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Mooslum Marlboro’s

 Fox news reports Obama is still trying to kick the nicotine habit….more than a year after he announced intentions to quit… though you never see him light-up in public … Like me , he’s a closet smoker ! …He hasn’t quit smoking , just quit buying’em… he’s bumming a smoke ever chance he gets from welfare recipients on Pennsylvania Avenue … homeless bums , street hookers , and bi-partisan tobacco lobbyist ..

  Street walkers or dodging the Commander-in-Chief … ” can i bum a smoke ” ?   ” got a light ” ? common phrases practiced by Barrack Obama in the White-House surroundings… the vagabond’s usual response is ” How about a kick in the chest to get you started ” ?

   D.C.  addicts are paying eight dollars a pack for low-end coffin-nails (Basic-Lights)… to disperse to  President Obama in mooching moments , while they keep the Marlboro’s tucked Safely in their drawers…. the average bum has more street savvy than any man who would announce publicly to the world that he intends to quit smoking….

  He needs to adopt a fellow Muslim , Chipper , into his circle of political and personal advisors… Barrack would throw’em down within a week … anything to stop the incessant carping and constant mental anguish heaped on him by the politically correct Chipper … He hates cigarette and anyone that smokes one!…. and extremely quick to voice his over-bearing displeasure…..  relentless , gnawing grief for burning a  cancer-stick weed !

  Give the Moooslum a break !….


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Sunday news …

 Deathly quiet in Montague…. the only thing stirring in the capital city is the brisk north breeze… most of my news sources (paid reporters) are either out-of-town or in a state of incommunicado … that’s Louisiana …

    the only news here is the earth-quake in Chile .. one in Japan , another in Argentina ….

grandson and Marine corp. Lance corporal Justin Carter was awakened from a dead sleep by his bunk shaking , he dismissed it as a lonely bunk-mate …. not so …the 6.8 quake , 50 miles off the Japanese shore  startled even the toughest Marine in camp.. it was a unfamiliar experience for a lad from Chico…

  The ground sometimes shakes at my house as well , but it’s usually when i forget to get green-tea at Brookshire’s … or overstep my well-established liberties …

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Flash in the pan ….

 word out’a Shreveport reports Senior-Shriner-Sonny is setting the pace …. high stakes casino’s… cajun-gumbo  …complimentary shots ….sleepless nights… prostate pit-stops ….he’s carrying the torch for ambulatory seniors with reckless abandon for personal health or personal hygiene ….totally out ‘a gear !…. burning what’s left of his candle at both ends…. a one-man run-away Muskrat with his fez all askew ! ….Shame Hutson’s not there to throttle him back just a scoash ….

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Four hours late

     Chipper finally checked in about nine … took a while to locate his phone where he left it in the back stall of Harrah’s rest-room ….during an in-depth political discussion with ousted congressman Larry Craig  (R.)… tap dancing under the fence …

  Chipper said he was conducting a political survey on how bad mexican food can lead to romantic encounters in unorthodox places … when his phone dropped from is shirt pocket…

  he eventually tracked it down by dialing his number on Mary’s phone and listening for the ” Ring of Fire ”   ring-tone  …..

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sleeping late

 I slept right through revalee this quiet peaceful Saturday morning… obviously chipper’s cell-phone battery is dead down in Shreveport..no five a.m. cell call , but wait , don’t the cajun cops confiscate  your phone before locking that big- bared gate on the drunk-tank… maybe he wanted to call but couldn’t ..or just lost the number in a two-day fog .. what ever the reason for the missed call , it was much appreciated by Carolyn … she’s still snoring !

               Soft Scramble

    Have you ever missed breakfast with Herkie ?

   the bacon’s  more crisp ,    buttered-biscuits are hot ,

   and the coffee don’t seem quiet as murky ….


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in by 9… out by 5

 Has anyone other than me noticed the silence emitted from Beemer’s dry-cleaners ? He has not posted a single comment in over a week ! ….Lock-jaw ?.. or heavily starched ?

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Faithful Follow-up ….

 For those who may have failed to read the comment section on ” Effectual Fervent Prayer” ( blog posting of Feb. 23rd ) ….. Kathy Hammack reported that Emily Trail , posted on our prayer-list back on new-years day , got a report on this past Monday …. CANCER FREE …….. those of you who prayed for her healing can feel really good today , and tomorrow , and the next day…. God heard and answered your righteous request….  Thanks for your prayers !.. God is good …

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