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Disproportionate ?

  Anti Semitism is growing…..across Europe and America in accordance with Biblical prophesy …as a result of Hamas propaganda , secular ignorance , the current war in Gaza…and insightful comments from a frustrated Secretary of State John Kerry..

  ISIS is creating a caliphate throughout Iraq and parts of Syria..Baghdaddi is establishing an Islamic Terrorist state along the Euphrates River thru the heartland of Iraq…the very geographical place where the armies of the world are prophesied to gather for a future war against Israel… Where is the outrage for Christians being slaughtered by ISIS ? …Obama has said nothing…granted he only knows what he reads in the media and American media has remained mute on the subject..

 Nations are outraged by the carnage in Gaza…placing the blame for civilian deaths squarely at the feet of Israel. A phrase has been coined to describe the worlds sentiment towards Palestinian death toll…. “Disproportionate Warfare”…

   Wasn’t  it likewise disproportionate when Islam crashed planes into the Pentagon and Twin Towers ? Why has that 2001 outrage towards terrorist now been redirected towards a nation that is likewise being attacked by those same religious theologies of Islam ?  I’m dumbfounded…
    Israel is evil .?…Palestinians are victims ?

   Hamas was democratically elected as “leaders” of Gaza by the Palestinians…they have no government…instead pledging allegiance to Hamas and Islam..

  The war will end when Hamas ceases firing Iranian rockets into Israel…..pure and simple.. Kerry is wasting his breath and Netanyahu’s valuable time … America should be sending ammunition to Israel , not whining diplomats…   Hamas would be killing us if they could…

 Psalms 121:4……….the keeper of Israel neither slumbers or sleeps..


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Duck Call…

 No two days at the Soup Kitchen are alike , but few get my tickle-box turned over like an incident today…

  The elderly lady came in for a box of groceries … a typical Norman Rockwell grandma … she talked non-stop while gathering a box of various canned goods…

  This was her first trip to the food-bank …understandably she was unfamiliar with customary protocol…

  After filling her box to the brim with carefully selected wares , she turned to me and ask ” Now what ” ?

  I explained my recent back injury and ask if she could set the filled box on the scale to accurately document the total weight of her selections..

  Sure she said… she purposely grasp the box setting on the floor and began to lift…. when much to our mutual dismay , she farted like a mule pulling a plow !  It startled her more than me …she jerked to one side causing a can of beans to fall from its precarious perch in her box…

  She sheepishly sat the box aside , and bent once again to retrieve the fallen can from the floor…. same song , second verse.. again she farted like a ship approaching harbor..

  Oh My ..she exclaimed .. as I chewed my lip to avoid the laughter outburst… she didn’t tarry long after that…

  before she cleared the front porch.. I busted a gut…hoo-hawin like Jerry Clower… I never laughed that hard in years… poor grandma.. hope she had the forethought to get a roll of John Wayne toilet paper while shopping our shelves…she’s gonna need it !

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  Nancy Pelosi stated …Hamas is a humanitarian organization…. seriously ?

  Hillary said ….the reason Hamas stores their munitions in schools and residential areas is because Gaza is such a small geographic territory..

  American women should be outraged by the utter stupidity demonstrated by these two partisan leaders…

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I can not let a blatant lie go unchallenged… just moments ago , while watching  panel members of ” The Five ” bloviating on the current crisis in Iraq… Bob Beckel presented an absolute false conception of God..

 Granted  Beckel is a relativly new convert to Christianity ..

    Bob was discussing the quandary why Christians and Muslims refuse to live in peace…then he made a statement that shot me to my feet in disbelief…

  Beckel said Islam and Christianity worship the same God….WHAT ?… that is asinine..The God of Abraham is a God of love , forgiveness , mercy, peace and compassion..

 allah is a FALSE god ( little g god ) a god of superiority , a god of hatred , a god of lies and female mutilation…a god of murderous atrocities towards anyone refusing to worship Muhammad..

  Why in the name of deity would any Christian make the blasphemous statement that the god of Muhammad is the same as the God of Christianity…

  Come on people… allah is a manufactured figment of mooslum imagination.. as phony as Hamas quest for peace.. Beckel needs to study his lesson..John 3:16 .

  DO NOT be a perpetrator of Satan’s lie….. There is but ONE way to the Father… thru Jesus Christ the risen Savior of All men who willingly believe…..including repentant muslims..buddist..scientologist..whatever !

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   What an absolute gorgeous day….overcast , 77 degrees , morning rain… not to mention Libertarian support at morning coffee , and most gratefully , minimal back pain… allowing me to mow grass today for an hour or so..

   I’m definitely on the road to recovery…though the road is not paved or curbed and guttered like on Fenoglio Road… I can dodge an occassional pot hole or “Lame Duck ” waddling along 409 .. God is good , especially for registered Repubs….

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Non Typical

  I was abruptly awakened this morning around five-thirty , with a non-typical sound of thunder and falling rain… Following yesterdays 100 degree July temperatures I naturally assumed the skies were melting on the roof..

   Anyone living in Montague County for more than a couple of years, certainly doesn’t expect to hear thunder and rain in the end of July.

      Further demonstrating that anyone living in Montague County for more than a couple of years, should know better than predicting what weather change may happen on any given day, including Skip..

    I’m confident this unseasonable rain will result in lower water-rates for local patrons of the Customized billing system on Alamo Road..

  As surrounding communities are begging for conservation of second-hand sewer water , here in Montague the invaluable bounty is literally falling from the skies..

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  Iran is struggling to re-establish the Persian Empire …the EU aspires to regain the former power and geographical expanse of the Holy Roman Empire… Russia is reclaiming territories of the former Soviet Union.. ISIS ( Iraq Syria Islamic State) battles to reclaim former territory of the Babylonian Empire….all Old Testament Empires that previously declared war against Israel….

  All these armies will be drawn again , to the Megiddo Valley between the Tigres and the Euphrates Rivers , to do battle with Israel and Christ our Redeemer..

  But first , the Psalms 83 battle must be fought.. Possibly the beginning of that war is currently under way between Israel and Hamas..

  In other related news…Eboli outbreaks in Africa …a highly contagious bacteria of fatal consequence , with no known treatment or cure…two American relief workers have already contracted the disease..

  North Korea is firing test rockets into the ocean in defiance of the UN.

Washington and Oregon are engulfed in flames …the East coast experiencing tornadoes and record floods….the Heartland is sweltering in record drought and relentless heat…

 Central American immigrants flood the uncontrolled southern border of America…

  Christians are being jailed or beheaded all over the middle east , churches burned , and Christian assets seized..

  But in light of all these real threats to America and world peace , Congress opts for six weeks of stress relief vacation from their sworn duties in Washington..

  Pray for peace in Israel…… Pray for repentance in America..

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