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go figure

   most folks familiar with bible facts realize that the number 7 signifies finality in scripture… what you may not have realized is that the dow-jones industrial fell 777 points yesterday… a 7 % drop from the previous closing… what does all that mean ?… coincidence ?   i don’t claim to know , but i do find it interesting to contemplate..

    i also noticed that the word-count in the previous paragraph is forty nine…. 7×7..


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trophy run

  chipper checked in this morning … he finally got home from the forty-two tournament in little rock …like the rangers , our team failed to make the play-offs… chipper choked in the first round…leaving steevie to face ridicule from the area sports casters and disappointed fans…

   a coaching change is expected to be forth coming prior to next years season opener at the nocona v.f.w.

    chipper came home via the state fair in dallas … where his grand-daughter was showing a boar-goat in state wide competition… she placed third out of three hundred thousand entries.. the judge was later seen leaving the big thunder motor-home carrying an over-sized bank bag and a beer coozie from ray’s used equipment …  foul play has not been ruled out , after all , chipper is a republican !

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sooner or later

  listen up all you light weight professional gamblers…. O.U. was chosen number one in college rankings after this past week ends sound defeat of t.c.u. horned frogs…. texas is down the ladder several rungs , somewhere around fifth overall..

   the red-river rivalry is fast approaching… place your bets now at the two-dollar window in the lobby of the water plant… it’s time for the great state fair of texas and the much awaited … texas – O.U. game at the cotton bowl… it’s a great tradition…and i can sure use the extra income…

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plastic or paper ?

   looks like i’ve dodged yet another bullet from the financial fall-out of the failed wall street whores that are selling their souls to the highest bidder…. credit card limits have taken a plunge in a southward direction based solely on little danny’s political speech of only a week ago..

   all those platinum card carrying republicans in my limited circle of friends have suffered a set-back.. two-shirts , chipper , henley and tommy o’neal have all had their line of credit card debt lowered to five hundred thousand despite a flawless record of timely payments… this will force them to start carrying bundlesome bales of cash needed for their daily transactions… land acquisitions.. airplane fuel… motor-home repairs and oil lease buy-outs will now be conducted with cash…

   tommy o’neal will need a brink’s truck to follow him to the grocery store…he’s shopping for a used fork-lift or a set of solid steel dolly’s to make his daily deposit … there’s not enough pockets on a set of chipper’s bib overalls to carry all the cash he’ll need in any given twenty four hour period….

   unlike my rich colleagues…. this latest effort to curb unsecured credit will have no ill effects on my menial lifestyle… i cut up all my credit cards back in the seventies when a top of the line card had a two-hundred dollar limit…  my loose fit wranglers have more than enough pockets to transport what federal reserve notes i can gather at the entry level wages from the  city owned hocky-farm…it’s not a problem at my house !

    good luck to all you high-rollin republicans…hope this don’t chunk a stick in the spokes of your platinum plastic pecking order…

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remorseful monday

   i hate mondays and i really can’t explain why except to say it all started years ago while attending the halls of ivy at montague i.s.d.

   fridays homework assignment was totally ignored  on friday night because the week-end had just started… still plenty of time to study later , besides i deserved a break from all that cultural enlightenment that uncle melvin had force-fed us all week.. time to let the brain rest..

   then on saturday , eating cheerios and watching cartoons dominated the morning… sand-lot baseball and much needed bicycle repairs consumed most of the afternoon… then more television … matt dillon and miss kitty … first thing ya know , saturday was gone and homework had never crossed my mind..

  sunrise on sunday meant hitting the bathtub… slickin up for the mandatory trip to ozzie wood’s first united baptist church… ada cox had spent countless hours in preparation for the sunday school lesson that would cast shame on the handcock brothers and at least one of the carter boys as well.. every time we received a promotion to an older class , ada took a promotion too… she taught us for years… but failed to deliver a change of heart on shootin snipes gathered from the sidewalk at the church…

   sunday was the only day my folks did’nt have to work… mom cooked the sunday dinner and we all gathered round the table for the inevitable debate over the pulley-bone…odds were one in four that i’d get the much cherished wish-bone…. three in four that dad would pull rank !

   we all gathered round the t.v. sunday afternoon where each piece of overstuffed furniture served as a bed for scattered siblings and parents as well… after an hour nap , a round of touch foot-ball or a fishing trip to the government tank served as a total distraction from the homework uncle melvin had assigned on friday.. next thing you know , it was time for yet another bath and bedtime…

  the entire blissful weekend had come and went without thought of reading those history chapters or completing those mind-bending math problems…there was no time to do it now…i’d lay in bed on sunday night , dreading the first ray of sunshine on monday knowing it meant a trip back to school and the wrath of melvin … he didn’t take lightly to poor performance , wasn’t hesitant to administer some of that much advertized corporal punishment… but at least i had the consolation of knowing i’d not be alone , chipper did’nt do his homework either… sparce would light us both up !

   that’s why i hate monday’s… it’s melvin’s fault !

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retail reject….

  recent economic hard times and governmental buy-outs have forced ed to take a second look at his ace in the hole… despite heavy investments and pending windfall profits in tri-county real estate he’s experiencing a temporary cash-flow down turn.. not knowing if he will qualify for republican rescue funds that could be months away , he decided to stimulate his port pholio with a two-day garage sale…

   his number two mexican hauled all ed’s sale items from a storage facility near the old varetti homeplace , to his moose-lodge building near the square… there was two full rooms of mercantile displays , individually marked for quick sale..

   fridays sales receipts failed to yield enough revenue to pay the mexican laborer for his transportation charges… but , saturday morning showed great promise as shoppers came early to take full advantage of ed’s financial delima …

   two welfare stricken derelicts from the west side were the first potential victims to snare the trap… they spent twenty minutes meticulously searching each display table for an undeniable bargain… after  tedious scrutiny and much visual criticism , these two vagabonds decided there was absolutely nothing they wanted in the entire building…   ed didn’t take it well that these two obvious paupers had symbolically thummed their noses as his sale items…

   as they drove away , ed said .total sales to this point ninety cents….. i’m going for the trailer , haulin this crap to the burn-pit and out of my life forever….i’m danny dun….

   if you missed the sale , you missed a great opportunity to prick ed about his retail outlet , however. you might still catch him at the unapproved land-fill site , throwin that junk in an illegal burn-pit and cussin to the high heaven….

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   my frustration continues to grow as washington bureaucrats and economic leaders debate the uncertain future of our country… they discuss cause and effect relationships of writing a blank check for financial institutions and their conglomerate leaders…

   experts are brought in from financially successful companies , from politicians with vast experience in economic issues…. from any source that possibly holds the answer to our nations woes…   except… asking the advise of our national religious christian leaders..

   many political leaders don’t have a clue about Bible prophecy and those that do are reluctant to bring up the subject for fear of being labeled a religious fanatic..  it could have a detrimental effect on their re-election results…. let me say , never mind the re-election , remaining silent is having a detrimental effect on the entire nation !

   want to see a dramatic turn-a-round in our nations mounting problems , read your history books … read about great nations that turned their backs on God . the relics of these nations and their vast cities still dot the global landscape and the ocean floors… then undo some of the secular legislation that has brought us to this point…. legalized abortion… same sex marriage…removal of any trace of God from our schools and government buildings…banning any public display of the ten commandments… no prayer at public events… on and on we go marching to self-destruction…

  stop congress and supreme court judges from legislating national approval on immoral behavior.. it’s not about the economy….. it’s about the corrupt spiritual condition of our nation… it’s leaders and it’s politically correct liberal populous…. let’s get back to singing God bless america… sing it loud , sing it often , sing it in public , sing it at school right after the morning prayer and the reciting of the pledge of allegiance…

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