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He Is Risen

Some secular “experts” say it’s a myth that Christ was nailed to a cross , proclaiming he was merely tied there as Roman tradition mandated …some doubt that Christ was resurrected from the dead. Still others totally deny His deity..

That’s the beauty of being a Christian…it’s a choice….. based on grace through faith…not of works or scientific proof…lest any man should boast…

That simple fact discredits the most learned scientific scholars…leaving their conclusions totally irrelevant….they too have a choice to accept or reject God’s written word…

If Christ’s resurrection is a myth , all hope is lost.. Science can not provide salvation , or even a logical explanation as to why Christ would voluntarily agree to be crucified , remain in a lifeless tomb for three days, then arise to offer redemption for ALL who willfully follow Him….including even those who crucified Him..

Happy resurrection day for all who choose to believe… good luck hunting eggs for all who willingly refuse..


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Plan B…Solar Panels ?

Proponents of Iran’s nuclear quest often cite the common belief that Israel has had nuclear weapons since 1965…

  Though officially unsubstantiated , Israel most likely does have stock-piled nuclear weapons …reserved exclusively for defensive purposes..Why would they not ?

  They are routinely threatened by Muslim nations … indiscriminately attacked by Iranian rockets fired from within Gaza….historicly loathed by Islamic radicals encompassing their borders…

 Israel has the God-Given right to exist..they also have moral qualities completely foreign to Islam….discretion and self-restraint.

 Israel has been a faithful ally of America since 1948…and most likely privileged to American nuclear technology and weaponry since shortly there after…

  But there’s a vast difference between responsible Democratic nations having a nuke , and violent Islamist dictators having that destructive option..

  North Korea is a godless nation…Iran is motivated by both an ideology and a theology called Islam….their sole purpose for living is world domination by eradication of opposing ” Infidels”….they do not deny that ..in fact they often boast about it..

  Why would any reasonable person or nation concede Iran’s right to obliterate the rest of the world ?…

  Iran is one of the richest oil-producing nations on earth , do they really need nuclear capabilities for peaceful purposes…oil is more available in Iran than potable drinking-water..

  Stop the centrifuges…stop the threat to America and Israel..

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Defensive End …

Is it any wonder Israel feels apprehensive about her neighbors?  ..the tiny sliver of Mediterranean shore belonging to the Jews is totally surrounded by upheaval and civil war…in Muslim nations that dream of annihilating the Jewish nation of Israel…

th surrounded

  America’s support for the Jews is miniscule at best…the past four American Presidents have pressured Israel to relinquish land to the Palestinians for a homeland within their tiny nation..

   Seriously.. judging by the vast real-estate of Muslim neighbors , shouldn’t the Palestinians find a suitable place of residence in Islamic surroundings ?

  How on earth will this historic nation of Israel ever survive an aggressive assault by millions of Mooslum invaders ?  Just wait..

You ain’t seen nothing yet…these merciless infidels will cry for the rocks to fall upon them long before they overtake Jerusalem..

  Israel and it’s people belong to God…He will not hesitate to defend His covenant with Abraham..

  In sports its refered to as a rally… in Biblical prophecy it’s reality .. stay tuned , Christ is coming soon…

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  I’ve often heard well-meaning Christians say ” I don’t believe in the Rapture “…primarily because the word ” Rapture” is not found in the Bible…but when asked if they believe in the Bible they are adamant about that belief..

 Well …. did you likewise know the word ” Bible ” is not found in the Bible ?…. it’s a man-made term used to describe the ” Word “.

  Rapture is a man-made term used to describe the gathering or catching away of the Church..

 1st Thessalonians 4 , 16-17..

  The word Trinity is not found in the bible , but count them , God the Father , God the Son , God the Holy Spirit..

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Duke’s Decision…

  As demonstrated by Duke University , the popular approach to dealing with other religions on campus today is to be all-inclusive …

    Duke was originally built by the Methodist ..Christian believers of Jesus .. but now they lean towards pluralism…in an effort to appear politically correct and unbiased against other avenues of faith..

  What was Moses attitude towards the Golden Calf when he returned from Mt. Sinai with the Ten Commandments ?…did he strive to be all-inclusive ?..did he welcome the diversity of theology into his camp ? Did he praise the artistic value of Aaron’s golden sculpture ?…..No !

  He burned it in the fire , ground it into powder , spread it over the water , and forced the worshipers of it to drink the water….does that seem all-inclusive to you ?

 We as Christians must recognize that ” The Golden Calf ” represented a false god , a false religion …contrary to the One true God.. ..

   God was not pleased…Moses was not pleased with the apostacy….

   Thankfully , Duke recanted their decision to allow a weekly call to prayer by the Muslims on campus…whether by Biblical convictions , or by monetary pressures from graduate donors…they reversed the all-inclusive point of view..

   We Christians should be extremely cautious about welcoming various faiths onto a campus intended for the glorification of Jesus Christ … That action promotes the concept of a “Golden Calf ” in a Christian Temple ..Our duty is to evangelize , not compromise…

  Read the Old Testament book of Exodus and reconsider ..God is not willing that any should perish , but neither does He condone or even tolerate Pluralism in any fashion..

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Land Dispute …

  th MAP

For those who oppose any expansion of Israel , consider God’s covenant with Abram in Genesis 15 : 18.  

  “In the same day the Lord made a covenant with Abram, saying , unto thy seed ( Israel ) have I given this land , from the river of Egypt ( Nile ) unto the great river , the river Euphrates…”

 That is a huge expanse of land compared to the sliver now defined as Israel..

 God made no covenant with the Palestinians , none with Syria , nor Iraq , nor Turkey…none with Kuwait..none with Saudi Arabia.. God gave his Holy land , from the Nile to the Euphrates , to the seed of Abraham.. ( the Jews )..

This historical boundary dispute is far from over …

  ISIS and Iraq or Syria should not get too comfortable on borrowed land that God designated as Israel’s..

  Islamic intruders are there but for a season.. Christ is coming to reclaim land rightfully deeded to the Jews….Jerusalem will not be shared with Islam in the Kingdom to come….

  The new Jerusalem will only have room for one God….the God of Abraham , Issac , and Jacob…..where covenants are non negotiable , non transferable , and replacement theology is exposed as an outright lie..

   The Jews ” are” God’s chosen people….. get use to it !

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Spiritual Surrender …

  My prayer for each of my cherished friends and loved ones today , is that the still small voice of God will be heard by their spirit above any insignificant words that might be written here by me.

   I long for the truth of a personal relationship to become reality for each willing spirit..

God loves words spoken in secret , in seclusion , from a contrite heart.. He longs for a quiet conversation with all who willingly seek His face..

  Untold blessings are held in His reserve… awaiting all who sincerely seek Him in reverence and humility.

  Thank God for being God ..Thank Him for being “your” God … His will be done in your life..

  Matthew 7:7-11….that short series of promises changed my physical life , changed my material life , and most importantly changed my spiritual life.. read it..believe it…He waits for you !

  God has NEVER refused a prayer for salvation.

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