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Loons on the Loose..

 A multi-nation conglomerate of representatives and dignitaries are scheduled to converge on Paris France this week…..to discuss the imperative actions required to curb global warming…

 A preview of Obama’s talking points were made public today…ice bergs are melting at unprecedented rates …oceans are rising …ocean front cities are in jeopardy of being submerged into the briny deep…

 Global warming is responsible in part for failed crops and declining agriculture production …which translates to unemployment and increased poverty in the world…which in turn encourages conversion to Islam….

  Long story short….carbon emissions are at fault for ISIS…  (just as surely as snow and ice produces communists in Syberia.)

  Coal and Oil are the great Satan’s of today…ISIS is only the result..




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Bolster the Believer..

 Often times our valued friends or even casual acquaintances have monumental challenges taking place in their lives without the slightest hint to others of their most passionate concerns..

  It’s our duty as Christians to be mindful of such possibilities and therefore remember their unspoken needs in our daily prayer requests..

If they are indeed worthy of our friendship , they are inherently worthy of prayer and supplication..

 All have concerns that remain unadvertised…our trials are often burdened in secret and silence..

  Make it your mission to faithfully pray for the unspoken concerns of your close friends and neighbors… who knows , other than God , what cross they daily bear in silence….who knows the weight they repeatedly carry every day ?  

Help bolster that weight with words of prayer on their behalf…that’s what friends do !

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Liberal Lives Matter…

 Whom would you say displayed the most gallant defense of their moral convictions at the Colorado Springs abortion clinic this week ?

  The shooter, Robert Lewis Dear who was overheard muttering the words ” No More Baby Parts ” as he was led from the scene of carnage , after ending three lives of people who may have disagreed with his personal views ?

  The organization of Planned Partenthood Clinic , who knowingly accepts taxpayer funds to further their profitable business of killing fetuses across the width of a once Christian nation ?

  The administration and staff of Planned Parenthood who willingly terminate human life in exchange for monetary salary compensation ?

  …..or the 6-year veteran policeman of Colorado University , who drove ten miles to assist fellow policemen outside his assigned responsibilities ?…Garrett Swasey , a volunteer pastor , loving father of two , and loyal husband…answered the call of duty beyond his jurisdiction…

 Garrett Swasey met his doom while defending the legal rights of an abortion clinic..Their right ,under law , to terminate unwanted pregnancies despite how Garrett Swaysey may have felt personally about the matter.. Ironic that a part-time pastor would lose his life while defending the controversial authority of killing unborn babies…

  Indiscriminately killing babies is morally indefensible …yet opposition to that barbaric act can not be rectified by the equally barbaric act of exterminating the lives of adults who perform such atrocities…

Robert Lewis Dear was wrong in his warped extremist approach to righteousness…

 Garrett Swasey was right in his sacrificial approach to fulfilling a sworn oath to serve and protect..

  Planned Parenthood is a political parasite on human decency…but no less worthy of life than those who’s lives they willingly destroy.

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 First off…..Who goes to Waffle House to eat …or to smoke.. I go for the cultural exchange …

 Where else can you find a biker-dude sharing a plate of Belgium waffles with a Goth-queen ?…where else will you see an orange Geo-Metro parked next to an Indian motorcycle these days ?

 Who would even notice the smell of smoke in that place ? your dining on a bar-stool in the kitchen….!

  Who would notice the occasional sound of gun-fire above the waitress barking out coded messages to the cook ?

  I assumed everyone in the place was packing heat , including the waitress and the bilingual cashier.. I know I was ..

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Fourteen consecutive meals is a cooking marathon …five consecutive days of rain is a deluge…nine various cars and trucks parked in the driveway is a dealership….wall to wall kin folks is a Thanksgiving blessing that only a grandmother could relish…but as the good Lord has faithfully promised , this too shall pass…

  It was great seeing all the off-shoots of the Carter Clan , but I particularly favored their tail-lights fading down Nobile Road….

  Come Christmas we can do it all again…provided the fridge is restocked by then..

  Did I say frustration ?….I meant fabulous ….!  Honest Injun..it was merely a slip of the budget…

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Christmas Card for Ttoe.

201410_2347_bigag_sm ROMO

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Souls for Sale …

 Name a nation , name the most lucrative mineral export therein , name the ruthless dictator in charge of that export , and you will find a friend or business associate with ties to the Clinton family…a nation where Bill has delivered speeches …a nation which has contributed heavily to the Clinton Foundation… a nation for which the Sec. of State has influenced congress for favorable legislation on their behalf..

  Gold , Uranium , Diamonds or oil….Hillary can sniff out an underhanded connection to the source…..through staff or advisors or past friendships….. no natural mineral escapes her syphon methods..she has more unsavory connections than the breaker-box at the Ultimate Store..

  American prisons are filled with felons and con artists whose talents for the unlawful activity pale in comparison to those of Bill and Hillary Clinton ..

  Doubt my assertion ?…  read Peter Schweizer’s book , “Clinton Cash ” concerning the matter…..$160,000, 000.00 don’t just fall from the trees ..unless of course you have the charitable Clinton Foundation to launder the cash….and influence for sale.

  Remember she favored the Keystone Pipeline long before she opposed it …would it likewise surprise you to know Russia owns much of America’s uranium leases in Arizona ?…how does that happen ? ask Hillary Clinton !

  Warning : the ONLY thing Hillary does for nothing , is NOTHING ..

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