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 I got a call from the Air Force General at noon today … not retired Gen. Adams of San Antonio , but the fighter pilot General Prater from Stoneburg International Airport… He was inquiring about the simultaneous alcohol related U.F.O. sightings on Wednesday night over the courthouse , and near the Veranda Inn in Nocona..don’t tell Teetelton !

  Gen.Grumpy is the involuntary Montague air-support for homeland security … in an Army issue Cessna from 1947..  Gen. Prater reported no unusual air activity at the time of his back-porch observation just prior to bed-time.. 7P.M.

    He was taking a leak and scanning the western skies for celestial activity ( multi-tasking ) just hours prior to the reported sightings..

  Had Gen. Prater seen the strange blue light , he’d have surely given chase beyond the Red River ..with co-pilot Storm panting feverishly in attack mode .

  Come to think of it , that’s the exact day my chickens failed to produce their usual egg quota ! Extra-terrestrial gravitational pull has interrupted their syfenxter contractions..   Strange….


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Beans and Franks…

  I know all who have donated towards the initial opening of Christ Can Food Pantry are curious to hear how the first day of distribution went..

  It was somewhat disappointing in the fact that no-one showed up for assistance.. I’ll take full credit for that overwhelming lack of response .

  I depended on word-of-mouth , announcement from churches , Facebook postings , and such to alert those in need that we are available for assistance.. Obviously that method fell short.

   Now I’ll be placing an ad in the local papers as I should have done early , except for my reservations of being over-run on our modest stock supplies.

  Yesterday was NOT a total wash.. some came by to leave much appreciated donations of groceries.. some came by to answer the question of ” what’s going on down here ” , some just to visit and offer moral support.

  At one apprehensive point I thought we actually had a customer seeking help… A local widow of modest means arrived with her middle-aged son..

  After visiting with her a few minutes , I inquired if she needed a few groceries for her household.. She responded , No thanks we’re doing pretty well right now..

  She left with her son but after a few minutes passed , she darkened our door again… but this time carrying a dozen packages of Mac’ N Cheese..She wanted to donate her portion to others needs in the community..

  There’s a lot of good folks in and around Montague… and eventually some will approach for needed assistance… But meanwhile , the Lord is still educating me on the basic generosity and brotherly willing spirit of His people…

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Bizzare Czar …

 Congress passed a law to abolish the use of incandescent light bulbs in favor of the more troublesome mercury swirls manufactured only in China , primarily by G.E.

  G.E. , after being declared ” Too big to Fail ” received 139 billion tax-payer dollars during Obama’s unprecedented bail-out of private industry in 09.

  General Electric reported 14.2 Billion in profits to their stock-holders , yet paid ZERO to the Internal Revenue in taxes in 2010.

  G.E owns NBC news network , who inadvertently failed to report this phenomenal fact in their evening news broadcast..

 Former U.S. Treasury Official , John Samuels , heads up G.E.’s 975 employee tax (evasion) department.

  President Obama appoints former G.E.   C.E.O. , Jeffrey Immelt , as his new tax czar …

 If you can follow this entangled electrical circuit of cohesion and corruption , then there’s probably a position awaiting you , either in government or at the G.E. corporate office .

   There’s  neither a G. nor an E. in the word Boycott..

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   Granted when I say the reality of Armageddon is near , you can readily dismiss my thoughts as fanatical religious rhetoric… but when the mullahs of Islam invoke the hastened appearance of the twelfth Imam by rebellious unrest across the Middle-East , perhaps it would be prudent to take notice.. 

   They are the ones that proudly admit terrorism in the name of Jihad , they harbor no feelings of political correctness about religious wars against the infidel Jews and Christians .  This is not a skirmish or a conflict or confrontation of forces in their eyes , It’s a war !… Islam against all non-believers everywhere .  Pay attention !

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Spread the word …

  Tomorrow is the chosen day to reverse the flow of canned goods arriving at Christ Can Food Pantry in Montague . If you know some elderly person in the Montague area , who is forced to decide between purchasing medicine or purchasing groceries , tell them that we are here to help . If you know some single mother of school-aged children who struggles to feed her family , we are here specifically to lighten her burden. If you know some family experiencing difficulty due to ill-health of the bread-winner , discretionary assistance is as close as the south side of the Courthouse square in Montague.

   Wednesday , March 30th 2011 , between the hours of noon and four p.m. , marks the birth of hope-filled monthly distribution of non-perishable groceries for the most vulnerable among us .

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Doctor Dirt …

  North Texas awakened to a startling sight this morning… precipitation dripping from the porch after weeks without rainfall.. There’s weaning age calves around Montague who have never experienced this phenomenon.

  Now that the Mesquites are in full-bud and the heaviest mist in months is falling , it’s time to plant tomatoes .  Forget that topsy-turvy scam… that’s twenty-five bucks wasted . Who ever invented that farmers-fraud must have been standing on his head.. as are most who fall victim to the televised propaganda .

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Sunday Dinner…

  We killed the fatted calf at our house for Sunday dinner.. Two outta three kids and their broods were home for Granny’s Chicken Tetrazzini and traditional fixins.. The oldest and questionably wisest daughter , Pam , brought her new gentleman-caller from West-Germany ( Windthorst ).. What a nice guy , I checked his shoes !  No visible signs of cow-pasture guacamole .

   My first thought was that she could car-pool with Little Danny as he commutes to see his lactose-intolerant sweetheart in the same community.. cut down on the consumption of $3.50 gas… But on second thought , that would involve placing my feminine off-spring directly in the cross-hairs of Nocona’s sole surviving Gigolo.. Bad idea even if gas goes to four dollars.

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