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Diction Lessons….

    Carolyn and I were having a serious religious discussion moments ago …. when she attempted to say “non-denominational” two separate times…. first at normal speed in a structured sentence , then with more deliberate caution and pronounced sylabel separation…..both utterances came out the same…

  each time she got her tongue wrapped around her eye-tooth….and ended up doing a “Foster Brooks” impersonation right there on the back porch…..

    I lost it … she just grinned and went back in the house..


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 A plethora of dignitaries and fellow Masoons will pay tribute to a local Moose Brother ( Ken Baccus ) this evening at Lodge # 82 in Nocona… Guest driving from as far away as Prairie Valley to witness the festivities..

  Stamp-licker is getting a Fifty-Year pin , for half a century of sworn secrecy concerning the bitter defeat at the hands of the Knights of Columbus back in the day…

  Secret hand-shakes will dominate the solemn scene …tears will surely be shed in reverence for five decades of unwavering loyalty to the Fezz…..glasses raised to government pensions…toasts proposed to thirty years of retirement…goats will be ridden with reckless abandon for life or limb…

   Tylers bearing gold-plated swords will guard the door from calons and eavesdroppers…. Grand Potentates of past and present will share words of secret wisdom…the Oriental Guide will present the coveted award…

  Today is the long-awaited day that Baccus has often dreamed of…and he definitely deserves the recognition…… for whom among you could tolerate any secretly structured organization for fifty years ? Seriously !

  After tonight Ken will be a 45 degree Mason…neither standing nor lying down , but stuck half way in between , leaning on a lamp post along Highway 82… signing autographs and posing for pictures…

 Congrats on doing what most would never consider as a life-long calling… Nocona’s Lodge # 82 took a Postal Worker and made him better …after only fifty-years of trial and error..

  Well done my good and faithful Mason…well done indeed !


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Windmill Farm

If you fail to recognize this trademark scene near Alamo Road , you’ve obviously never visited the Capitol City of Montague nor had monetary dealings with our water purveyor..

Print Windmill Farm Montague lo res for web

However , for a limited time, you can add this strikingly colorful print to your personal collection by contacting the noticeably accomplished photographer and artist listed below:


L G Lemons Artist 
256 Hillcrest Dr.
Nocona TX 76255

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 Little Joe Cartwright never had the problems of ttoe and his cattle-ranch adventures , on Bonanza…

   After purchasing forty head of springer cows to stock pristine grasslands of Two-Wells working Dude-Ranch, the historic monsoon rains began….breaking four years of drought and possibly breaking a cow-punching Dago in the process..

  After a couple of weeks of relentless rain and thunderstorms , the leaners began to get serious about life in Montague County… some weakened bovine succumbed to pneumonia and hoof-rot right off the bat… others accepted the challenge of life in a swamp and actually began to flourish …

 At first glance , the grass on Two-Wells State Park appears to be belly deep on the wandering herd….but in actuality the Ace Reed herd is bogging 8 inches deep in quagmire with each labored step…

  The pneumonia resistant survivors began giving birth to multi-colored calves….

   For each smooth-mouthed momma cow lost to disease , two calves were added by more resistant stock..

   Now that the majority of Ace Reed’s cartoon cows have birthed strapping calves and have slicked off on plush grasslands on Fenoglio Road , it’s too wet to get them to market… no corral…no loading shute…no all-weather roads….no mounted cowboys for a Red Neck Roundup…

 Like a similar scene straight outta Bonanza , it’s now up to Tom and his trusty Gator to gather the herd…and hopefully stifle the relentless calls from the Big Bank and cousin Hootey..

  On second thought , if the cattle business were easy , why did Brasher start teaching school ?

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Land of the Libs …

 California produces more than half the fruits and nuts raised within America….besides that landmark achievement , they also engage in agriculture…

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 According to Lib journalist at the Huffington Post , the reason Texas is experiencing years of drought and subsequent floods , is because of their intolerance towards gay marriage and the LGBT community… seriously ?

  That outrageous statement acknowledges that some higher power controls the weather rather than man-made emissions from automobiles..

  So which is it ?…. climate change or Christian conservatives ?

  The most liberal cities within Texas are arguably Houston and Austin…also the focal points of disastrous floods, loss of life…and the focal point of LGBT promotional activities ( 3rd term Lesbian Mayor of Houston , Annise Parker )..

  God also punishes misleading words of false prophets… if I shared the opinions of the Huffington Post , I’d hesitate throwing stones at conservatives.. I’d stick with the global warming nonsense…


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South Bound 287…

God sent the rainbow and throngs of Blue Bell trucks as a sign …..

Blue Bell Bounty

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