled depositors entering the guarded door..I saw Little Danny pushing a wheel-borrow through the crowd ..

  There in the bank window shown briefly behind the flood of prospective withdrawal patrons half way around the globe , was a small inconspicuous sign touting moderate interest loans from the friendly staff at Bowie’s Big Bank …

   Hoot will let no banking disaster go unanswered …similar to the American savings and loan collapse of the 80’s when Hoot was making secured loans from his billfold , in the parking lot of Tyson & Miller..

  Not all sharks inhabit the briny deep , some rise to Chief Operator of  the corporate bench-vise in the front office of a legal tender laundromat …

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 The lost art of bartering still flourishes at the Ultimate Store … Just this week I’ve witnessed no less than two questionable exchanges of goods and services over coffee and dried toast …

  The water purveyor exchanged a used pressure tank and accommodating Poly pipe fittings to the owner of a salvaged corrugated overhead water-storage tank , for parlaying to the City of Grapevine for enhancing the astetic value of their Heritage Square.. and lining the pockets of an un-named Italian windmill salesman in the process ..

  But perhaps the greater exchange came on the previous day , when Tommy O’Neal bartered over his cell phone , a five-piece band and musical entertainment for a prominent wedding reception , in exchange for the production title of an active oil well located within the high game-fence of Brady’s inheritance on Fenoglio road …

  I’m currently polishing my skills of observance at the Ultimate Coffee Shop and Bi-partisan Business School , where a dollar gets you a steaming cup of custom ground chain-oil and two steaming semesters of  Scam-Execution 101 ..

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Google Gotcha …

 Forget domestic drones … an irregularity in Montague County contractual land agreement was detected this last week by a mutual real-estate investor living in Tennessee .. Google Earth clearly showed real estate skullduggery taking place in real-time on Salt Creek ..

  The cat escaped the bag via eye-in-the-sky, right down to the make and model of the dump-truck transporting the ill-gotten top soil ….

  Computers are strangling man’s capability for undetected gain …What’s a good Democrat Italian to do ?

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Bad Dog ….

 Herkie the guard dog at Custom water has returned to his rightful place on the overstuffed cushion in Cindy’s cubical , to reflect on the forbidden events carried out under the cover of darkness….. following a night of sinful indulgence with a well-groomed feminine poodle down Alamo Road.

  After a short session of secretarial tears and unprecedented financial reward ,the prodigal son has come home to dine on the fatted calf  (beef jerky and peanut butter crackers ..)

 Like his legal owner in days of youthful indiscretion , Herkie dug under the fence to explore the world outside the confines of his righteous upbringing ..

  His transgressions have all now been forgiven ..( deferred adjudication ) ,though his leash has been cautiously shortened by the primary care giver .. I’m still talking about Ed , not the dog …both have been rendered harmless predators along  Alamo Road !

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Wedding Bricks ….

 Political unrest dominates today’s headline news .. stone throwing protestors engulf the streets of Cyprus , Syria , Iraq and Nocona Texas …

   Supressed workers struggling to feed their families have taken to the streets in violent protest ….protest against ruthless community leaders who become rich and repulsive on the sweat and toil of the down trodden minorities..

  Some bricks are thrown from desperation of differing political policies , some bricks project the financial differences dividing the nations…. some are thrown in hatred , some in jealousy … but the brick that sailed through the back glass of a certain entrepreneur’s luxurious black truck showed all the kiln markings of a vengeful scorned woman …

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Early garden ..

 Hard freeze in Montague last night ….reports range from 28 to 25 degrees above zero …Wichita Falls reported a new record low for this date …

  Gardeners trying to get a two-week advantage on production have had their plants in the ground for a couple of weeks already , while more conservative gardeners keep theirs in the garage…

  Tommy O’Neal’s among the early bird horticulturists…..but rather than concede defeat due to a late freeze , he again had an innovative vision !…. He has more visions than Ananias …

   Off to Wal-Mart in a flash ….to buy up the residual stock of remaining space-heaters ….You heard me right …Tom salvaged the mator crop with 13 electric space heaters and fifteen miles of orange extension cords left over from Christmas decorations ..

  Wise Electric must love this guy ….. a single heater uses 1500 watts,  X 13 ….. meanwhile I can’t get enough voltage to run a toaster at my house ….

  Tom needs a coal powered generator for a single resident dwelling ..and by gosh he’ll buy one if he can find the listing …

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